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  1. It's a fucking tv show. Do you watch whatever else tv show you watch and expect the main character to be called by the actor's real name? Very few wrestlers have used their real names. Blame that on whatever, but pro wrestling is still a tv show with actors and parts and scripts. Not once during Monk's all 8 seasons did someone call him Tony..
  2. He's also naturally bland as fuck.
  3. I think DeMott is in the clear until a woman comes out with claims. Which really sucks.
  4. I love that line of Nikki's promo. Such a asshole thing to say.
  5. If John Cena is ruining your life, you need to find a significant other tbh.
  6. That kid in the crowd is gonna have both eyes pop out of his head. He's getting a goooood look. Only to be topped by the guy in the red t-shirt. That man's eye is twitching from the view. Hey, when Nikki Bella's tittties are that close, you look.
  7. Maybe it's a plan to turn Barrett face. Razor turned face because everyone made fun of him for losing to the Kid. It sure as hell ain't to finally give him a WM moment. Even though he has been the most well received guy in front I the European crowds, esp considering how's he gets booked.
  8. What would happen for you to be disgusted with stuffing instead of potatoes and apathetic? What if one of your all time favorites returned after a long absence? What if this guy quickly picked up the IC strap and it looked like he was in line for the big push he always deserved. Then he dropped a fall to Sin Cara. Then he dropped a fall to R-Truth. Next thing you know random people are just walking off with his title. This guy has inexplicably become one of the biggest jokes on the roster for no reason. If you are in the crowd, do you cheer just because? Or do you sit on your hands? If you ar
  9. I understand the logic of continuing to go someplace that pays money to tell you suck ass. I get it, you already got those fucking idiots' money. But tap dancing Jebus H Chris on a cracker, wrestling fans are the worst. It really doesn't help they were in Jersey. Vince isn't going to kill the business like said fucking idiots are proclaiming. It's jackasses that ruin the shows for the rest of us. Just fucking leave if you're bored as shit. I don't care how much Adderall or Ritalin that gets needllessly pumped into people, use your fucking heads.
  10. With all the shit goin on in Russia, think Vince will have the balls to not have Lana cut a promo about it?
  11. The fact that HHH wasn't anointed the top guy until guys like Rock, Austin, Taker, and HBK, he'll add Foley and Lesnar to that list weren't available or were shipped to SD to help build the brand... Shouldn't that say enough as to where he stands in history? Not saying he was pushed out of necessity, but it sure as hell looks like it looking back IMO. If anything, Ziggles is a better comparison to HHH: got early main event success that no one really remember but didn't make a splash most remember until people started dropping like flies around him.
  12. I don't know if there's been a bigger separation between charisma and in ring ability than R Truth. The guy is filled with buckets and buckets of charisma up to his eye lids but I can't think of one good match he has every had. Give him a mic and five minutes, you're gonna be entertained. Tell him to wrestle for five minutes and you're gonna go fuck that. Stay Keibler was like that too, but she didn't care to wrestle. Still ha enough training now to kill someone.
  13. Damn. This going to be a top heavy show. Two 'fuck it, it'll get 'em a payday' matches for the guys and more than likely one for the divas.
  14. Stoked he's growing his hair out again and for someone who supposedly couldn't walk properly (because the internet said so) that's a bunch of weight he's squatting. Well Bray is a Husky fellow. I wish I could like this post twice. One for making an awesome pun and two for it being funny.
  15. Again, all this Reigns criticism doesn't need to be complicated busllshit analysis. It just boils down to 'he isn't Bryan Danielson.' I don't care what asshole you pushed instead, it would still be that criticism of the guy. Yes, there are still losers who call him that because they are too cool for school. And last rant on the divas until Monday: I started watching Raw 'seriously' again around 2000. Anyone who think women have no place on the show wasn't watching before 2006. I will grant you that there are too many women or that some of them stink in a wrestling capacity. But AJ and Brie pro
  16. Aren't they starting another revolt in Russia?
  17. Well, on Raw because wrestling fans only have brain cells and logical thinking skills when it's important to them, Brie was the first woman to stand up to Stephanie without backing down. That's a big deal in the context of the show, despite what people think about Brie. It's more of a play on Beast Mode, but even that guy's team said fuck it too. There's clearly not a crossover in viewers when it comes to Raw and Total Divas, so why people cite that as a criticism is beyond me.
  18. Eva is very much a robot. But isn't as entertaining as say a robot with any real function besides looking good in a bikini
  19. The championship scramble is one of my favorite stips. It's all about who wants to win it in the end. It's great for guys who have no character like Ziggles and good to empathize the guys who have the most obvious trait and should be the end goal for the match-- they actually want win. Unless TNA is booking. Then you got a guy doing commentary instead of participating in the match. Ugh
  20. I thought RIPPA made a rule some where that we can't talk about women in the monthly discussion threads? It feels like it because the threads usually get closed wen the topic comes to women.. Also, the internet mocks it, but those Brie Mode shirts when they were pushing Brie as a strong, positive female role model sold like hot cakes. It didn't last long like her push, but her and Nikki are getting new merch all the time. They don't waste money on making new, original merch for people who aren't selling it.
  21. Too bad Barrett is JTTS instead of the semi main eventer he should be. A double dead guy spot with DB's knee hitting at the same time Wade's Bullhammer knocks him out would be a holy shit spot if they had the right camera angle and timing.
  22. Except for Antonio Inoki. I was think Karen Jarrett if Karen had the ability to open her eyes all the way.
  23. Wouldn't she have lost if that was punishment?Eh, I don't know. I'm probably investing too much thought into it, when it's really as simple as the Divas always get crapped on. I do wish was the Bella with the belt and Nikki was the outside person. Nikki doesn't fuck around when it comes to protecting Brie. She knocked Paige the hell out before grabbing her belt.But I also wish Brie was still a face. Still sad that they built her up for no reason. Pfft. We can charm the admins and mods easily. #DVDVRDivasTakeWhatTheyWant And what an age we live in that people are actually questioning the di
  24. There is alot of criticism (most of it being 'he's not Bryan Danielson') but his Superman punch cannot possibly be one of them. They've found their next Cena in Reigns alright. Any good he does gets drowned by hatred because he's not so and so.
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