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  1. You've made a lot of bad posts, so believe me when I say that this one being your worst post is truly saying something. A healthy Perfect who jumps to WCW probably fits into a role with the Four Horsemen and has a pretty long career in WCW as a tag worker/sometimes TV or US champ through the mid-90s. Once Arn is hurt and Pillman leaves, the Horsemen are a complete mess pretty much the rest of the way, and Hennig as a stabilizing force in that group would have been cool. By the time he made it there, they just wanted to have him turn heel and join the nWo, which was sort of a waste except the Horsemen were dead by that time anyway, even if its members didn't know it. I actually enjoy Mongo McMichael (only somewhat ironically), but that Mongo/Debra/Jarrett love triangle was awful. You stick Jarrett in a Horsemen with Flair, Benoit, and Hennig and that's actually pretty watchable!
  2. Ah, the Beat Down Clan, a forerunner of The (more popular? more successful?) Hurt Business.
  3. Man, Razor and FUBU-wearing nWo Scott Hall were dope as fuck, and then you find out IRL he's basically a lame like his Big Scott Hall character with the inexplicable mustache from the AWA. What a total letdown.
  4. No no, you're thinking of NHB when you talk about a Hogan production and bad smells.
  5. When it comes to the Hogan Cinematic Universe: Rocky III > Suburban Commando > Mr. Nanny > No Holds Barred I should note that this is shameful because if your movie has Tiny Lister, it should be much better than NHB ends up being. Also, I know he did other movies, but I'm not ever watching Santa With Muscles, so rank at your own risk/desire.
  6. The last time I saw that late Nitro stuff, a lot of it was still mediocre, but it felt like a wrestling show again and not whatever it was while Vince Russo was in charge. They also pushed guys who I thought of as WCW guys, which helped. Booker/Steiner/Page on top the last few months was alright. Not all of it connected, but there were gems. Chavo being a surly shithead heel that Helms had to chase for the Cruiserweight belt was really fun, for example. But for every angle or match with those two as the focus, you'd have to watch a Shawn Stasiak angle or match, so it evened out, I guess. Scott Steiner was also a legitimately awesome lead heel, and that's pretty much common knowledge even though people had fled WCW by that time, which I think is meaningful.
  7. I have been, too, but I prefer keeping color variants of both clothes and appliances, and even though I don't have *that* many extra supplies saved, I'm still pretty much at the breaking point for storage. On another note, I really do hope that the update also allows me to upgrade the villagers' houses on my island that were built in the early game before the island got to three stars. It's Fall and Deirdre should have her Autumn-themed house already, dammit!
  8. I sure hope that the update including Brewster's Roost a) happens really soon and b) includes another extension to home storage, maybe by 1,600 rather than only 800 spaces. I've just about managed my storage as well as I can without having to get rid of stuff that I want to keep if I want to store something new. It would also be great if I could build a second room top-story so that I can place more furniture.
  9. I think you accidentally spelled "Falcon's Crest" incorrectly there before the word "rerun."
  10. The UK has some good ones. Someone should bill their next pushed seven-footer as from The Giant's Causeway.
  11. Did his run as a gladiator go on and on and on well past viability even though his whole character aped Nitro except with less charisma?
  12. Welp, Bryan showing up will have me tuning into AEW to check it out on Wednesday. Hopefully, they'll have Miro throw some mook across the ring while I'm watching. Draw me back in, dammit!
  13. This is awful. All I can think about other than being so sad that she took her own life are a couple of the head impacts that I've seen her take. Just fucking awful.
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