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  1. Indeed. Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd. Right around the New Year from what I remember.
  2. Well, she is pregnant. Punk slip one past the goalie??
  3. Not to mention the sketch in the autopsy report with the word "Foley" pointing right to his junk. Hmmm......
  4. Great. Now that song is stuck in my head. Fuck.
  5. Tojo Yamamoto gets some love. http://deadspin.com/anchor-inserts-pro-wrestlers-into-sportscast-can-you-ca-1244605570?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
  6. Some notes from that, he got the Akeem hat because some dude in the crowd came dressed in the full Akeem dashiki. If I'm not mistaken, they wanted Gang to come out as Akeem for the Gimmick Battle Royal on that one WrestleMania, but he had dropped so much weight, the outfit didn't fit anymore. I also remember Joey Styles mentioning that in ECW they were calling it the 727 splash because of the weight loss as well. Love the ref marking out. Good stuff.
  7. Were they Kane and Kole when they were the Ebony Experience in Global?
  8. Allysin Kay worked MsChif at the ROH tapings here in Pittsburgh back in November. That's how I recognized her at least.
  9. Curious as to what happened here... Sin Cara suffers what looks to be a legit injury. Ref arms up, trainer runs over etc. etc. So Del Rio tosses him back in the ring almost recklessly and starts beating on him some more before dropping multiple F Bombs? Just seemed a bit weird to me..
  10. Love the fact that you both posted that simultaneously, Double the viewings for me.
  11. Oh, and three tweets from this account tonight.. all accurate. Tweets [*] Wwe spoilers ‏@DolphinsReddit 1h I have just received word Brock Lesnar will defeat CM Punk. Expand [*] Wwe spoilers ‏@DolphinsReddit 2h I have just received word that Alberto Del Rio will defeat Christian. Expand [*] Wwe spoilers ‏@DolphinsReddit 2h For anyone whom is interested, I have just received word Bray Wyatt will defeat Kane.
  12. Was obvious something was up when HHH wouldn't leave ring as Bryan was celebrating. I think the ending will make Bryan an even bigger babyface. The $$$ is in chasing Orton for the title and exacting revenge on the hated McMahons. Orton better as heel, Triple H better as heel (since everyone hates him anyways) and Cena taking time off to recuperate are all wins to me. Bryan will get his moment back, trust me. And goddamn, that Punk/Lesnar bout was phenomenal.
  13. One of the dudes on staff is a huge smark. He's even worn a couple of Colt Cabana T-shirts live on air. I assume he's responsible for most of the wrestling related content. The one dude whose brother just died is a big wrestling guy. I imagine that's who you're talking about.
  14. Shane Douglas had one too at that show. Who is playing The Patriot these days? Brandi?
  15. Home from a fun show. No cage today for the main event, which was Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy in an Extreme Rules match with Funk as Special Guest Enforcer. Probably had 400-500 people there. An incredible honor to meet Terry Funk. Seeing him walk out to "Desperado" still chill-inducing 15 years later. Mickie James and Reby Sky had a fun match which Virgil (who was unadvertised) somehow weaseled his way into being the Guest Ring Announcer for. Carlito and Chris Masters looked like they were chain-smoking outside the building before their bout which I found hilarious. Douglas cut a nice babyface promo in his hometown before the match, mentioning his late fellow Triple Threat members Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido which drew a big pop from the crowd.
  16. Who's playing the Patriot these days? Brandi?
  17. Same thing today. Intermission now. All of the workers were super nice. Even got a dreaded 'X' from the ref after a legit injury.
  18. Fanfest supposed to begin at 1 today. 1:35 and doors not open yet. About 200-300 people in line outside.
  19. If anyone went last night in WV or tonight in Altoona let us know how it went.
  20. That Tweet alone just bought a ticket Sunday.
  21. Could have sworn I saw a couple of last-minute cancellations/pullouts from Flair this year. Nothing drastic but enough to where I want to double check before I buy any Photo Ops, etc with him. But I totally agree on Funk.
  22. How many no-shows has Flair pulled this year? That's my only worry. Going to wait to see if he's in Keyser/Altoona Friday & Saturday before committing to anything Sunday.
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