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  1. Ok so forget Punk v KENTA, Forbidden Door, GTS war etc Let Danhausen take the interim title and fight Punk for the GTS plus those comics!
  2. I actually think that if they swapped the TBS and World titles the women's division would be pretty damn good. Rosa has either been hurt, mailed it in, or actively stiffed/injured people in her matches and shouldn't be held up as the top of the division any more. Having her, Storm, Hayter and Britt fighting over the TBS title would be fine though. Then you have Jade as the Women's champion, telling Tony to go and sign all the new talent he can. She's already steamrolled most of the current AEW women's roster so now, as the champ, she wants to test herself against the best in the world and also send them immediately to the back of the line when they arrive. Meanwhile, you have Kris Statlander hanging in the background rebuilding herself to finally get a shot at Jade. Maybe for the match that would send Jade to 50-0? Or have Jade go 50-0 and then look to make Kris her "Imma go 1 better than Money Mayweather" match? Ruby needs to find a partner to help fight TayJay as well. There's 3 decent women's angles all going on at once. All the pieces and stories are there. I just think the focus is on the wrong title holder in terms of importance. Jade > Rosa
  3. We live in a very different wrestling bubble if, instead of NXT 2.0, Vince decides to walk away. It'll be fascinating to see how AEW handles things if/when people genuinely ask for their release because they have great relationships with Triple H/Cody. I could see Miro and Lana going back and getting a massive world title/main event push.
  4. As amazing as the match was, what is the kayfabe reason that the ROH title main evented over AEWs own women's title? They need to sort out the ROH/AEW split soon because it's making all of the titles devalued TBH. Especially the tag division given FTR are holding everything EXCEPT the AEW titles.
  5. Give me Statlander vs Skye Blue (or equivalent) to start her build towards taking the AEW Women's title. EDIT: Assuming that's actually her direction. I wonder if Kris and Athena might actually butt heads for the TNT Title first...
  6. Maybe not, but Rhea Ripley: "Unstoppable Hurt Mistress" is certainly going to do some work in the new TV14 era... I know, I know, settle down LWP-netico.
  7. I wouldn't mind a reverse on the title match with Eddie costing Jericho and YUTA getting to test himself against the final boss of the BCC with the title on the line. That said; I saw someone's idea of a hot potato of the belt from MOX to Jericho to Kingston to set up Kingston vs Punk for the unification. Love Hobbs. Hope this split works out for him as well as it's going to work for Ricky "Better than Sammy Guevara in every way" Starks. Not sure what the next step if the Undisputed Elite. Do the Bucks and RD bicker over who gets to team with Cole to chase the Trios titles? Will Omega show up outta nowhere? Excited to see what happens as there's a number of interesting directions this can all be taken!
  8. I'd be down for a McAfee/Paul tag title run.
  9. FIVE YEARS?!?! I'd like them to quietly wrap him up in the next five months!
  10. Y'all haven't had donuts until you come Down Under and hit up Daniel's Donuts in Melbourne. https://www.danielsdonuts.com.au/
  11. My "favorite" JR flub was during Danielson v Garcia, when AmDrag hit the Super Back Suplex and you had both Taz & Jericho worried about Danielson and how he landed on his head/neck. Then they get the replay and JR blurts out something along the lines of: "It looked like he kept his head from hitting the canvas to me." So Taz & Jericho switch to: "You're right JR but the whiplash on his neck could still be an issue given his history." And JR finishes with a: "Yeah, I guess so?" type remark. You have these guys telling a very clear story and here's JR actively undermining it with his 'expert' commentary.
  12. More thoughts: - Love HOOK answering the challenge. Love Starks giving the fist bump and the Babyface promo afterwards. - Didn't love Hobbs turning right as the Trios Titles are announced. I would have had Team Taz in the first round and Hobbs can turn on Starks after he loses again. - Dante and Sammy both need an agent to reel their shit in. Are the JAS getting to nWo 'B' team level of BS for anyone else? They are in every other segment, there's always interference and it just doesn't end. I thought it was going to be a great lower card rib/comedy thing for Jericho to sink his teeth into but it's just Inner Circle 2.0 and I'm fucking done with it. FF material now.
  13. Just watching now but I already have thoughts: - Nobody should be kicking out of Straight Jacket Piledrivers in random TV matches. Just don't hit the move. - I'm over Jericho as a main eventer. It's "Go Away" heat now. - What an underwhelming way to introduce the Trios Titles. Ten seconds of "Here they are. Tournament for All Out." There had to be a much, much better way to get people hypes for this. Could have announced the first match (JAS v Dark Order for stealing Anna Jay?) maybe?
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