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  1. Predictable results (was really hoping for a “shock” Hayter win) but amazing wrestling tonight. Lethal really got me when he collapsed in the ring, that was some fucking food selling/acting from him, I really though his knee was messed up. Main event was a proper MOTYC, I was 99.99% sure Claudio was winning but I really bit on a couple of near falls from Takeshita, specially the Knee/Brainbuster combo and the Helluva Kick/Blue Thunder Bomb. I love how El Generico is part of the AEW / Indy lore in this universe.
  2. One day Hook is gonna burst out laughing on camera and it's gonna get one of the biggest pops ever.
  3. Finished the show and that’s one of the best paced Dynamites I’ve seen in a long time, nothing felt rushed, things got to breathe and a shitload of stuff still happened. One of the best and most “fresh” feeling episodes they done in a while. I loved how much young talent was highlighted today bookended between the big stars in the opener and main. The future is in good hands. I loved the whole Ricky Starks saga tonight, sometimes it’s nice to move things quickly like this, not everything has to be a months long build up. It was exciting, everyone involved was super over and the crowd loved every second from Danhausen’s music hitting to the Hobbs turn. Btw when the hell did Dante Martin get so much personality? I still remember him looking like my bored 15 years old brother less than a year ago. He feels like such a much more complete character now. I’ll riot if the Best Friends are not the inaugural Trios Champs.
  4. I’m catching up and halfway through the show now but HOLY SHIT that turn from Hobbs on Stark caught me of guard. First time I think in over a decade I remember gasping and covering my mouth in shock at a turn, good job everyone involved for getting me so invested. Ricky looked like a start tonight I hope this is the beginning of him moving up even more.
  5. Very fun looking card, like every match has the potential to be pretty unique. Also missing Dante/Sammy in that last graphic.
  6. I went to a Liverpool ROH show back in summer 2017 when Cody was champ which was pretty stacked with talent including NJPW guys and the Bullet Club near the peak of their popularity. I remember my main takeaway when the show ended was that I was sure Castle was gonna be the next world champ, he just stood out even with all the silliness and was super over.
  7. The “I’ll beat the shit out if everyone” promo from Wardlow is one the most honest and to the point promo I’ve ever heard. It’s how I imagine any real promo would go. I’m not a fan of Rampage sort of becoming a ROH back door pilot recently. The talent and matches are decent but the crowd is usually dead and it just comes off as unexciting. I get they want to keep ROH alive and promote the PPV but the crowd seems indifferent and it’s killed my enjoyment of Rampage a bit lately. So Britt and Hayter seem to have more team moves now, TayJay are friends again, Thunder Storm is a thing, the Baddies exist, etc. Why the fuck is there not a Womens Tag Title yet to give all these ladies something to aim for? That last lariat from Hayter was a thing of beauty. The rap battle delivered, Caster actually was pretty good when he started getting aggressive instead of silly.
  8. FTR has always had the slightly cringey uncool dad who thinks he’s cool vibe going on anyway.
  9. You can’t really top the time the Bucks did it though I actually liked that he was watching the TV like a normal person and acknowledged and mugged to the camera instead of acting like it wasn’t there.
  10. Starks was great in that post match promo specially when he did Danhausen's voice, the crowd loved that bit.
  11. Main event was OK-ish until the whole finishing sequence and post match stuff. Jericho, Eddie and Sammy looked like lost 6 year olds talking to each other in the middle of a school play trying to get in position and stumbling around, those last 5min of the show looked terrible. Their singles feud peaked with the initial PPV match which is a proper classic, they've tried to do way too much stuff afterwards and seems like we're not done Wrestling should really stop using padlocks with keys and go with combination ones, there's always an extremely long awkward wait for whoever needs to open it because everyone seems to forget how keys work in the heat of the moment.
  12. You know, I have one simple request, and that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.
  13. Best Friends are back, nothing else matters
  14. Opening match was fun and the ladies tag squash was pretty good too. ROH match was good but kinda unexciting. That main event fell way too messy for me I didn’t really enjoy it at all. Rush interferes and hits Penta in the neck but somehow he’s hitting a Destroyer half a second later?
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