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  1. I don't have anything specific to say about any shows, but....Jesus has there ever been a better time period for European talent? I could usually name one or two guys working over there that I enjoyed, but now you could easily fill a card with European guys I'm a huge fan of. I'm jealous of all you guys getting to see the likes of End, Ospreay, and Scurll on a regular basis.
  2. I hope not. Sorry I just absolutely don't see the appeal in a doughy Seth McFarlane look alike doing horrible kicks and flippy doo's.
  3. So one of the main non spoiler things that apparently happened at ASW was Strong called ZSJ a word for a bundle of sticks. My Twitter feed was not stoked. Roddy apologized for it at least...
  4. I'm a maintenance mechanic at an old power plant in Queens. I fix pumps, motors, work on turbines, do rigging, all that fun stuff. Pays really well, full union benefits, however the way environmental regulations and the energy market are heading I'll be surprised if the place is there in 10 years.
  5. I'll submit my bones and organs to the cause! ...I really feel like I'm just a short time away from yelling "GAME OVER MAN!" and getting demolished by a Chrysalid.
  6. Good God is that Hansen ruining someone's life up there with a punch?! I can't even recognize who it is...
  7. Don't forget the Tajiri/Eddy team either. There was that awesome ladder match against WGTT in 2003 or so...
  8. Going back a little bit but I really enjoyed the first Mystery Vortex. I think that was December of 2013 or so.
  9. I did the upgrade for Sami Zayn in NYC...$10 really isn't bad considering what you'll pay at these conventions for an autograph.
  10. Gang Beasts is so ridiculously fun. I was playing the alpha a few months back with some of my friends and there were frequent pause breaks to laugh our asses off. Especially on the level that looks like a wrestling ring.
  11. I think the powerbomb/Destroyer reversal was Candace LeRae not Tessa. Although maybe she did it as well...
  12. So how did you guys deal with the big bad at the schoolhouse? I don't feel like I did it the right way but dammit it got done.
  13. I had TNT on channel 3, TBS on 8, and USA on 17. So it wasn't especially close...
  14. Goddamn Vader got off light compared to DDP though...holy hell.
  15. Take notice Michinoku Playas...The main event for Fete Finale on the 27th is DHS vs. Low Ki and Homicide, alongside Ciampa vs. Dijak. This should finally be the show I road trip to.
  16. Well I bought the Regal shirt as a gift for my brother so I'm helping! It's funny, my niece gave me a list of wrestlers she wanted t-shirts for, and I just perused the list and decided who I wanted to give my money to. "Ambrose no, Reigns ehhh, Nikki Bella nah, oooh Sasha Banks. There we are".
  17. Without quoting a million other boxes, no Pitbull 2 is dead.
  18. Which would of course lead to him turning on Zeb because PSYCHE YES THEY ARE!Man that original Hassan gimmick was odd...they were going for some deep meta thing where the crowd were being booked as racist heels. But then after like 2 weeks curly shoes and Camel Clutches was easier.
  19. That's odd, I thought the problem was someone in the ROH office had a thing for curly haired blondes.
  20. Man, Onita was into Daniel Bryan way before anyone else...
  21. And now he's quietly one of the best wrestlers in the world.
  22. Did I miss some Trevor Lee moves? There was the jumping stomp, and I know he also used the Orange Crush but that's all I saw...
  23. I'm sad only one person mentioned Goldust.That was a nice surprise...
  24. No, it's just a gimmick. Kinda like EC3 where you play up being someone's spoiled relative. My ex knew Bentley since high school, she said he was just a guy who was a big HBK fan and that was always his idea for a character.
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