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  1. I actually think that crowning Page the same night Punk has a big time match is the right way to go. If any half interested people tune in for Punk then Page can really set himself as THE guy.
  2. How old was Vince during the trial? How old is Shane now? Shane's also got that Hollywood rep under his belt for his brilliant cameo in Rollerball.
  3. Wasn't Nattie the "Queen of Hearts/Harts" for a while also?
  4. TBH it's a perfect gimmick for Eva Marie or Carmella... That said, I wouldn't want the first QotR winner to be a joke/gimmick. Use it to rehab Shayna ??
  5. The issue with Punk & Bryan as Hall & Nash is that they are going to be insanely over. If someone 'turns' to be their Hogan that person is going to get a massive pop. I'd almost prefer the two of them to face off. At least then Punk could be a heel. Have Bryan's debut announcement. Build it up. Make it a main event segment on Dynamite. Then when he signs the contract and everyone is happy Punk can attack him. The story writes itself - "Bryan was a "good little soldier" but he only ever thought about himself. He stayed... He 'fought for his dreams'... No... He SOLD OUT! Punk had too much pride and dignity to lower himself to that level. Punk has standards. Punk is the leader that everyone hates but who everyone needs and damn it, if it wasn't for Punk dropping a pipebomb 10 years ago, AEW wouldn't even exist!" Give me THAT feud please and thank you.
  6. I think it goes the other way and Vince's body will be like Monty Burns with the "3 Stooges Syndrome". He's found the perfect combination of uppers, energy, dopamine, nutrition etc and is basically an indestructible, formaldehyde zombie.
  7. In a world with multiple women's titles and programs that's not an issue is it? Nothing wrong with Kross as the muscle behind Scarlett IMO.
  8. It's funny comparing some of these matches to the Lesnar-Kofi squash. I understood that move at the time because the perception was that FOX wanted a more "real sports" vibe to SDL. Lesnar made perfect sense as the face of that show. Then they had him jump back to RAW and swap places with Bray Wyatt for... reasons. I can't understand the Keith Lee or Kross matches. Lee is just another guy to Vince, clearly. I guess with Kross, the plan is to bring in Scarlett to "rebuild" him? Like NXT just never happened? Or maybe they aren't using her at all (like Nikki not coming in with Sanity) and Kross is going to end up with Alexa in that role?
  9. If Vince has got 1 more match left in him then winning the NEW WWE 3 MAN TAG TEAM TITLES with Riddle & RVD seems fine. Those guys are hip. They are with it. They will have whacky adventures like those kids who lost their car & then hooked up with sexy space chicks. That's good shit pal!!
  10. Give me a Goldberg "Firefly" match please. He starts off being told this match will be "No laughing matter". Then Regal turns up to try and teach him some moves to beat the Fiend. Snap cut to a montage of 120 odd spears on random people with Bray proclaiming that "this math doesn't add up" and "some of these must be worth double!". Cattle Prod, Goldberg down. Bray with the cover but HE KICKS OUT. Bray runs and hides in a car. Goldberg smashes all the windows before passing out from blood loss. He wakes up inside an Elimination Chamber. Ric Flair appears and hands Bray a sledgehammer. Goldberg kicks out again. Goldberg on the attack but the crowd are singing "Nah nah naaanaa, hey hey hey..." He goes for a Jackhammer but drops Bray on his head. The Fiend takes over! He hits a chokeslam, followed by the Mandible Claw and finally hits Sister Abigail on Goldberg who KICKS OUT AGAIN. Spear. Spear. Jackhammer. Goldberg wins and is declared #1 contender to Romans title at Mania next year.
  11. Even if Joe Hennig was a jobber, there is a gimmick right there for him as a guy who ISN'T perfect. He can't throw the 50 yard TD. He can't hit the 3 pointer, or the hole in one. He's not getting a strike or a 7/10 split. BUT he knows the secret of the Fisherman's Suplex and if he hits it, you are not kicking out. Bam, instant jobber who can pull out the shock win with something other than a roll up or interference.
  12. I love when the drama in a match is if someone can even HIT their finishing move, not how many times they will need to hit it.
  13. Love it. Id like to offer up the "Real Taste of Italy" Pete Zas. He is accompanied to the ring by his "side dishes"; Ann Chovy, Mary Narra & Faye Tuchini.
  14. How many sisters does each Lashley have? Do I take all of them in too?
  15. So my biggest gripe with this is how meta it gets with ZERO payoff. I wanted for the Roman speech about invincibility to lead to either the confirmation that they are, in fact, super human. That there is something genetic about all this. OR Kill half the cast. Fucking vaporize them with no chance of return. I thought they might actually kill Dom when he was drowning and we got the line from his dad about "A strong family will survive, long after you are gone." but nope. Nobody can die and nobody can get hurt. Zero stakes means zero tension. Zero tension means I'm bored. Two movies left. I'll download them for the sake of completion but my head cannon is FF1-FF7.
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