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  1. This is a year where I could go for like a weird ass Lions/Steelers Super Bowl that no one saw coming in September
  2. I saw her on some website talking about how she had gotten lapband surgery. I had googled her name because... reasons.. and stumbled across some video diary she did. I actually thought she was really really attractive for a big ol' woman.© Is she with TNA again?
  3. I figured it was just one of those Vince/WWF idiosyncrasies, e.g.The Deranged Mankind, The Man They Call Vader/The Mastadon Vader or, more recently, The Vigilante Sting
  4. With all the Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen shit having just happened, I could see WWE releasing Nash from his Legends deal, which sucks. Even if it's a grown ass 18 year old man, and not a 4 year old or a woman, they might still consider it "domestic violence" which is total bullshit. Everything I've seen so far on this, from TMZ to Fox Sports to Deadspin, has "WWE Star" or "WWE Superstar" in the headline, so I can't imagine they're real happy about it. Super shitty.
  5. I feel bad about the Kevin Nash situation. No one needs that shit around Christmas.
  6. Am I crazy, or was it stated as 18 on WCW TV at one point, when he was flip flopping it around with Jarrett and Nash in 2000?
  7. Just caught The Roadie vs. JERRY FLYNN on the 7/10/95 Raw. Unsung hero of the Monday Night War, if you ask me. EDIT: IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY A RIP TAYLOR CAMEO IN A DOUBLE J VIGNETTE.
  8. I remember when Flair had it for the 11th or 12th time around the time I started watching WCW as a kid, and I honestly thought the guy had been wrestling since like 1940 or something to reach that number. They should just start counting the unofficial Puerto Rico/Japan wins/losses so he can say he had it 25 times or whatever it was. Shit, now I wish crazy ass TNA would've put theirs on him at least three times, though I doubt they'd ever mention it on WWE TV (then again, they did count Sting's at Survivor Series, except it was the NWA title in 2007 when he had it, so there's some gray area). I can't believe the news about HHH/Stephanie coming back. I actually am one of the few who enjoy HHH as a wrestler and I'm looking forward to him doing something at Mania, but GOD enough with the authority figure angles. It was fresh in 1997 with Bischoff and Vince doing it because prior to that, you'd see Jack Tunney like twice a year. The only time it's been remotely intriguing since then were when HHH and Lauranitis happened in the VERY infancy of the 2011 Summer of Punk thing, and more recently, with Lucha Underground (but that's more the presentation making it SEEM fresher, in my opinion). Someone wrote here recently (may have been elsewhere, and if you're reading this, please take credit) that WWE has become a show about running a wrestling company rather than a wrestling show. (That Muppet Show comparison in that video we were discussing yesterday is spot on, in that regard). It seems like it's such an obvious fix to just let the wrestling show be a wrestling show.
  9. I always try to explain the performance art aspect to my non-fan friends, but it inevitably ends with someone yelling "it's still real to me, dammit" and us going back to drinking the pain of daily life away
  10. Obviously, Vince and Shane have to top anyone's list. I don't even think that's an argument at this point-- even if they DID receive training. DDP/Malone vs. Hogan/Rodman wasn't a technical classic, and sure, Rodman was all kinds of fucked up, but something people forget-- we were less than a month removed from the Jazz/Bulls NBA Finals. It was impeccable timing. I'm shocked Bischoff wasn't begging Turner to give Jordan and Stockton blank checks to be corner men or guest enforcers or something. WCW might still be in business if that were the case-- could've been their Tyson moment. This isn't really the point of this thread, but you know who I bet would be awesome in wrestling? That Scott Disnick guy married to one of the Kardashians. My ex-girlfriend used to make me watch that show and there was an episode where I watched him stuff $100 bills in a waiter's mouth, yelling "Do you know who I am?" like this ridiculous DiBiase/80's Flair hybrid. He would make such a classic heel manager.
  11. Okay fair enough. Not my best idea. Just trying to give Roman SOMETHING to justify this big push he's going to get.
  12. Talking about potential Wrestlemania cards here and elsewhere has me thinking: Since the streak is over, would the crowd shit on it if Taker had no match, and instead returned during the main event to cost Brock the title against (probably) Reigns? Do a bit where Reigns is all "not like this" and goes over Brock clean in a return match at Extreme Rules, a placeholder like Show or Kane at MITB, and then finally, if they can manage to stretch it that long, 'Taker at Summerslam, in a "passing of the torch" moment? Sorry, I know we're over fantasy booking here, but this year is my final and most logical opportunity to bring my "Reigns is the new Taker" angle to the table. And naturally this all assumes that Taker can be in ring shape by August and Brock will actually stick around for another month after WM.
  13. I was unaware of that, but who knows whether it'd stop him if he was offered the gig. Totally explains the uncomfortable crying on the Legends panel last year, though. I hope he's doing okay. I don't know whether this is a testament to the shittiness of the current WWE booking, or to my own short attention span, but I completely forgot about their issue. I hope they come through with some badass video packages to bring me (and I'm sure many others) up to speed.
  14. This may sound shitty from a "putting over new guys" perspective, and it doesn't really do anything for anyone involved, but I think it would be kinda cool for longtime fans: does Flair have his shit together enough to guest referee HHH/Sting if they go that route? He doesn't have to bump or anything. But if I'm WWE, and I'm looking to shill my Network, there is no better match than this to really get across the availability of matches with these guys through the years. "Ric Flair spent last decade going to war alongside HHH every night as part of Evolution! He turned on Sting 427 times in the two decades prior! Can he be trusted to call it down the middle at WrestleMania? Experience the careers of all three men involved, across the 80s, 90s and 2000s, culminating this Sunday at WrestleMania XXXI for only $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99 $9.99"
  15. Late '97 with the Sting/Hogan stuff is when I really ramped up by WCW watching. Some of it is dogshit, but some of it is still unmatched in it's brilliance to this day. There's also tons and tons and tons of great matches with Jericho, Rey, Alex Wright, Malenko, Benoit if you're still into that, all the Mexican and Japanese guys, random sightings of classic WCWSN guys showing up for no reason on a 3 hour Nitro (Roadblock! Rick Fuller!) It was a great time, and I am super super super jonesing for those to get put up. Knowing WWE, they'll probably put up January - March 2001 without explanation first.
  16. I was thinking about this last night when Heyman was talking about it on the post-show. Hogan had a longer run but that's only if you count the WCW/NWO years (and possibly the 2002 WWE comeback tour, which is still one of my favorite things ever in wrestling). I have to wonder, if not for the brand split, would Cena have really had as long of a run as he has? Not saying he hasn't had some great matches along the way or he didn't deserve a long run, it's just food for thought
  17. I don't know that the people at NBCU would be happy having paid for SD! and getting NXT, since the perception might be that it's a "minor league" show (even if REvolution smoked anything the main roster has done in a good long while). Smackdown could totally be relevant again if they would run major angles and title changes on it, but it's a taped show, so it is what it is. I joked about an NXT invasion angle in the NXT thread on Thursday after the show, but a lot of people both here and elsewhere seem to think that putting those guys on TV is going to be some sort of magic bullet for the main shows, and unfortunately I don't think that would be the case.
  18. The in-ring work absolutely helped him get to that point, but in my opinion, I think Team Hell No did a lot for him than people realize. No one can say that Team Hell No wasn't one of the most fun things on WWE television in years. I loved everything about DB and Kane together, and even my non-fan roommates thought those Dr. Shelby vignettes were hysterical. It was miles ahead of your typical WWE comedy, and more nuanced than your typical WWE "mismatched tag team" angles and I'm shocked to this day by the chemistry between two guys who are 14 years apart in age, and a million miles apart in work style. I definitely think that team did a lot to raise DB's stock in the eyes of the "WWE only" fan who had never seen him on the indies, or the younger crowd who may not have been old enough to catch that stuff. Plus, it breathed new life into the "YES/NO" thing, which is a huge part of DB's character at this point.
  19. Some days I feel like Bryan will be #30 in the Rumble, some days I feel like we're never gonna see him again. Part of me thinks he might even need a Shawn Michaels 98-02 type break. Good: we might get some really nice matches tonight Bad: we might see Dolph die on live television.
  20. WGN featured a show titled WCW Pro Chicago. It featured a weekly studio segment with former Cubs/White Sox announcer Jack Brickhouse called Brickhouse Bonus. whoa, i've never heard of this. i didn't get into WCW until years later so it shouldn't be a surprise, but still cool. it's pretty awesome when they do local versions of programs. i'm watching the 1997 WWF Shotgun Saturday Nights, and whoever uploaded them had VHS copies of the New York feed so it's actually called "WWF New York" or sometimes "Shotgun New York". kinda cool to hear all the call outs to local places like Long Island, or putting over anybody that came from the area and that sort of thing. Dude, I'm from the NY area and let me tell you: there are some episodes from 97 or 98 of WWF New York with Vince Russo on commentary and... yeah, actually, I don't think they're that offensive. They're completely un-notable in every way. let me know how it goes. The original Shotgun ring is only 16 x 16 and I actually had the privilege of moving it from one corner of the WWE warehouse to the other during a summer job many years ago. The frame, especially compared to the other rings, makes it look smaller than you can probably even tell on TV,.
  21. THAT is the kind of shit that I've been advocating for. London, Johnny Mundo, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin and MVP (barring any TNA deal) also come to mind as guys who could have a LOT to contribute there as both semi-names and "player/coaches." Samoa Joe, Kazarian, Daniels, AJ Styles would also fit the bill, though they do have that TNA stank on em. I think that, pushing 40, that is simply the best possible role these guys could fill. I bet that conversation with Triple H was awkward as hell. HHH just simply couldn't admit that the moon is hollow
  22. I just got back from a friend's wedding rehearsal dinner, where, huddled in a corner, me,him, his best man, and his two 7 and 9 year old nephews all had a spirited conversation about the show. The beauty is, there was something for a 45 year old, two 27 year olds, and two little ass kids to enjoy. Raw AIMS to capture all of these audiences, and fails in the worst way imaginable. NXT put guys out there to do what they do best, and it worked on every single level. And that, to me, is the fundamental difference between NXT and the main roster. Also that dude from reddit who sent the fruit basket is the best
  23. Love this idea. They should have a one night tournament with the winner getting a spot in the Andre battle royal. Or the winner gets to go to the main roster on the Raw after WM.
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