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  1. He's from American Samoa. Most Samoan-Americans are, due to the cultural proximity (think Guam or Puerto Rico for similar situations.)
  2. I don't think it has anything to do with "serious wrestlers". Its just the reality show and them arguing over the spotlight because thats what women do. Also, if you were AJ, who would you rather face - Natalya, or Aksana?
  3. I wouldn't be in a position to make any hard-and-fast claims, as we didn't get any of the shows until the Monday Night Wars were in full swing. Nothing says you can't include pre-Nitro WCWSNs, anyway - it's never getting an official Best of set of any sort - although it might distract from the oddball B/C show nature that inspired the thread.
  4. These types of match-ups are what was so great about Saturday Night. Where else would you see Nagata again Booker T?
  5. Since there seemed to be some interest when I mentioned it in the Omnibus thread, I figured I'd start a repository for all the best/most memorable/entertaining matches and segments from WCW Saturday Night and it's step-sisters, Worldwide and Pro. Saturday Night is in an interesting position, as for a while it was essentially the flagship show for the promotion, but by the late 90s was essentially a C show where you'd get to see such stalwarts as Roadblock, Rick Fuller, and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2. A quick video search turned this up as an interesting start
  6. There is definitely no "official" set, but I know you can find torrents of complete episodes. An "unofficial" best of the B-shows" comp, of only the Saturday & syndicated shows would have potential for some good stuff. Yeah, there's a bunch of matches and angles on Youtube and the like. I was just hoping for a more centralized repository. I think you could get a lot of good stuff on it - big matches from the early years, odd match-ups from the "300 people on the roster" era, some before-they-were-stars appearances from folks like Mr. JL and RVD... lots of potential there.
  7. I asked this last month but I think it got lost amongst the postmodernism: Is there a Best of WCW Saturday Night set anyone knows of? Or best of WCWSN/Pro/Worldwide?
  8. I believe I agree with that. Also thought they dropped the ball on Miz&R-Truth: Lead Pipe Terrorists. Truth got suspended for a wellness violation and when he came back, they broke up the team, turned Truth face, and pushed him into the tag team with Kofi. I assumed the face turn and midcard demotion was more punishment. They also used the suspension to try to establish "Miz, serious bad-ass", didn't they? By hitting the Skull Crushing Finale on Truth on the ramp, I believe, to write him out.
  9. At least she got to decide who she married. I mean, if I was engaged, and my fiancee put our marriage up in a ladder match, I would probably dump her ass too.
  10. I thought it was pretty good for an AJ Styles promo.
  11. The manager isn't bad as a kind of direct-to-video equivalent of Paul E. The Warriors on the other hand...
  12. What the hell is a post modern chair shot anyway? Because hitting the guy over the head is now wrong, doing anything but that is ironic in some sort of way? If they made a storyline about how chairshots to the head are banned by head office, and the whole storyline was based around the two feuding wrestlers cooperating to work in a chairshot to the head in their match without anyone from head office catching on, that could arguably be postmodern. Much like the late-WCW "they'll have to improvise a finish!" faux-shoot bs. An argument could be made that Russo and Ferreira and their whole fasci
  13. From PWInsider.com They're just missing the 'W'. Also, nobody complaining now better ever suggest bringing back the Horsemen again.
  14. But... but... wet hair, you guys? How could you like Bret Hart when he had wet hair?!
  15. Random Question of the Day: Is there a Best of WCW Saturday Night set?
  16. Hobo Hero?! Hobos?! Ohnoes! The Big Shobo Hobo Dallas My God guys! This reminds me of Butch Doink, Luke Doink, Mo Doink and Mabel Doink. Shouldn't it be Kassius Hobo? With: "The Hobo F'n Show" Rob Van Dam Hulk Hobo Hobeau Beverly The Hobro (a scruffy and disshevelled Zach Ryder) and Jim Duggan trading in his 2x4 for a bo staff
  17. This discussion shows how very subjective our tastes can be. I'd take Ryder over Riley any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.
  18. Del Rio is someone who is fine in the ring, but who leaves me absolutely disinterested whenever he's in the World/WWE TItle picture. He gets too much tv time, and he really hasn't done anything interesting for me since feuding with Rey. I'd rank him slightly higher than the Miz, which is damning with faint praise. Worst wrestler on the roster? Probably Khali and Hornswoggle, but they don't really wrestle anymore. Jinder Mahal? Mark my words: Luke Harper can go. You won't see it right away because of the position he's in, but as Brody Lee he was good, and put on a solid farewell match again
  19. Question: Is Sin Cara just going to keep injuring himself until his contract runs out? Seriously, has there ever been a more brittle pro wrestler on our TV? He makes Mr. Kennedy look like Cal Ripkin.
  20. Missed the first half hour or so of this, coming in just as they were recapping Roode/Hernandez, but I enjoyed what I saw. I'm surprised no one's made a joke about the Anonymous Raw General Manager being in the backseat of the Hummer. Mr. Anderson may not have been the most inspired guy in the ring these days, but he's still fun on the mic now that he's the VP of Aces and 8s. I wish everyone got a title, though. Like Executive Assistant Wes Briscoe, or Garret Bischoff, Customer Service Representative. I have never liked Sabin, and I like him even less in this current run. TNA seems to have
  21. I'm one of three mostly-lapsed WWE viewers in this household, along with my girlfriend and our roommate. And I think, if I had to sum up why we've stopped watching, it'd be as simple as this: It's boring. I'm a fan of a lot of the in-ring action as far as the wrestlers go. But there's nothing to care about. You get the John Cena storyline, which is pretty much one of two angles: Cena is sneak-attacked/suckered by a heel (Ryback, Henry - in back to back months!), or Cena has tension with another face. And you always know it will end with Cena coming out on Raw to talk, with or without the b
  22. Don't forget Chris Benoit, "Master of the Cripple Crossface". Buffer was phoning it in so bad he was like a pre-millenial Mike Adamle.
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