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  1. I love it, he had me cracking up when he started talking about the knuckle sandwiches he brought to the picnic.
  2. Underrated moment of the night is Hangman smoothly avoiding talking about Kenny by praising the rest of the Dark Order including 5’s new jacket which is alright.
  3. I loved the pop when he took it off, we've become used to older guys wearing shirts/shorts/etc when wrestling so just this gesture got a big reaction like "oh shiet it's ON!"
  4. What’s with Cody having all these short feuds lately and winning decisively on the first match? Penta, QT, Ogogo. Loved Stadium Stampede 2, it was very well paced and had some excellent use of props and weapons all the way through. Really liked Jericho putting over Sammy a lot near the end, you can see him getting Sammy in the middle of the group, telling him they’re gonna raise him on their shoulders, etc. Gotta admit that they had me with two near falls when Audrey ran down to count Orange Cassidy’s pin and when Rebel hit Britt with the crutch. Jungle Boy, Hangman, Mox and Kingston were crazy over with the crowd, they looked like Rockstars. It felt so good hearing actual full sized pops after so long. I know some people can’t stand them but I can’t get enough of the Young Bucks being absolute dicks during their matches. Them acting like Macho Man, Hogan, HBK and Roman Reigns is so unnecessary but so entertaining. Never be faces again please.
  5. Is John Silver healthy to go now? Because I can see him being the mystery entrant to a huge pop and potentially win it.
  6. Loved Jericho saying "I forgot a few" to Malenko, very cute. Man I really enjoy Griff Garrison in the ring, he really lays his shit in like Hangman. Please never let the Young Bucks go back to being faces again, these version of them is so much more enjoyable to watch, I laugh my ass off a few times per match with all the stupid shit they do.
  7. OMG THAT'S THE NAME OF THE PAY PER VIEW! Did you do that on purpose? That's so SMART! Silver is a treasure.
  8. That finish to the Darby/10 match is probably the most convincing Bret vs. Piper/Austin pin i've seen with the extra hook of the leg Darby did. Good stuff.
  9. Good list, there's still no better and more satisfying match to me than Bucks vs. Omega/Page. It's still my most rewatched AEW match and the peak of AEW in ring action and storytelling so far. I feel PAC vs. Orange Cassidy should be in there somehow as it was OC's first big showcase and the crowd reaction, in ring action and PAC being the perfect foil for him made for a classic fun match that still lives rent free in my mind.
  10. Bank Holiday Monday for us so at least we can stay up to watch it (unless you’re an unlucky soul who will work a bank holiday pandemic Monday)
  11. Naito should have beaten Okada at WK 12 at the height of his popularity, I can still feel my heart sinking when that 3 count happened and Naito lost.
  12. Why is it always Matt Jackson the main focus of any Young Bucks drama? He’s the main focus with the Kenny thing, he was the one having beef with Hangman last year and he’s usually the one selling injuries more during matches. It’s never ever Nick.
  13. That ending was such a feel good moment. I wasn’t sure about “Where is my mind?” As OC’s new song but I was completely sold on it as it played over the lovable faces standing tall. The shows have been on a roll with these main events lately feeling so different from one another. Rosa-Britt, Darby-Silver, Arcade Carnage. It’s just so fun to watch week to week.
  14. This makes an already difficult to watch product completely unwatchable. Specially if you watch NJPW or even AEW for a while and then come back to a random RAW.
  15. Agree that this was just beautiful, even in the replays and in slow motion it looks so perfectly executed. The way he connects with the knee to the face and then kind of adds an extra push is just amazing. Below you’ll find the best Spear that Goldberg ever did thanks to Christian bumping as if he was hit by an 18 wheeler:
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