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  1. It's Bad Dude Tito! He is one half of the Wolf Zaddies! It's Shane Haste! It's the Motor City Machine Guns! Tito does his Blue Thiunder Bomb VARIATION. Tito hits the Eddie Guerrero Senton! Tito looks like a guy that the Powerplant would have pumped out, but he is more of a MidSouth guy. NICE Exploider by Tito! Shane Haste hits a BEAUTIFUL Suplex thingy. Chris Sabin hits a neat Tope! MCMGs hit their usual tricked out double teams including the complicated roll-up for the win! TMDK looked good. It's Speedball Mike Bailey! It's the rubber match with Jonathan Gresham. They protect their balls both getting in the ring. I'm trying to remember their other two matches and I think they were more mat based. This one is trying to inject more violence and hate. GREAT roll-up sequence into a crazy Figure Four by Gresham. They roll it to the floor! Trey Miguel charges the ring! That finish sucked ass. It's Jody Threat! She is awesome! I haven't seen her since the ATHENA match. It's Terra Rysing! It's a very Canadian match! I just noticed that Threat is the third redhead to be signed consecutively. Threat is the IMPACT! ATHENA because she will LAY IT IN! That was good. Jesus. Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray are on my TV. And some old hockey dude. The old hockey dude isn't very good though he seems very excited to be there. POSTMATCH is where the action is: Masha Slamovich vs Killer Kelly! IMPACT! I back your play one hundred percent! It's Eddie Edwards taking on PCO! How will PCO attempt to kill himself? Cool Toprope Frankensteiner by PCO! JESUS! High Angle German Suplex on the floor by Edwards! Edwards, being the best wrestler in IMPACT! is great in this. This match is fun! PCO chokes Eddie Edwards over the top rope and then hits a Wheelbarrow Senton on the floor. This is the best actual wrestling match I've seen PCO in. He actually hits the Sentin off the top to Edwards on the apron. PCO CRUSHES the ref! Alisha comes out and TURNS HEEL! YESSSS! Eddie gets the pin and we get the greatness of the HEEL ALISHA! HOORAY! That was a mixed bag.
  2. ROH! I'M HARDCORE! SHANE motherfuking TAYLOR! With the Workhorsemen! It's Mark Briscoe! It's the Lucha Brothers! PENTA! He will annoy people on the baord HARDCORE! Oh man, I await MArk Briscoe and Shane Taylor and they start off! PENTA stomps on Anthony Henry's booty! FROM THE TOP! The Workhorsemen are all about the wacky double teams. Briscoe seems to be having a big time! TAYLOR hits a GNARLY fuckin K DRILLER! Mark hits a J DRILLER! For the win! That was fun. HARDCORE! Katsuyori SHIBATA! CHRISTOPHER DANIELS! PURE RULES! FUCKING HARDCORE! I love how Mid-Atlantic 1975 a Pure Rules match is. Until Shibata starts kicking the fuck out of someone. Figure Four! Ropebreak number one! Daniels goes for the head of Shibata! Daniels with the ANACONDA HOLD! This match is SO hardcore! Shibata sells his SKULL! Shibata does the Tomohiro Ishii Walk Of Death! Corner Kick by Shinata! Sleeper! Second ropebreak! DUELING STOs! Penalty Kick and Shibata wins! That was great! Christopher Daniels is on a wild resurgence in the NEW ROH! Brian Cage (WHO ISN'T SIGNED YET! OH NO! HE'S GONNA SHOOT!) takes on Ortiz! Ortiz has been drifting for a while. This will be indietastic. Ortiz leans into CAge's strikes to the point that one notices Cage's strikes! Cage gets in his stuff and Ortiz makes it look really good. Cage applies the Chinlock to facilitate an Ortiz comeback. Ortiz shows a lot of BABYFACE FIRE! Ortiz hits a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Nearfall on one of of Cages endless finishers! They whiff on a Rana but Cage rolls with it! Nearfall on an Ortiz Powerbomb! Cage hits a Drill Claw for the win! On to IMPACT! young Brian! It's Jay Lethal! He IS Ring of Honor! Satnam is wearing the coolest coat on EARTH! Darius hits a SWEET tope! Oh yeah, I always forget- JAY LETHAL FUCKING RULES! I love that Maria is talking shit about Dante. Lethal is wrestling for four in this. Darius kicks Satnam's magnificent jacket! Matt Taven comes in and Superkicks Darius! That was fine. The Infantry! RUSH will beat the shit out of the INFANTRY! They delay the assbeating by having Dralistico and Shawn Dean! Dralistico does the GREAT Fuerza Guerrerro I Am Your Friend rudo spot. OH JESUS! RUSH TAGS IN! HE beats on Carlie! The Infantry are bumping like maniacs. Dralistico get the pin! That was short. Tracy Williams hits the ring! Daniel Garcia is a HEAT MACHINE! Williams does crazy roll up with a Cravate! Man, Tracy Williams is fucking AWESOME. Garcia is the NEW JEFF JARRETT! So fucking great! They are fucking laying it in! Williams is FUCKING AWESOME. PUT THE BELTS ON HIM! Garcia hits a Flash Lungblowing Thingy! I wish that went thirty more minutes. So fucking great. It's Willow Nightingale! It's Notorious Mimi! Willow fucks around early. DOCTOR BOMB! And that's that. That was more of AEW Dark match. It's Vincent and Dutch! He was on IMPACT! not that long ago. Even Stevens are wearing matching sweater vests. Nice Exploider by Dutch. That was a Before The Impact match. We're hitting a rough spot. KONOSUKE TAKESHITA! TONY NESE! Things are picking back up! Tony Nese is grounding young Soup! Nese gets in a fun wad of wrestling. Takeshita Skins the Cat but Josh Woods CHEATS! Takeshita is our sympathetic babyface. Nese keeps cutting Soup off! Nese LEANS WAY into a Lariat! GREAT SENTON by Soup! BLUE THUNDER BOMB! TOPE CON HILO! Lard Lad beats on the rest of the Varsity Athletes! Fun nearfall by Nese! GREAT NEARFALL to the first part of Soup's EVEREST GERMN SUPLEX! GREAT NEARFALL on Nese's Pumphandle thingy! Konosuke Takeshita hits the Rolling German Suplex FOR THE WIN! THAT was fucking GREAT! Tony Nese is awesome. Nese made this a Soup match that @Matt D could get behind. DON'T PEE, MATT! DON'T PEE! Konosuke Takeshita is FUCKING AWESOME! That match made up for three other less than HARDCORE matches tonight. Miyu Yamashita! ATHENA! ATHENA! ATHENA! ATHENA is fucking AWESOME leaning into Miyu's kicks. ATHENA goes all Fit Finlay on the outside! INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Miyu kicks ATHENA on the apron and ATHENA beats her on the outside! Miyu gets in a lot of kicks in after hitting a Toprope Air Raid Crash thingy! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE RAMP by Miyu! Wheelbarrow Senton off the ramp to the floor by ATHENA! GREAT Crossface by ATHENA for the WIN! That was fucking great and I'm usually unimpressed by Yamashita! This was all about ATHENA leaning into Miyu kicks and making them look good. Had some shitty matches mixed in with the good stuff. The three matches with Japanese folks in them made this episode SUPERHARDCORE! Tracy Williams was the SUPERSTAR of the episode. ATHENA fucking RULES! ROH RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD! HARDCORE!
  3. I'm declaring it a HEEL RUN! She had big hair the whole time= heel!
  4. The Fabulous Moolah held the NWA Women's Championship for 3651 days, 3841 days and 1909 days between 1956 and 1978. EDIT: Bull Nakano held the WWWA World Single Championship for 1057 days starting in 1990.
  5. Cibernetico held the IWC Heavyweight Championship in AAA for 2554 days starting in 2000. EDIT: El Terrible held the National Heavyweight Championship for 1062 starting in 2018.
  6. Harley Race held the NWA title for 926 days starting in 1977. Reigns has held the Universal for 949. EDIT: HOLY SHIT! Nick Bockwinkle held the AWA title for 1714 days starting in 1975.
  7. HHH was moving away from that because I usually revel in the fact that I can fast forward through the first half hour of RAW but lately I was like, "Oh shit! An actual match to start!" I assume those days are over.
  8. The United Wrestling Network spilled the beans.
  9. THURSDAY REFLECTIONS: INTERNATIONAL FEED! YES!!! I loved how they booked the FTR/Ass Boys match eight ways to Sunday. I don't think the CROWD understood the "DQ Means FTR Must Retire" stipulation but it was a GREAT stipulation. That goes back to the 70's when I watched Wahoo McDaniel vs Harley Race on Mid-Atlantic television. Harley KNEW he was going to lose because Wahoo was beating the fucking life out of him so he hoists Wahoo up to throw him over the toprope to get himself disqualified and save the title. Wahoo is just chopping and chopping Harley across the face, to no avail as Harley eventually gets Wahoo over the toprope and gets the DQ. FTR are SO old school and the fact that they brought that back is so fucking awesome. They should have made that a little clearer to the crowd though the heat was still there. That was old school as fuck. And Riho was a fucking ALL STAR in that match, being the spunkiest babyface who really fucking matched Hayter's stiffness. That was also fucking awesome.
  10. Cash Wheeler/ Dax Harwood vs Austin Gunn/ Colton Gunn- DYNAMITE Riho vs Jamie Hayter- DYNAMITE Komander vs Sammy Guevara- DYNAMITE Malakai Black/ Buddy Matthews/ Brody King vs Chuck Taylor/ Trent Barretta/ Orange Cassidy- DYNAMITE
  11. So Wembly would be a good place for Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr.
  12. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this.
  13. WRESTLE FORCE! Bring in Speedball!
  15. I heard his contract was up.
  16. Ah crap! I'm too good at washing dishes. I was hoping to get a little leeway so I can avoid MJF rambling. Maybe I'll check on the baseball on my DVR. I'm sure you fine people will hip me to the fact that he does or says anything I need to see or hear. Yeah, fuck it, I'm going to start watching at 8:30. SET ME FREE, FAST FORWARD! It's Ricky Starks! It's ROCK HARD! JAY WHITE! HA! I FUCKING KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! IT ALL sorta MAKES SENSE! BLADERUNNER! AWESOME! Oh MAN, Ricky Starks vs Jay White will fucking RULE! Adam Cole versus Chris Jericho will be good. Keith Lee? Okay. Malakai Black! Bud Matthews! Brody King! And lil Julia Hart! It's Jefferson Starship! FREEDOM AT POINT ZERO! SUE RETURNS! Trent and Black are good in the ring together! Bud and Cassidy go total Lucha Libre to get Cassidy our face in peril! Brody CRUSHES Chuck at ringside! Trent gets CRUSHED at ringside! Brody beats on Trent as we ENJOY picture in picture. Brody CRUSHES Black and Bud! GREAT BRAINBUSTER by Black! GREAT PILEDRIVER by TRENT! AND ANOTHER! AND ONE ON BRODY! Chuck and Bud have a NEARFALL FESTIVAL! PHAT ASS ANNA J! Matthews smashes Chuck's skull and gets the pin! That was waaaay fun! It's Riho! Could this be her heel turn? I'm feeling it! Man, Jamie Hayter takes Riho's offense like someone in the Toni Storm/Jamie Hayter/ATHENA school. Hayter breaks Riho in half on the apron! In picture in picture, Riho fucking LAYS IT IN! Oh man, that Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito looks good. OH! WRESTLING! RIHO ON A COMEBACK AND CROWD IS MOLTEN! SWEET GERMAN SUPLEX by Riho! Lesser Dragon Suplex! GNARLY LARIAT by Hayter FOR TWO! RIHO WITH THE DDT AFTER THE SUPERPLEX! Maaaan, Hayter is so fucking good at taking moves. Riho with the Toprope Frankensteiner! Riho is fucking LAYING IT IN with Hayter! HAYTERADE! RIHO KICKS OUT! ANOTHER HAYTERADE! FOR THE WIN! Jesus Christ, that was good. JAmie Hayter is so fucking GREAT. Riho is fucking GREAT too. Man, that was fucking good. I fast forward through the MJF stuff though I dug the three was staredown between MJF, Jack Perry and Sammy! It's Sammy versus Komander! Komander walks the ropes and Sammu counters it! Sammy is a HEAT MACHINE while we revel in picture in picture! Springboard Poison Rana! Komander hits the rope walking spot and MAN does he get AIR! Springboard Shooting Star Press! Sammy CUTTERS Komander as Komander goes for one rope walking too many! That was good. Sammy finally GETS THE HEAT by slagging on Long Island. They sent HOOK! It's Ethan Page! MATT TURNS ON ETHAN PAGE! The end of an era. So sad. Ethan Page will not dance again.... heartbreaking. AEW is running WEMBLY! WHAT THE FUCK! Doesn't that hold like 80,000? Wild. Oh man, dream big! Blackpool Combat Club! AmDrag is on the STICK~! HAngman gets beaten to death! AmDrag is AWESOME being EVIL! AMATUERS! HE SHOOTS ON VINCE! So fucking great! FTR! FTR! FTR! GOING TO IMPACT! IMPACT! IMPACT! It's the ASS BOYS! Colton is the third member of PRETTY DEADLY! Cash Wheeler is our sympathetic babyface and the Gunns are fucking AWESOME as heel beating the HEAT~! onto Cash! Man, Colton is the Barry Windham of the Gunn sons. GREAT NEARFALL on the Shatter MAchine! GREAT NEARFALLm on the FAme ASSER by Austin! LOW BLOW! GREAT NEARFALL ON A BELT SHOT! DOUBLE ROLL-UP! AEW's GAIN is IMPACT!'s loss! MAN! That was fucking AWESOME. AEW RULES THE MOTHERFUCKING WORLD!
  17. HOLY FUDGE! MIKA IWATA VERSUS MIO MOMONO! Maaaaan, Mio Momono is SO the best wrestler in the world. Unless it's Chihiro Hashimoto. ======================== WRESTLE FORCE brings the quality UK indie wrestling. Here, it's Rex Armstrong and David Francisco vs Danny Haines and Kian Camron! =================== Best Body Japan produced Mina Shirakawa, which is weird because it is such a sleazy, grimy Japanese indie. Wallow in the filth.
  18. They are working Schneider to death! The Best Non-WrestleMania Matches From WrestleMania 39 Weekend - The Ringer
  19. The Natural Vibes vs the FBI was good, if too short. I like that they did it as a Dragon Gate match and Little Guido could keep up. Lince Dorado vs Delirious was a slog.
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