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  1. Man, that story should be done as a movie same style as Nebraska, with Will Forte as Jim Ross and Tommy Lee Jones as Leroy McGuirk.
  2. That Dusty/Chris Cruise GIF is from the sequel to that horror movie with the Tommy Rich/Eddie Gilbert GIF if the producers went the "over-the-top" route of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
  3. Ranger Ross was a legit ex-Army paratrooper and was a Georgia indy guy before joining WCW. Popped in and out over a couple of years, mainly in a JTTS role. Was also briefly repackaged under a mask as a Japanese heel called "The Pearl" and was given Great Muta's moveset to try to trick fans into thinking Muta had returned under a mask. Left the business in the early '90s and ended up doing some jail time for being involved in a string of bank robberies.
  4. Yep, Clash of the Champions 7 is still one of my favorite wrestling shows of all-time. -The show is at an armory fieldhouse in Ft. Bragg, NC, and it's 100 degrees inside, and the crowd is sweaty and mostly drunk military folk and is hot for everything. Atmosphere is just phenomenal all night long, even for '80s NWA/WCW. -A possible legit overlooked classic in Terry Funk vs Ricky Steamboat, and some other fun matches like Varsity Club vs Steiners, Midnight Express vs Headshrinkers/Samoan Swat Team, and Dr. Death vs Terry Gordy. -One of the all-time WCW Wrestlecrap moments with the debut of the Ding Dongs. -My favorite patriotism-baiting match of all-time with the ex-military man Ranger Ross vs The Terrorist...and the military audience eats it the fuck up... -...followed by Gary Hart leading The Great Muta in a martial arts demonstration that Muta refuses to participate in because according to Gary Hart, he is sick of facing inferior "gaijin" competition. -Coors Light was a sponsor of the show so Jim Ross makes references all night long to wishing he was on his couch drinking a nice cold Coors Light. -a drunk fan charging the ring during the Midnight Express entrance, and Jim Cornette simply saying "We're going to make your night by letting you live!" as he gets swarmed by military security. -a plug for THE HOTLINE featuring Jack Victory dressed as an FBI agent and Paul E. being rudely interrupted by a jobber while calling the hotline...also, JOE PEDICINO'S NOSE!
  5. The end of Hacksaw Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer from the Mid-South set.
  6. For some reason I have it in my head that I read about a '90s episode of Memphis Wrestling where Sid had a face run, and brought out a handicapped kid from his neighborhood to talk about a charity/fundraiser he was involved with, introducing him along the lines of "here's my neighbor and friend who's gonna help me stay champion." When I first learned of the Scott Dunlap deal at Fall Brawl, I had always assumed this was the same neighbor kid since Sid was in the main event of this PPV and this was another favor for him to allow the kid to live a dream.
  7. Just from the teaser, this feels dangerously close to Roddy being back on the outs with WWE again. Not quite as bad as the HBO interview, but still. I'll always get a kick out of the fact that he thinks the Bronswik Affair was a real documentary and not satirical fiction. Also, the Hogan-Orndorff comment is pretty funny given that feud a couple years later ended up being one of the hottest runs of Hogan's original title reign.
  8. Just watched Starrcade 83 earlier this week. Kevin Sullivan blading Scott McGhee was mighty hard to watch too. Really looked like Sullivan was digging in with the blade, and sure enough, was a substantial amount of blood coming in the result.
  9. That's really impressive, especially considering that you figure a very high percentage of that number was probably on at the same time watching Wrestlemania last night. It makes their ability to stream Wrestlemania without seemingly any major hiccups even more stunning.
  10. Yeah, there were some people in our room that thought the ref botched the three count since the bell didn't ring and music wasn't playing. I figured the 21-1 graphic popping up was the tipoff that this was indeed happening as "part of the planned entertainment,"
  11. Making the call to not play Lesnar's music immediately to let the moment sink in = one of the most brilliant production moves in WWE history. And I thought Cena/Wyatt was fine...just that Wrestlemania was the wrong place to do the more "storyline"-driven match. Also, really hoping Randy Orton didn't suffer some sort of "Shawn Michaels breaks his back on the casket" injury when the small of his back crashed right on the monitor during the RKO. Inadvertently, that may have been the bump of the night
  12. Huh, hadn't seen this yet. Apparently at the end of April WWE is releasing a "Best of the stuff that happens at RAW tapings after the show goes off the air" DVD set. Curious if there's anything worth a damn to make this a curiosity purchase: http://www.amazon.com/Wwe-Best-Raw-After-Show/dp/B00HRYH6ZY/ref=sr_1_158?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1396334102&sr=1-158
  13. No shit. Haven't seen Frances Ha yet, but had to turn off Drinking Buddies after 15 minutes because my brain started screaming "I don't care about any of this!" And this is coming from someone that likes Prince Avalanche and Computer Chess, so it's not like I'm completely predisposed to not like the current indie aesthetic.
  14. Oh man, that Bleacher Report article on super fans brought back the memory of the very first time ECW came to Detroit. The Inkster Recreation Center in January 1998. To this day I still don't know what was more surreal: Pee Wee Jones offering me tickets to the show in exchange for weed, or Roddy Hogan walking in dressed in full Hollywood Hogan garb and leaving after three matches because ECW fans were heckling him with "Hogan sucks!" chants mercilessly.
  15. Shitty news to wake up to yesterday morning. GWAR was the 3rd concert I ever went to. Drove 3 and a half hours from my shitty hometown to Harpo's in Detroit with two of my best friends growing up. An amazing day, got drenched in the pit. Had to drive back after the show. Stopped at a gas station in Small-Town Nowhere, Michigan at 1AM. Dyes were changing color and running all up and down our clothes. A local gentleman asked us if we were up late painting a house. An amazing night that no matter how many shows I've been to since, this is one that will always stay with me emotionally. GWAR was a big influence in both my developing metallic tastes, and a big influence to not take life too seriously in general. I put some words together about GWAR and posted them to the LA Weekly website this morning. Probably not adding anything to the dialogue that hasn't been said already: http://www.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2014/03/25/why-gwar-is-important-and-why-metal-will-never-be-the-same-again I am thankful that at various times I got the pleasure to interview both "Oderus Urungus" and Dave Brockie. "Oderus" was at entertaining as one would imagine, but Dave was incredibly chill and appreciative of everyone that had helped him throughout the years and definitely had a great passion for music, and took the art behind the spectacle very seriously.
  16. I enjoyed how they were apparently trying to have the rich guy put on the most abrasive music possible at his place, and managed to put together a brostep song with a drop that lasted for like ten minutes straight. Also neat to see the leads of The Innkeepers reunited under very different circumstances. Woah, totally didn't realize the female lead in Cheap Thrills was the female lead in The Innkeepers, had definitely recognized the male lead. Cool!
  17. Back from a screening of Cheap Thrills at Cinefamily. Well-done and very dark psychological thriller. Performances are great, and David Koechner may have started a second career path as creepy guy in dark thrillers and horror movies. Truth be told, a very uncomfortable flick at times that goes to some very uncomfortable places, but if that's your thing this is well worth checking out. Here's the red band trailer for your perusal:
  18. Any of you that are comedy fans are sleeping on that new Comedy Central show, Review. Very stoked to see Andy Daly finally have a starring vehicle, and he frigging goes for it. It's a very dark and sometimes morbid show, but oh man, it mines so much laughter and goodness out of those dark places, with last night's episode being an insane half-hour of making me cringe and then the cringing descending into damn-near uncontrollable giggling and laughter.
  19. From WWE Old School - Toronto 11/10/85: You know what's PRO WRESTLING, MOTHERFUCKERS? A dude in a wheelchair wheeling himself up to the front row to yell at the ref to let him know that Nikolai Volkoff pulled Dino Bravo's hair to take him down in the headlock. Second favorite crowd reaction from the old days I've seen so far on WWE Old School, next to this:
  20. "Little Hulksters...check those popcorn boxes you got during intermission. He may have put napalm in there! Check under your seats, there could be a land mine or something laying there!" An actual quote from Hulk Hogan hyping his "Desert Storm Match" later in the night against Sgt. Slaughter.
  21. I know matches from the Tokyo Dome shows they did with Super World Sports in 91/92 have ended up on DVD sets, but I'm wondering if they have any of the other random WWF/SWS tour shows they have in their collection, like the show that had the really random tag team of Shawn Michaels and The Berzerker. Also curious if they have the entire WWF/AJPW/NJPW Wrestling Summit show in their vault, or just the matches that had WWF guys in it. Would love to see that stuff pop up randomly at some point, if only to have an HQ version of the Earthquake-Kitao breakdown.
  22. WWE Old School: MSG 6/3/91: Bret Hart vs The Barbarian - main storyline is that because Bobby The Brain Heenan is working commentary booth on this evening, he is allowing his protege The Barbarian to be managed for one night only by Mr. Fuji. Fuji attempts interference that backfires and causes Bret Hart to get the victory. Heenan gets upset and confronts Fuji, and then spends his commentary time on the entire next match (Jimmy Snuka vs. Bob Bradley in an extended squash) cutting an amazing, albeit racist, promo on Fuji. http://youtu.be/v6Hfx0H1XEQ And the show is headlined by a pretty great Hulk Hogan vs Sgt Slaughter "Desert Storm Match". Basically the same as Slaughter's "Boot Camp" matches of years prior, No DQ and loser must surrender. Hogan gets early advantage and busts Slaughter wide open. Slaughter eventually gets the advantage on his side, but is unable to capitalize on attempts to put the match away due to his blood loss from earlier, some awesome storytelling there. Ironically, Hogan ends up winning with the camel clutch, which I believe was the same finish as the "Desert Storm Match" they had at Royal Albert Hall that's on the Hulk Hogan: Unreleased Collection DVD set. After the match, a kid dressed in fatigues jumps the rails and celebrates with Hogan, and I am now left wondering which shitty ticket seller wrestler that kid became on Frank Goodman's USA Pro shows of the late '90s. I'm gonna make a completely uneducated guess and say it's Skinhead Ivan.
  23. It was Gorilla pulling a double entendre with the "Do a number on him" phrase, that was a phrase he would use a lot when one wrestler was getting a clear upper advantage on his opponent during a match.
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