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I can easily believe Chandra would do those things considering she's fresh out of college and has no trial experience and likely hasn't dealt hands on with a convict. As for the jury being deadlocked, I just chalked it up to the defense presenting two other people who had a motive to commit the murder, or had a history of violent crimes that pretty much exactly matched the circumstances of the murder in question. I thought it was entirely possible that six people could believe one of those two could have done it, and the other six thought Naz did it. A little far-fetched, sure, they could have went with a lesser number and came with the same result, but it didn't bother me as much as it did everyone here (and on Reddit).

Numerous people on Reddit had a problem with Det. Box "suddenly discovering" the CCTV footage of Ray following Andrea and later walking up to her brownstone around the same time the murder happened. I didn't, and just assumed his conscious finally got the better of him and decided to follow through, but it was already too late. He was months away from retirement, an open and shut case is exactly what he wanted before he cashed out, so ignored his gut and went with the easy case. People called it a "bait & switch", but I thought it was a commentary on the justice system wanting these types of cases in the face of a complicated case where multiple people could have done it. That's addressed when the State Prosecutor basically told Box to shut the fuck up about this and they're already too deep in with Naz and this trial.

Coupled with the SP's decision not to go ahead with a re-trial of Naz, and her teaming up with Box at the end to "go get him" in reference to Ray, I think it's safe to assume that, within their world, Ray is likely about to be on trial (or Box just beat the shit out of him).

The real victim in all of this is Naz and his family - even though he was an accessory to murder in Riker's, if Det. Box had done his due diligence and tracked Andrea's movements the night of, Naz probably wouldn't have ended up in Riker's Island awaiting trial and wouldn't have become (among other things) a junkie addicted to heroin. After a very public court case, his family's reputation is ruined as evident by his brother being kicked out of school despite simply defending himself, his father doesn't have a taxi so he's out of a job, Naz is a junkie and will likely be picked up in the future for a drug related crime (if not worse), and, seemingly, his relationship with his mother is fractured at best.

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Sorry for the thread bump but we just all of the episodes On Demand over here in UK so just finished it up tonight. 

Episodes 1-5 are outstanding, 6 is where it goes off the rails a bit and 7 and especially 8 are what keeps it from being a great show.

I hated Nas by the end, just such a stupid man. I know he had to "survive" in Rikers but he was infuriating. 

Turturro was awesome,from start to finish his story was great. His closing argument at the trial is surely his award winner. 

It was a fun show with one of the great first episodes in TV but it stopped short of being a great series.

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The only way to justify how indifferent to the point of self destruction Nas was about the case by the time of the trial would be if he truly was questioning his innocence. 

A lot of sins as far as story and character were covered by really sharp dialogue, direction, and performances. 

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