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  1. Will I finally get my "Eva Marie + Baron Corbin" dual champion power couple that I dreamed of back in NXT? RAW is already garbage. Might as well go full meta with it. Send Bobby and MVP to Smackdown to fight Roman & Paul E.
  2. I think Rock out is really interesting. He was Austin's main antagonist as a proxy for Vince, he helped legitimise Foley and Triple H, and he did the job for Brock in a huge passing of the torch. Who else does all that? I could see Shamrock facing Austin, does he work as the straight man for Foley? Can he carry his half of the main event during 2000? I think if Rock is out then it's impossible to fill that spot with just one person.
  3. That's... Uhhhh an interesting choice for Andrade. Wonder who he will actually face in the ring when AEP is put behind bars?
  4. Instead of breaking up The Hurt Business; Don't. That's it. That's the post.
  5. Ember Moon should have ended Asukas streak. The Eclipse should have been sold as the ultimate death move that nobody ever kicked out of for years. Then someone like Bianca can get the rub by being the first person to do it.
  6. Do we know what kind of infection it is? Can we tie the two topics together? Seriously though; Vince fucked EC3 something shocking so I hope he got paid and is back on his feet ASAP.
  7. I'm stunned nobody in WWE has tried to give Cesaro a ladies man gimmick to try and take advantage of all the backstage talk about "Big Dick Tony". I could 100% see them doing vignettes of him pressing bikini models over his head, speaking French/Italian/Swedish to woo a lady etc That or Vince finds out that Sweden was old Viking territory and decides that the Eric & Ivar need a 3rd member...
  8. Bray's shorts with either the APA "Always Pound Ass" or Sin Cara's "My body is a giant cock" TShirt for the ultimate WWE fan apparel bingo.
  9. Triple Threats and Fatal 4 Ways should be elimination. The "1 fall to a finish" version should be the exception, not the rule.
  10. Survivor Series. Get a Hurt Business v Usos brawl to take them all out. Roman takes out Lashley with a Spear and then puts a beating on him. MITB winner, The Miz, cashes in to win the title and bring the story full circle. Miz can drop the title to Keith Lee or Damian Priest at the Rumble.
  11. Matt Cassel is my sporting hero. Put in 1 season of actual work and got paid for a lifetime to travel the US and learn play books for a living.
  12. Bray might be the smartest man on the roster. How much are he and Alexa getting paid? How much merch are they moving? How hard are they actually working for that cash? How many bumps did he take in that match? Three? Bray Wyatt is the ultimate wrestling carny. He's the Matt Cassel of pro wrestling. Good for him. I hope he take Vince to the cleaners for another decade like Kane did.
  13. Ohhhhhh man. Asuka and Sasha as lady yakuza... Getting around in suits, putting bounties on people, smacking around young lionesses from NXT...
  14. And then have them kick the shit out of each other on the way to a no contest leading to a "Best of Seven" and then a tag team ala The Bar.
  15. Really, really happy for my fellow Aussie in Rhea Ripley but damn girl, go listen to that Paul Wight/Big Show podcast and work like the fucking giant that you are. I don't want to see Rhea Ripley on the mat, trading holds with Asuka. I want to see her smashing faces and heaving bitches around the ring. She sells waaaaaay too much for her character and her position on the roster. Roman is the best thing they have right now. He should hold the title until TLC/Royal Rumble and drop it to Big E. Then give me a New Day Triple Threat (and fuck it, crown Woods for a short run) on night 1 and Rom
  16. I said multiple times that the perfect role for Bayley now is to become the ACE of the Women's tag division. Tag Team Tanahashi if you will. The Riott Squad should have won the tag belts and Billie Kay's search for a partner/friend should have ended with Bayley. Tell me Bayley and Billie Kay hosting 'Ding Dong Hello' as tag champs isn't perfect?
  17. This used to be a great meme for workers going too far with their recklessness and 'epic' struggle. Now it's the first spot of every Takeover match in NXT.
  18. Luger beats Yoko for the title at SummerSlam 93. Bret and Owen do the 'tied' Rumble winner spot. Mania 10 - Luger drops the title to Owen. Bret beats Yoko but is injured in the process. Bret battles the odds and beats Owen (to send the crowd home happy) but loses in the rematch due to his injury.
  19. Kross is perfectly fine to just sit on the NA title for a year. Pop the crowd with the entrance, squash someone and choke 'em out. He's wasted in 20 minute main events.
  20. "Who's side is Shelton on?" is a great little story. MVP, Alexander, Corbin vs Angle, Gable, Otis
  21. Triple H v HBK at SummerSlam 02. Shawn's comeback. I loved that one.
  22. Fuck you, I want that so bad now. Hurt Business v Kurt Business at Mania thanks.
  23. If WWE gave us THIS kind of stuff on a weekly basis their stars would be so much bigger/brighter. This makes a super human weight trainer like John Cena feel like a dude at my local gym. Someone I could see and get tips from. Someone I can RELATE too. I'm way more invested in this match (No idea if it's Rock 1 or Rock 2) than I was with the Fruity Pebbles, "See ya in Hollywood", You are a part timer blah blah BS they actually put on RAW at the time.
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