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  1. Maybe Bucks vs. Mox & Kingston will Main Event the PPV.
  2. I hate that I keep thinking that AEW should just add this newly released person X and stop after that because their roster is bloated enough each and every time a new interesting person hits the market. But, to be honest, I'd give all my money to Andrade and Somoa Joe. Although one should probably clear out how much Senior Joe hast left in the tank - but I'd still give him money even if he can't do anything more than managing and commentating, just not all my money. But, really, the roster is big enough already. Just stop. After signing this newly realeased person X. I haven't really
  3. If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. If you run into assholes all day, you're the asshole.
  4. But I don't want a tight ship - I want chaos. This is like watching Nitro growing up, but with some long term storytelling and everyone's doing flippy shit now.
  5. What did people expect from the Young Bucks and Omega? This melodrama really isn't coming out of the blue. Everyone who watched some BTE in the last years (or simply followed them over the last few years) knows they like to do some cringey soap opera stuff. This isn't Adam Cole-Shawn Michaels-Performance Center stuff, this is quintessential melodramatic Omega-Young Bucks stuff. For better or worse. And in the end, this is just the Monkeys Paw for all the people complaining about the Bucks and Omega not putting themselve over enough in the first few months and playing sideshow characters o
  6. It's clearly the beginning (or continuation considering the incident with Sydal) of that main event push for Nakazawa we've all been waiting for. He's doing it for the people I guess.
  7. I hate myself for thinking about how surely some people on the internet will cry about Kenny not looking strong enough against Sydal while watching the match. I like seeing Sydal losing matches. He’s a good wrestler. He’s boring, yeah, but he’s really fun to watch when up against people I want to see win matches. Fun opener. And would you look at that. A definite squash by Hangman follows. Loved wholesome Hangman Page with John Silver and the music of Pinnacle. Hands up who’s exited for QT vs. Cody! Anybody? No. Dust. Hands up who’s exited for Keeping Up with The Rhodes! Anybody? No.
  8. Everything other than "Jane" would be dissapointing.
  9. Starting from September 10th Rosa vs. Ivelisse, Deeb vs. Hirsch, Deeb vs. Kay, Deeb vs. Rosa and Deeb vs. Conti for the NWA Womens Title. Five matches, four Dynamites, one Pay Per View Buy In. Starting from September 5th Shida vs. Rosa, Shida vs. Swole, Shida vs. Rose, Shida vs. Jay, Shida vs. Abadon and Shida vs. Mizunami. Six matches, three Dynamites, three Pay Per Views.
  10. Jungle Boy vs. Danny Limelight Tay Conti vs. Ashley Vox Will Hobbs vs. Brandon Cutler Max Caster vs. Dante Martin QT Marshall vs. Marko Stunt Baron Black & Vary Morales Vs. Miro & Kip Ray Lyn vs. Abadon Leila Grey vs. Diamante Red Velvet vs. Dani Jordan Skyler Moore vs. Big Swole Butcher & Blade & Private Party Vs. Carly Bravo, Dean Alexander, Brick Aldridge & David Ali Matt & Mike Sydal vs. Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs Riho vs. Maki Itoh vs. Vertivixen vs. Madi Wrenkowski Tesha Price vs. Penelope Ford KiLynn King vs. Jazmin Allu
  11. I though that monday night Dark is post-pandemic Dark and tuesday night Dark ist pre-pandemic Dark. But so far nothing really was said about the future of tuesday night Dark, so who knows.
  12. What's the right way to debut a prominent signing from the evil empire? A high profile feud with the world champion out of the gate or a slow burning midcard feud featuring less known talent? Because it seems like either way is wrong. Death Triangle is still a thing. It was derailed by Penta having visa issues and being out for a few shows. I also don't get why some many people are surprised by Butcher and Blade going away from Kingston. I mean, they are mercenaries, guns for hires. That's how they were introduced by MJF. Of course they come when Big Money Matt shows them the money. The w
  13. Vince or Hunter will do a twenty minute long promo to open RAW to do their petty shit.
  14. Some more thoughts after a night of sleep. I still stand by notion that this pay per view pretty much delivered on it’s promises and you probably had some misguided hopes for this show or haven’t watched AEW before if it left you utterly disappointed (excluding the ending, I will not excuse that). But being a wrestling fan is pretty much like being stuck in an abusive relationship, so I can fault anyone and I still fall victim to myself here from time to time. The Inner Circle has more or less run its course, but I’m still invested in seeing how things will turn out. To be honest, Jeric
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