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  1. According to Pro Football Reference, Samuel actually played in 5 games...and only got 6 receptions.
  2. And just like that Del Rio has deleted his Twitter account.
  3. Well the VA Senate Majority Leader said today he's pulling the stadium bill. And I believe the DC Council has said in the past couple of days they don't want the Commanders in DC. So, really, at this point they're probably just going to be stuck in Landover still. Or maybe they'll move to West Virginia.
  4. So about that Abandoned game... Blue Box Dev Behind PS5's Abandoned Misled Fans, Solicited Business Deals In "Toxic" Chatroom
  5. https://kotaku.com/prince-persia-sands-time-remake-ubisoft-delayed-deliste-1849021624
  6. DUH. It's from the 2020 XFL. From that rulebook:
  7. I could swear that there was a NFL offseason proposal recently to do that (or something similar) since it would cut back on the high speed collisions during a kick return.
  8. Watch Snyder copy Bezos and renames the land to something like Commander Crossing just to make things even more confusing in the area
  9. I'm saddened that the Chargers went for the easy Titans reference.
  10. Bethesda announced that both Redfall and Starfield are postponed to the first half of 2023
  11. I will still give EA a little credit for helping to take down Tim Langdell (albeit that he sued them first)...
  12. I'm waiting for Howl For Howell shirts now.
  13. Ok, so whose puppy did Willis kick to have Ridder get picked before him?
  14. Oh geez, another Alabama DL for Washington.
  15. Oh lord I read it this morning and now I just got the Peter, Paul and Mary 'joke'.
  16. So about that DLC... Cyberpunk 2077’s first expansion is coming in 2023
  17. It would be interesting, mostly because even if it's all under Monumental I'm not sure how Ted could afford to run three major franchises. I have a feeling that the Wizards will either be sold off or become more the red-headed stepchild.
  18. As someone who didn't even finish KH3 because of how confusing the storyline was (and partly due to the fact that Square Enix made playing the mobile KH game basically mandatory to fully understand everything) I'll probably skip KH4, although it would be interesting to see how much more convoluted it'll be.
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