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  1. Hangman wins the title and defeats Kenny clean in the ring because Kenny can't hit the One Winged Angel this time. This way Kenny will not lose his confidence because he knows he can and will beat Hangman if he gets him down with the OWA. Big rematch down the line, Kenny hit's the OWA, Hangman kicks out, Kenny loses it and the match shortly after. Yeah, but Hangman kicking out of the Angel this time would work fine too.
  2. I want Lio Rush vs. Matt Hardy in a Client-they-are-both-fighting-for-on-a-Forklift Match. Matt Hardy even has a AEW history with a forklift. It writes itself. Albeit that history sucks.
  3. So, I’m working in child and youth services over here in Germany and every few weeks I’m watching AEW while “working” when I couldn’t make the time to watch live or before going to work. Today I was watching a little Rampage and two thirteen-year-old boys who know absolutely nothing about wrestling recognized Orange Cassidy. Told me how cool his whole hands-in-his-pocket-thing is and that they’ve seen him on TikTok several times. Thought that was kinda cool. Also, I’m really glad that AEW has one advertised women’s match on almost every show because our ten-year-old girl always asks when/if women are wrestling.
  4. I get the feeling that Hangman somehow already feels like a relic from a long forgotten AEW past... but everytime I see Kenny and the Elite or Dark Order I'm longing for his return. Danielson v Kenny was just magnificent. I couldn't stop smiling.
  5. I really don't have a problem with Mox-Suzuki going short. I like short matches. But cutting Kaze Ni Nare is pretty much unforgivable.
  6. You could still freebird it with Penta and Pac to avoid the inevitable. I know that Kojima seems kinda underwhelming as opponent for Moxley, but I love it. Kojima was one of the main reasons I got into puroresu and I still really like him in the ring though he's obviously lost a step or two. And I'm really hoping that Kojima will heel it up against Moxley.
  7. I was really expecting MJF to say "Not once, not twice, but thrice"... and I was very dissapointed that he didn't say it like that.
  8. Feels weird when professional wrestling simply just delivers what everyone assumed was going to happen. That was fun. And I'm hyped for Punk and Malakai sitting across each other.
  9. I wanna say wrestling really is lacking more matches where both opponents just say "fuck it, I'm throwing my best shit at you from the get go", but then I remembered that WWE tried that and it was so so lame. So I wanna say, please wrestling around the world, do more matches where both opponents just say "fuck it, I'm throwing my best shit at you from the get go", but not like WWE did. What I'm trying to say is the world needs more Shibata Ishi G1 2013 (minus the headbutts). Give me people like Hangman, Moxley, Kingston, Archer, Miro, Black, Pac, Wardlow, Hobbs and Darby trying to emulate that. Kinda different theme, forgive me, but you saying that it "felt like both guys were actually desperate to win from the get go and there was no finisher spam" kinda triggered me, even though Taker-Punk is 20 plus minutes long.
  10. They are the team you'd always sign on EWR several years ago even though you've never seen them wrestle before because their stats and low wage were just to good to pass up.
  11. I'm still all in for a trios title. Lucha rules, ten minute time limit, something like that to make it stand out even more in comparison to "normal" tag titles. Just give me some nine minute bangers with all these trios and groups they established by now.
  12. I am so ready for a fan made video package set to My Way by Limp Bizkit. "I need to beat you Kenny. I need it more than anything you could ever imagine. There can be only one All Elite Wrestling champion. And that will be, Kenny, Hangman Adam Page."
  13. From multiple stacked coffins through a coffin?
  14. I think the value here is to start the push of Yuka for a program with Britt.
  15. Well, he's a heel champion and he wants people to universally dislike him... so Austin Aries might just be what he's going for.
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