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30 minutes ago, El Dragon said:

I am the one person who watched those London/Akio matches, and they were fucking amazing. Paul London from 02 till the end of the London & Kendrick run is one of my picks for most underrated wrestlers ever. I'd rather watch a Paul London prime match then almost any other wrestler ever. Dude was fucking nuts.

I was right there with you on the London/Velocity train. Grabbing something I wrote a while back:


I remember Velocity from like 2003-2005 being appointment viewing because that's where they'd shunt all the cruiserweights to for a time. Paul London especially was the MVP then with a bunch of really good matches with the likes of Jamie Noble, Nunzio, and Akio (Jimmy Yang), and of course the tag stuff with Kendrick. Also that's the period where you get those fun early Danielson cameos.

He was like a bolt of lightning coming into WWE at the time. I actually remember his arrival there as my initial entry point to the indies, with a bunch of IWC threads talking about this big pick-up from ROH (whatever that was) and elsewhere, and then seeing someone (and, later, an entire scene of guys and product) completely unlike what was usually featured on Monday and Thursday nights.

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Paul London on Velocity was my SHIT in high school. Him vs. Tajiri, Nunzio, Jamie Noble etc. His Kidman feud might have been the last gasp of my being a WWE/WCW-exclusive fan. His injury vs. Booker T & his not being a playable character in the first Smackdown vs. Raw game happened right around when I started downloading 90's All Japan matches on Limewire.

Come to think of it, I was also downloading his really-early-RoH stuff like the "Please Don't Die" match against Michael Shane. Paul London might well be the guy who sent me down the path I've been on for the last decade +.

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