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  1. Hey, @Craig H I did a drunk Cameo request and forgot to go into detail about what Dave said. But I think he covered it pretty well.
  2. I can't remember them wrestling in ROH but the Road To video has footage of them from IWA MS.
  3. That reminds me I need to get back into GTA. Too bad work got psycho crazy today. Somewhere Shawn's long hair is in a basement somewhere as "Tell me a lie" loops in the background.
  4. I thought he was still recovering from his heart issue so if that's the case then maybe he just wasn't there to do that.
  5. I really should follow her on Twitter. Also, I know that ol' Coach Tony K is infamous for starting the sleaze thread. But I wonder how he was on the old board aside from that. Was he decent enough, a bratty teen or somewhere in between. I was there when the topic was still up but it was so chaotic that it was hard to keep track of all who were there.
  6. That's all great and everything but is it bad that I just want the Hangman bottle opener? I would seriously buy that separately and wish they had that on Shop AEW instead.
  7. I'm really glad you're watching considering all you have to check out. I also really appreciate a ton how you and @Goodearbreak down matches and such as it tends to point things I missed on first viewing. It really helps take a match that I enjoy and show the little things that make it that much better for me.
  8. Oh, yeah, dude always lived for that shit. It's amazing how a guy who did/does WWE and AEW plus has a beautiful wife and kid still has that need to get into these type of matches. Dude never forgot where he came from and I love him to pieces for it.
  9. For me it would be though I don't know how much of a shared mindset that is.
  10. I personally want Xavier to be in the finals even though he's a face. Dude's been pushing for it for years and if it were up to me I'd have him win the whole thing. Plus with Kofi and Big E finding singles success it'd be a nice way to kick start his own path to future title wins. As for Jinder I haven't been paying attention to Raw but I can see using heel tactics to get to the finals.
  11. I saw the opener, Cardona's match and the main so far. All were pretty damn enjoyable and I so far got my money's worth. Mox can do pro wrestling quite well but seeing him in a deathmatch it seemed he felt quite at home amongst the broken glass and barbed wire. And Foley added a lot by talking about the balance of how having a family has led to Mox further enjoying these type of situations. It might not be the best deathmatch but it told a great story and I'm looking forward to more. What's crazy is I'm not a big fan of deathmatches and I couldn't fully get into GCW for some reason. But there's been so much recent momentum that I think I'm starting to consider checking them out more. And if they're getting Hammerstein then they're doing something right.
  12. I could go for a good cheesesteak. First few times I went to Pat's which I still love and one time trying Geno's I thought the cheese ruined the whole thing. Tony Luke's is great but lost some appeal when I found a location in Ocean City. Since then I heard of tons of other places to the point I need to go back to Philly sooner rather than later. Man, now I want a cheesesteak, even if it's not Philly they're still kind of decent around here. As for the show nice to see Punk challenge based off a few weeks ago. Sure beats him just calling out random people for shits and giggles.
  13. Ah, thank you, knew I forgot other examples. So I guess that proves that we could all use a little bit of this at times: Yeeeeeeaaaaaah, yeaaaah, just a little patience....
  14. For the stuff that's not at the show I have my BS detector at the ready. But I tend to believe a bit more that what we see is what we get when it comes to them at the arena. So it's possible that Cody is stretched too thin and it's wearing on him in ways that aren't initially apparent to him. That said if him or somebody just said "Hey, Paul, just in case here's my and Anthony's weights" then the segment would have gone a lot smoother. Credit to him though for taking full ownership of it.
  15. I would seriously tweet that to Arn if you're so inclined. That is definitely something he would say. I've been back and forth on the Punk lovefest deal. Even when seeing him in Queens it was great but I wanted more. If Black takes out a few people while Punk works on his list of those he wants to work with then the timing should be quite right for them. I'm thinking it'll happen either after Full Gear or going into next year. And another thing with Punk is we've seen this with Sting. He'd come out and it'd be lovely but after a while we wanted more. And from the cinematic match on that's what we got with wonderful results. So it's tempting for me to say "C'mon, Punk, do something meaningful." but I'm trying to be as patient as possible with past history in mind.
  16. Not sure if it was a recent change but there's replies to this. And yep they're what you would expect.
  17. I'll have to rewatch Fish/Sammy and Shida/Deeb due to missing some of each. But man did I love the show. The opener was an incredibly fun sprint with IMO everybody playing their parts really well. And the ladder match was laid out pretty well with Page winning being the absolute right call. I also loved that looking at who debuted when the match represented different stages of Dynamite. Then there's Pac/Page having another go and that was continuing from the one of the first matches they had there. Just really neat things sprinkled all throughout that match that kept me invested the whole time. With Page winning if it was anybody else that close to Full Gear you'd think this was rushed. But aside from Mox the table's been set for a long time. Now it's time for Hangman to collect.
  18. If it's Ospreay I'm turning the show off and will need to reconsider some things. I think they would know better than to bring him in though.
  19. I can't believe it's been two years. I still remember my post that night and by missing one key word it read like I was trying to be poetic or something. Darn those emotions and forgetting to proofread before posting. But man, what a wild two years it's been. They started off hot, did pretty well with empty arenas and now they're back to crushing it in front of live (and hopefully mostly vaccinated) crowds. They should be proud of what they've been able to accomplish especially with the massive curve ball thrown at the world. Even with the 8-man having the GOAT in it I'm most intrigued by the ladder match. Will be interesting to see who the Joker is but I'm still leaning it towards being Hangman.
  20. I don't see it as him selling out so much as him using that as an opportunity to get his message across. In the style of "You're not wrong, but you're just an asshole" he held up a mirror to the crowd pointing out how much the people are killing the planet. And while it worked at arenas it did get people to pay attention to what he's actually saying. Heck, he was even offered to speak at a class but he offered to sit in it instead. Plus you had his shirt which was not only eco-friendly but had proceeds going to a foundation. If he was just talking generic facts about the planet while being an asshole then there'd be more credence to the selling out deal. But even in WWE there was a lot of good that came out of that heel run. I just wish there was a way for him to keep doing that when he became a face but sadly that was dropped.
  21. That's how I took it. I would say sign Anthony but even if not he definitely has my attention. Damn, what a match that was
  22. I'm rather floored by that announcement even if I heard rumors about it. That's pretty goddamn impressive, especially when factoring the possibilities about assist trophies and spirit boards. Looking at the final list it's still surreal after all these generations of Smash how many different IPs came together. Especially when considering how the systems a lot of them represented were very much not Nintendo-related. I can only imagine who they would add when they do this for the next non-Switch big Nintendo system.
  23. Thanks, forgot about that part but yeah sounds like he was a real winner. But at least that was just a sign though after the car break-ins that happened I'd be surprised if they go back there anytime soon.
  24. If ever there's a time to do a caption contest that picture is as good enough a reason as any.
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