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  1. Is there a confirmed list of who they've interviewed for the Collision in Korea episode? Kind of praying for Steiner but equally he seems like might be like a Zandig-level pain in the ass to arrange and coexist with
  2. Ooof, downgrading that diss to "too much, man" after actually watching the dang episode of dark side of the ring
  3. Yeah I think my tolerance for OTT daft Booker T-style commentary is higher than most but I always enjoyed Mongo overall. An ex-football player with a huge personality, eccentric charisma and clumsily violent ring work seemed like a logical fit for that kind of wrestling company at that time, as part of a larger cast of characters obviously. He was into the bit and was committed to it all in. I think he was a genuinely decent promo in a kind of (lesser) Piper-ish deranged, ad-libbed intensity sort of way. Like say what you want but you were never bored! Wonder if I can find the extremely c
  4. Just seen about Mongo, that fucking sucks. I was curious about how he was doing last year and stumbled across a 2019 interview/history of his importance to the 1985 Chicago Bears, and he'd lost a ton of weight and looked fairly unrecognisable even then, but he was doing seemingly well. The magnitude of his personality and the seemingly godlike esteem he was held in by his ex-colleagues and fans was a hell of a thing. It's an unbelievably cruel reversal for him to be staring down the barrel of such a brutal deterioration Edit: this was the piece https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports
  5. QT Marshall is going to turn heel imo. And he's going to keep turning heel until somebody notices, damn it! I am getting into Alex Abrahantes increasingly far-gone polite boy fallen in with the bad kids/radicalised by insane luchador vibe Fair play, "it means the world to be the first black woman in the Rhodes family" is one of the most deranged things I've ever heard
  6. If you wash your glasses in soapy water before you go out it'll lessen the fogginess a bit
  7. The original attitude era version of the Big Show theme was the best one imo. It sounded like he was unexpectedly kicking your door/house down all like "guess what motherfuckers!!", whereas the later one sounded like him slowly waking up to listlessly shout at some kids for being near his lawn
  8. That line always bugged me. Will I know or not? Make your dang mind up!!
  9. Paul Wight d Marko Stunt in 0:13 via Stunt flying into the horizon and doing the Smash Brothers glint thing
  10. Yeah all these poor low card people having to constantly pretend it is and has always been their favourite song of all time is so tiresome Agree with the earlier posts re: what an interesting fit ZSJ would be for AEW. Their in-ring for me is really missing pure technical grapplers in that Bryan/Bret vein
  11. "settle down Chipernetico" me if you want, but Dakota Kai's Buss It challenge video is incredible. Really just seeing her in a whole new light
  12. It's an Owen-level one isn't it? Damn it. It will still be possible to get randomly bummed out about this in 20 years It's just really hard to get your head around it when the conception you had of him in your head up right up to the point where he died was that he was a guy who was physically dominant, skilled in the ring and, as of 2020, professionally happier than ever. His big AEW run had only just got started. The universe doesn't care, but my brain is like "he's not the kind of guy who can be dead!". It thinks he's still gonna be out there clotheslining heads off and screaming at un
  13. Oh god those last ten minutes. In bits It was nice/weird/sad seeing Bray, E, Becky, Seth et al popping up in the photos, feel bad for those guys being in a different company when this all happened and not being able to just show up to the tribute like Rowan did What a mad few days it's been, it still doesn't feel real
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