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  1. Maybe tomorrow they'll take away the win from Carl Edwards for passing Menard before the line.
  2. If Toys R Us has a sale on GTA V like they did on Injustice I may have to take the plunge. This game looks ridiculous.
  3. Watched John Dies at the End on Netflix last night. Now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long, because I loved the film. Another win for Coscarelli. So, in the past month I have seen 2 newish movies, John Dies and Dredd, and liked them both.
  4. I give the Paranormal Activity movies credit for turning me from the silent guy who analyzes everything about a movie to the guy cursing at the top of his lungs because they didn't answer one goddamn question. And my personal favorite is the 3rd film. Sorry.
  5. Let us know what you think about both Arkham games. You might enjoy the Arkham thread here as well. I've intentionally avoided that thread for fear of spoilers. Really enjoy the gameplay, so far. Haven't had a chance to play much in the last week or so, but I plan to do some catching up this weekend.
  6. A friend on my facebook feed actually posted that there are too many award shows for music anyway. For country music, maybe.
  7. Sad that I never got to see them live with Mr Lanier. R.I.P.
  8. May have to break down and get a headset for online... Never gave a damn about online play for the most part, but this looks way fun.
  9. Picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) a week back at the TRU 3/$30 sale. The gameplay is pretty fun and I can absolutely see why this was a big deal. I'm about halfway through and haven't had any major meltdowns, yet. First game in a LONG time that I haven't read the instruction manual at all. Glad it was easy to pick up. Of course solving Riddler's puzzles might have been easier if I had done that first. Also picked up Arkham City in the same deal, so I'll probably do them back to back if things go well. The other game I picked up in the deal was F1 2010. Haven't cracked that one open yet.
  10. I've always been able to hold off and get games later at a deal price, but this one is tempting.
  11. Either Fantastic 4. X-Men 3, Batman & Robin, Spider Man 3, Superman Returns, Origins; Wolverine, Ang Lee Hulk, ummm... In which country was this DVD released? I'm intrigued by this Eva Mandes.
  12. Is Rogan's show better than BullSh!t? I, too, have an allergic reaction to Joe, but if the show is good I'd give it a chance.
  13. In all seriousness, the Manning's should keep those hairstyles.
  14. Selig should hand in his resignation letter to show that he's serious about cleaning up the game. <CHARLESBARKLEYVOICE>Anything else is uncivilized.</CHARLESBARKLEYVOICE> But we all know that ain't going to happen.
  15. 1st & 2nd Place - Dumb Fuck Competition
  16. Man, I loved driving around Las Venturas on "The Dust". Good times... I swear there was one gang that I could never find to complete 100% with the gangs. It was probably a glitch, but 100% was impossible in the gang section of LS.
  17. I went to Best Buy to check on trading in DVDs for $5 coupons toward Blu-Rays and while I was turning in the DVDs I spied a Google Chromecast being looked at by a couple of employees behind the counter. I enquired about the device and was told it was a return, I asked if it was "open box", but it was sealed and they let me purchase the Chromecast. It works as advertised. I checked streaming through my phone using youtube, no surprise it worked fine. Next I went to my office PC and checked vanilla Hulu through the Chrome and it worked. Then came a mp4 of a Metric show I dl'ed off youtube that resided on my hard drive, it streamed just fine through the Chrome browser. The only hitch I've found so far with playing through the Chrome browser is the inability to turn off the video feed that plays on the PC while it's streaming. Audio mutes on the streaming browser while it's casting, but video plays along and causes a slight delay. So I had to turn quality to the lowest until I figure out a fix. For what I want it to do, at the moment, it looks like it will be winner.
  18. K-Rose, from San Andreas, had an excellent playlist. Even stuff I never cared for worked so well in the game that I wouldn't switch them off when they came on. That, to me, is the beauty of the GTA series, i can drive around and do nothing but listen to shit on the radio and remember the good times. Nothing like getting old...
  19. And now it looks like Google has dropped the Netflix promotion. Resellers are getting a good profit on eBay and Amazon marketplace for the Chromecast, now.
  20. I am late to the party with Super Stickman Golf, but I can't put the damn thing down.
  21. So Google dropped the Chromecast yesterday. Price is $35, which includes a 3 month Netflix promo that makes the Chromecast cost more like $11. I already have a PS3 for streaming Netflix, Youtube, etc..., so the content streaming from a Chrome browser interests me the most. We only have one HDTV in the house and I already have 3 devices with streaming to TV capability, but I am intrigued with what the android community will come up for this device. http://youtu.be/A4PYFSNolew
  22. I had no idea Ozma was still around.
  23. I noticed my queue had gone up by one, checked and found that Peep Show had been relisted and they had added season 8. Yay!
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