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  1. “Is it a crime to be in luuuuuv?” That main event was low key one of my favourite AEW matches so far, loved the story of the little man persevering by hitting and running. Good shit, loved it.
  2. They've shown Butcher and Blade working/hanging out in the arena's kitchens with aprons and everything a few times, unless it's just a weird hobby of theirs.
  3. You’re right, I just checked and it was about 2 months jobbing on Dark before he started picking up some wins. Seemed a lot longer, a lot of the pandemic era sort of blurs together in my mind so it’s difficult to judge how much time passed because every show looked the same.
  4. Bit late to the party, my random thoughts of the show: Fuck it, put Punk on commentary every week, he’s such a natural at it, make him and Excalibur the forever commentary team and let them grow old together. “Florida Man goes for a ride!” The Super Kliq will eventually be what the Elite was to the Bullet Club whenever Cole decides it’s time to kick Kenny out. Pillman’s baby face act sucks big time, he manages to get one up on MJF and stands there with the chair playing to the crowd like an idiot. Same thing last week, MJF harassing his family and he just comes out and plays to the crowd at the top of the ramp instead of running and beating the shit out of him. Some nice swagger from Jungle Jack, more of this little type of promos should help his confidence on the mic, baby steps. Pretty impressive how Jericho and Lambert shout some much shit talk at full speed without stumbling even once. That little video package for Andrade and his reaction to Chavo and the other guy has made him look pretty bad ass , I hope they continue with this no nonsense kingpin thing. “I didn’t know they let trolls across the bridge” I can’t imagine how Hobbs must feel going from jobbing on Dark every week just a year ago to wrestling Punk on his first TV match in 7 years. Believe in your dreams guys. “The ice water enema, Don Callis” Holy shit they really went all out for this Grand Slam week. “Throw the heater Ricky” lol was that JR? Gracia and 2.0 have sneakily main evente tons of shows in the past couple of months. I’m enjoying perma-bulk bruiser Moxley, this look fits him so well.
  5. Butcher looks HYPED AF to be back, i watched that 1min squash on Dark and couldn't stop thinking about Butcher vs. Miro
  6. That García-Moriarty match was a little banger, specially loved when Garcia kicked him a couple times right after kicking out.
  7. At least HH is better that whatever Vickie, Nyla and Ryzin? were doing for months, those were by far the worst bits ever in BTE.
  9. PAC vs. Andrade was amazing except for the finish which kinda ruined my mood for a bit. Give this guys 30min with a clean finish ASAP.
  10. Sting right after grabbing the mic:
  11. To me Cage is a charisma vacuum, he generates the same empty feel I get when I’ve watched John Morrison and Bobby Lashley in the past. Guys that look like a Billion Bucks but couldn’t be any blander or less cool if they tried. This was never more apparent than pairing him up with Ricky Starks who honestly just standing there without saying anything felt like a star next to Cage. No wonder he got all the cheers during their match on the first Dynamite with a full crowd.
  12. Good Brothers were never in the Elite before his death, let the man catch up.
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