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  1. Odds are pretty good that he'll be DVRing it too!
  2. I’ve been reading the Board since 2000, albeit not posting since I was too damned much of an ass on the old current affairs sub forum during the Bush years, and it’s so freaking surreal and amazing to watch the biggest night in pro wrestling in ages, starring one old board denizen with another running the show. Punk’s sporadic posts are how I first became familiar with him, and that feeling of parasocial connection made Money in the Bank feel that much more special, but this is just on another level. It’s weirdly emotional, and goddamn it make me happy to see Punk back in all his glory.
  3. Drove down from Oberlin with the Masked Graduate. Regal/Benoit blew my mind. (edit: wow, first time I've posted here in at least two iterations of the board, I think...)
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