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  1. Word on the street is that Punk is going to go on Cabana's podcast tomorrow to discuss his departure from WWE.
  2. So Dixie's walking out to start the first show on Destination America right?
  3. Pretty sure Punk has been teaching her how to cut a promo.
  4. Oh man, that silence to Fandango's re-debut was deafening. I haven't heard a crowd that silent since Rob Conway's singles run.
  5. Thursday, November 27 Chicago at Detroit Philadelphia at Dallas Seattle at San Francisco Sunday, November 30 San Diego at Baltimore Cleveland at Buffalo Tennessee at Houston Washington at Indianapolis NY Giants at Jacksonville Carolina at Minnesota New Orleans at Pittsburgh Oakland at St. Louis Cincinnati at Tampa Bay Arizona at Atlanta New England at Green Bay Denver at Kansas City Monday, December 1 Miami at NY Jets Tiebreaker #1: Total points in NE/GB - 56 Tiebreaker #2: Alex Smith passing yards - 170 Tiebreaker #3: turnovers in NYG/Jax - 6
  6. Reigns came off super douchey in that promo, like I thought he was going to turn heel.
  7. They needed someone for Sting to save and to look like they could be beaten any second. Ziggler just happened to fill that role. I doubt he's getting a push.
  8. Oh man, Odell Beckham is a beast. Great future ahead of him.
  9. Regal's dream team looks like a bunch of guys this board will hating on for whatever contrarian reason in 2-3 years. ...Who am I kidding this board will never not like Finlay.
  10. WWF 2002 was a really interesting time. They had virtually everyone under contract, except for a few big names but were dead-set on Triple H being the guy.
  11. Yeah I agree that Roode and Storm should have been picked up years ago. I think that Chris Harris/Braden Walker experience scared them away. As far as rebranding, they've tried to twice already. I guarantee the first episode starts with Dixie.
  12. I'm wondering if they'll be any titles involved during the next set of tapings.
  13. And Del Rio didn't necessarily say he was signing a contract.
  14. Thursday, November 20 Kansas City at Oakland Sunday, November 23 Cleveland at Atlanta NY Jets at Buffalo Tampa Bay at Chicago Cincinnati at Houston Jacksonville at Indianapolis Green Bay at Minnesota Detroit at New England Tennessee at Philadelphia St. Louis at San Diego Arizona at Seattle Miami at Denver Washington at San Francisco Dallas at NY Giants Monday, November 24 Baltimore at New Orleans Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Flacco or Brees: Brees Tiebreaker #2: missed field goals in Det/NE: 0 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in Arizona/Seattle game: 6 Edit: Fuck it, I'm going with Oakland......they've got to win atleast 1......Riiiiiight???
  15. Hmmmm, was Russo with the company when they tried changing their name to Impact Wrestling? I can see everyone being for it, but Russo begging Dixie not to change the TNA acronym.
  16. I for one, cannot wait to see the ratings for this.
  17. I remember Austin saying anything less then a 100 mile ride was like a day off to those guys. Although it's hard to read the handwriting there.
  18. The bottle of milk is peculiar. Leave it up to ECW to push the guy who's getting hammered when a big part of his job is protecting his opponent.
  19. I don't think he's on contract. Paid per appearance.
  20. I'm more pissed at Kroenke for buying up land in Inglewood. Rams or Raiders, I'm betting that if the stadium is built there it goes to shit after 2 years. Here's hoping that the downtown LA field gets built.
  21. You'd think whoever is running those WWE mobile alerts would know when to send text messages containing spoilers to different time zones.
  22. Except when it's 88 degrees in December. It's one thing for us to have 70-75 degree weather all the time. But it's just been fucking hot since May. Having summer for 7 months isn't that great after living here all your life. Luckily it's started to cool down, but it's a week to week basis.
  23. There's an early 2000s Smackdown tag match featuring Orton/Venis vs. Devon/Batista. Orton and Batista get a lot of ring time together and I believe Batista pins Orton.
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