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  1. Arn promo was the best. Lambert makes me laugh. Sammy/Miro was incredible. Jungle Boy really does need a big win, though. Always the bridesmaid. Feeling like the "physically block the ref from seeing me cheat" spot has been leaned on a bit too heavily lately.
  2. Oh he'd been working on that one all week
  3. Marked out hard for a real American Dragon promo. Could care less if the segment was too long or whatever. Awesome staredown.
  4. I know that Asuka has been kinda diluted for a while, but has Rhea been this lame for a bit? She seemed a bit more threatening even in the Rumble and this was so corny and put on and disingenuous. Hadn't seen her promos in a minute, though.
  5. Wouldn't be shocked if Wyatt's hammer was the old Bludgeon Brothers hammer all taped up.
  6. I don't think there's any way he doesn't get the title very soon. But then
  7. Whoa that was bad. I don't think they're burying The Fiend so much as going with the classic horror movie trope of "you have defeated the monster...but now YOU are the monster!" Seth is supposed to be Dennis Hopper in TCM2. Only they won't pull it off and it will be shit. HHH surely whipped some ass in the Cell with a sledgehammer and never got DQ'd, no? The only thing that could have made this work is if they'd just gone all out and done it at a Halloween Havic.
  8. I remember being excited when they went to PG because it meant we wouldn't get anymore angles where, I dunno, a pregnant woman wins a title and then loses it to a guy in some gross sex gag.
  9. I think it would be absolutely ridiculous for Rollins to not have a SS rematch, but that's just me. I figure Brock holds on til Mania. Wondering if JuggaBray is going to go over on the Demon. Still enjoy the 24/7 stuff. As I remember it, they did everything they could to make Orton The Guy - that was the entire set-up of Evolution - but he was eventually outshone by Cena and flatlined into mediocrity. Which was always fine by me.
  10. I said all of five words about Roman - and not sure I've posted about him otherwise in months - and got jumped on by you for being insincere about why I don't like the guy. Then I clarified. So anyway, know you are but what am I, I guess. I wasn't really commenting on any individual "hate" for Rollins, but just noting, like others, that this place has been abnormally anti-Rollins for a while. I think what he's doing at the moment is really working for him, and Smackdown really confirmed that for me just now. Am still hating that I finally like everybody with the top beltsbut other than Alexa, they're all stuck with such garbage contenders.
  11. I don't care about "booking" or whatever, I just don't like Roman Reigns and want him off my TV. I'd never not admit to this, and I really don't care about the motives behind booking or whatever. I think he's a shitty character that I don't like on this TV show I've been watching on and off for like 25 years. I fast forward the guy and don't give him a chance after getting bored with him for a few years. Not everything is some Internet wrestling argument, I just got really sick of the guy and think his whole schtick is corny and wish Big Dog Sportswear would pull a World Wildlife Fund and get his hideous merch banned. Kofi is booked strong, and I'm loving the run, but it's still "wily veteran underdog feel good" story. That's great, butI want at least one babyface that I enjoy watching to dominate people and still come out on top. As Craig mentioned in that first post, Strowman was perfect for this. But the Rollins hate here has always been pretty bizarro - I think it started around the time HHH/Steph sabotaged his overly-long title run - and I like the guy enough to enjoy him in this role. Also I'm currently watching SD and it was really hard to keep admitting to myself that I'm enjoying the Kofi run after that Dolph promo that was on while I was typing, but it's still great.
  12. Liked this show, and honestly don't mind somebody, anybody other than Roman being booked as a strong top face. I just hope Sunday ends with Seth setting up a trebuchet outside of the ring and launching Corbin deep into the sun. The Kofi run has so freshened up New Day. Dig where they might be going with the Bullet Club stuff. Bryan was great here, too. What Elvion said about this show being surprisingly competent, if not necessarily good, was spot on. Especially after that trash they rolled out last week.
  13. First good Bray seg in a while (seeing a lot of that T&E clip) and I take back anything bad I ever said about the 24/7 title. Truth has legit turned it into the best part of the show. The Cesaro bit was funny for all the right reasons, which is so rare in WWE. I also very much enjoy Ricochet/Cesaro and think it was genius to put them together. Roman/Shane is fast forward stuff, and the MitB thing is better than it could be but still not that great, but yeah, this was a fun show. Kudos to Renee for the Bucky's shout out.
  14. I was totally fine with a big dumb plot, just not one that overshadowed the monsters. I did want it to be a little weirder, and less screen time for humans. I loved that mark out moment you mentioned, and there was a really great Mothra moment I adored, but I just never felt like they'd let me get immersed in the monster fights without cutting to the people. I did like Watanabe and that character, for sure.
  15. Ah man, I was stoked to see it last night and thought it was a huge let-down. Tywin Lannister was great but I pretty much hated the rest of the cast and couldn't stand how they cut to them after every. single. big monster fight moment. I'm gonna pop in my VHS of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero tonight to get the taste out of my brain. Just too much on the people side, and would have been fine using some of that budget on the dumb military stuff on Kong or something instead.
  16. Didn't even Punk mention getting texts from Kofi telling him to watch how much creativity the New Day was able to have under Vince? Not sure where that was, and I may have that backwards. Anyway, strength in numbers.
  17. He doesn't come out and say it directly, but it's easy to make the connection between Ambrose talking about the Make-A-Wish stuff being the thing he most valued in WWE and his frustration at being forced to make those comments. I mean, I doubt he was worried about insulting Roman or whatever, and it sounded like that it was more about some kids he'd met along the way.
  18. If that's true, hell yeah. It's been said many times before, but Ziggler was good by comparison before there was much athletic talent in the company, then when the real deal started showing up in NXT or whatever, he was completely exposed. I enjoyed the Truth stuff, but I really enjoy Truth. Whole belt 24/7 thing is still trash, though. Becky/Bayley stuff was cool. Ali/Andrade was also kicked some ass. I just auto-fastforward Roman regardless, so this one ended quick. But Elias singing a cheap heat song about how the town sucks always gets a giggle out of me. Not gonna be surprised if Brock cashes in on Kofi if they need that for Roman/Brock when the FOX thing rolls around, but who really knows or cares.
  19. Was really surprised this wasn't the name of the thread. Probably the only thing I'll remember from this show by next week other than that hideous title. I mean, not Becky's fault, but fuck the camerawork. You could see and hear that "COME CLOSER" 3-4 times. But then I'm a big Becky mark, and I'm still pissed that they're making me watch the 3 hour show to see her. She, Bryan, AJ, New Day, and the fact that all the fast-forward upper carders were on Raw had me able to only watch SD for months before the shakeup, which was so pleasant. Having to tune in to both shows sucks, but I can usually get through both shows in about the time the Astros starting pitcher is winding down, but before the game ends. So I miss 3-4 innings for these shows, which could be much worse. So Bray doesn't have a new gimmick. I was defending the shit out of the FunHouse thing and trying to calm down the "you know this company will screw it up" folks, but oh man. I thought it was gonna be fun for at least a couple months before they ruined it. They flushed it right in the gutter. Same lame personality, same worthless character. Why can't he just go back to the Cape Fear gimmick from back when we all thought he was cool enough to be a Jesus and Mary Chain fan? Didn't notice the Brock boombox thing at all and agree with all the sentiment that he's "great" and has "it", but come the fuck on already. He's gonna cash in on Seth, win a rematch, and be feuding with Roman in time for the FOX stuff or whatever. Not looking forward to AJ being wasted with Corbin, but I guess I'll watch most of it. "Where ya hips at Seth" was great. Glad Truth got the belt, but I won't be watching SD until tomorrow and I'm assuming he doesn't have it anymore, so just fuck that thing all around. How is it uglier than when it was made of literal trash? And Foley has sucked for nearly 20 years but hoo man that was bad. I'm sure it's been mentioned in the Super Showdown thread, but Cole repeating "SUPER SHOWDOWN WILL BE EQUIVALENT OR EQUAL TO WRESTLEMANIA" was so bad it looped all the ironic laughs and was just bad. Cesaro's new music is a big improvement. Liked the way the Ricochet match was laid out, and that may be a really fun feud.
  20. Yeah, but it's a totally different deal now. If they do have him juggle the two personas full time, it'll make an interesting Balor feud down the line, I guess.
  21. Can't believe they threw the Fun House thing away on some corny juggalo shit. I'm also assuming he just did the mask, because the buzzard was just Turkey from Thankskilling. I am flying through both of these shows lately on the DVR. But I really hope they don't do have Joe/Rey do a "MY LARGE SON" angle, and I'll never understand what's up with Corbin. Ricochet was fun there, though. Good for Nikki Cross but hate the timid underdog thing.
  22. I didn't hate this at all, and in fact loved it in the moment, but the show has been a big dumb mess since they outpaced the source material. I still enjoy it, but it needs to be all big dumb action because the political intrigue, dialog, and drama sucks now. And the fan service is out of control. The showrunners are clearly out of their depth. So yeah, unless we get some kind of big unexpected swerve, it's probably gonna be all downhill from here.
  23. Has no one here seen Food Party? Some writer showed Bray Thu Tran, fucking clearly. Much more on cue for that show than Pee Wee or Wonder Showzen. Also it's nice to see them just embrace the Firefly thing that much.
  24. Crazy forgettable show, and I usually think I'm more positive than most folks, but yikes.
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