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  1. We Must Dismantle All This. I really hope your band did a series of concept albums based around taking apart Lego Death Star ships.
  2. I remember Carnosaur as one of the first movies a buddy rented specifically for the purpose of shits and giggles while getting baked.
  3. Jim Cornette has told the same story about John Matuszak getting tossed through a bar window (by a tuff tough guy wrassler that was obligated to whoop a sawft ex-football player's drunk mouthing off ass) attributing it to both Harley Race and Dick Slater. Talk about exposing the goddamn business.
  4. If I can find the four and a half hours, I'm going to absorb In Search of Darkness Part II.
  5. The only thing unexpected is that it's premiering on Shudder even before Psycho Goreman, which debuts on May 20.
  6. Shelly Winters crying about her husky grandson getting taken out by the octopus is the stuff of legend.
  7. Things was free OnDemand on FearNet or one of those channels. I got drunk and watched it about 10 or 15 years ago. I remember it being fun, and that's about it. The only thing I remember clearly is that Amber Lynn was a newscaster in some kind of wrap-around segment. I really need to get plastered and check it out again.
  8. This looks closer to a Skinemax After Dark series than anything resembling Re-Animator or From Beyond.
  9. I thought I remembered Henry getting a segment in the first one too. I only watched it once though, so it's more likely it was just a quick cut to a scene or two from Henry, or some other passing nod to it.
  10. Those are my big three of Eyetalian horror right there; Inferno, City of the Living Dead, and The Beyond.
  11. Yeah, Savini got his own documentary, which I watched. To the average hardcore horror fan, he's a household name; especially compared to a lot of obscure directors. I saw the unmade films segment mentioned in the Grindhouse review, and that's what has me the most intrigued. I don't know when I'll see the thing, so I have no idea if Superstition or Ghosthouse is featured, but if it was me, I would have done a back-to-back segment of those two movies, since the latter swipes a handful of kills from the former. They're both highly enjoyable trash.
  12. I wondered the same thing about the similar cadence involved in saying Eli and L.A. Even though I'd seen enough Eli promos to know his basic style and catchphrases, him saying his own name wasn't something that stuck in my head. While googling British Knights sneakers, it also popped in my head that L.A. Gear was another brand of sneakers/athletic apparel. It doesn't seem random enough to have come from WWE's random name generator, so Eli must have been the one combining those two 90's brands to get his new ring name.
  13. Clancy's character in The Mortuary Collection was definitely a nod to Angus Scrimm.
  14. I was going to ask how much they covered Fulci until I clicked on the Daily Grindhouse review. An actual gripe was two Fulci films getting covered at the expense of other more obscure films from the early 80's. Fine by me, as long as one of the films isn't just guys taking the piss out of the stupid Donald Duck-voiced killer in New York Ripper. On the Argento segments, Phenomena should at least get a quick mention for its batshit insanity. I've seen the Boogens several times, but it barely left any kind of impression on me. Googling the movie just now, I barely remembered what the monster
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