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  1. I think Impact is the right move for them, especially with the Tag Titles there.
  2. So rewatching Hunt For Red October (it's that time of year) and Sean Connory and Sam Neill got me thinking; What's the best/worst fake accent in wrestling? Guys like Kofi and Santino were asked to put on accents for their gimmicks and, for the most part, they were believable. For those of you that were fans in the 70s and 80s though, are there any memorable standouts for guys with bad accents? I'd have to imagine with all the "anti American foreigner" gimmicks that would have been going around that someone, somewhere, was totally terrible while also being just good enough to keep a gimmick going. What is wrestling's "Keanu Reeves in Dracula" accent?
  3. Ahh the SmackDown thread. Where people dick wave and point score over a ratings system 'war' between two companies they don't work for.
  4. I'm happy for Punk to ride the goodwill while he does what he wants. I think Punk's next meaningful feud will be coming to the aid of Sting & Darby to fight MJF. Then maybe we get Punk/Darby 2 with Darby going over. Then Punk comes out to cut a promo about his first big loss in AEW & 'bam' lights out and here's Black to keep sending Punk on the downward spiral. They have so much talent though that it could be literal years before we see interactions and matches with alot of these guys. Punk v Miro, Omega, Cole, Danielson, Black, Andrade, Sammy, Hangman, Mox, PAC, Fenix, Penta... Not to mention the GTS war with KENTA that's now a possibility with the Forbidden Door. That's a good 3-4 years of PPV matches and that's if you don't run any big time tag matches or repeat anything! Run down the same list with Danielson. It's insane how stacked AEW is.
  5. On the flip side; The roof is going to explode off which ever building they are in when CM Punk sits down to cut a promo, the lights go out, and when they come back on Black is sitting across the ring.
  6. Yep. Just the smallest spec of internal logic would help their presentation. But they don't tell stories any more. They book for "moments". The other big issue is what happens post draft. We have seen them flip the script and send people back and forth when rating plummet, meaning the whole "exclusivity" of a brand is moot. Not to mention pulling the draft out not long before the "brand warfare" PPV that Survivor Series has become. I'd love them to go back to making the "Big 4" mean just that again. Winner of the Rumbles get the title matches at Mania. Winner of the Mania Battle Royals get title matches at Summer Slam. Crown the King at Queen of the Ring at Summer Slam for title matches at Survivor Series. Go old school for Survivor Series - 5 on 5 matches for men at women. Raw v Raw. SDL vs SDL. Survivors on the winning teams face off. Overall winning team locks in spots in the final 5 of their respective Rumble. Now the teams matter. You want to be on a winning team to help get that edge in the Rumble buuuuuut, if a strong partner happens to get eliminated along the way it's not so bad is it? If they want the draft around this time every year then the internal logic could be that everyone's contract with their "brand" is up at SummerSlam. We then have a month of "anarchy" with people showing up everywhere while each brands powerbrokers work out their draft planning. The anarchy culminates at Extreme Rules and the next night on RAW you start the draft. Everyone up for grabs. Top picks galore. The following year you start the draft on SDL to keep the other network happy. But they'll never fix it because they've never made more money than right now. That positive reinforcement will keep them on this path forever.
  7. WWE: "Hey let's get Hurt Business back together with no explanation to back up Lashley against the New Day crew!" Also WWE: "Hey we should split up New Day!"
  8. AEW name - Darby Marshall, DMD. That would make it DMDMD NXT name, as decided by my kids, Zeke Bubbles. I mean... It's not the worst I've heard haha
  9. Outback SlapJack? So it's some sort of Mad Max meets Monster Hunter meets Steve Irwin gimmick? Is he gonna try to shove his thumb up Roman's butthole?
  10. ME2 is done. We lost Tali at the first door, Garrus was swept up by the Collector Swarm, Zaaed went down with the distraction team, Grunt & Thane bit the dust after fighting the Human Reaper and Jack didn't survive the firefight. Mordin made it though so we are all good Now to ME3 and getting control of more Geth. That'll get us closer to contr... Defeating the Reapers!!
  11. But you can lean into Joe not being as good as Curt. I've posted it 20 times on here but he could have still been a delusional low-midcard heel who claimed he was "Perfect" but failed all the time. He misses the look away 3 pointer. He gutter balls the 7-10 split. His 60 yard bomb only goes 25 yards. All the while he talks about being "Perfect". Give him the Perfect Plex as a silver bullet. He hits it, he wins. The problem is, he's just not good enough to hook it up in most matches. He could shock the IC champ one night on RAW. Or score a pin to pick up the tag belts.He's a threat if he finds his spot. Over time he either rolls with the delusional loser deal or, and here is the part WWE fails at, he actually fucking GROWS AND DEVELOPS over the years and manages to turn it around. He can hit a free throw. He manages a nice 2 pin spare. He executes a hand off to a running back. Now he's a lovable loser. The crowd can get behind him. He's on the march to win the IC title at SummerSlam, just like his dad. It's not that fucking hard with these guys.
  12. I hope Bron is a Curtis Axel fan because that's about as high up the card as he is getting with that name. Even Axel needed to be a Heyman guy. Yeesh. Also I'm assuming this name is the real reason that Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman were cut. It would have made more sense for Steiner to take LA's spot in the match and then win the title. You want fresh and new? BAM! There it is. Also we need regular 6 man tags with Steiner and the Creeds just MDKing people.
  13. I always thought Gulak would have been perfect as Bob Backlund 2020. Just a crazy heel, who thinks he's an ultra face, stretching people and choking them out. I was really excited when he was working with AmDrag & I'd be all for him having a spell in AEW to help even the numbers against The Elite. Long term though I think he's better off in NWA or, funny enough, back in WWE if they get their shit together.
  14. Playing through ME2 with my "Cerberus Sellout" Shep. Basically role playing the idea that Shep died and Cerberus have made a few upgrades to his way of thinking, as well as his body. David is staying with the project. If we can control the Geth we could end this war. We destroyed the Genophage data. The Krogan must not be allowed to re-populate. We made sure Tali was exiled. Now she has no choice but to help us. #humanityfirst
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