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  1. Speaking of Kiffin - Chris Kiffin is leaving the Browns staff to be co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at Ole Miss
  2. And to wrap this up in a bow Per Fightful - the WWE has abandoned the Gunther Stark trademark
  3. Dan Quinn is the Giants first request at interviewing for HC It appears that he is the "hot" guy right at the moment so it is doubtful he will still be available when the Giants select their next GM (not that I am complaining about that.)
  4. Full list of games now scheduled during what was supposed to be the Olympic break https://media.nhl.com/public/news/15413 (it is an all encompassing list for the entire season) Feb 17 is the busiest day now with 10 games now scheduled Since the Islanders and Senators have the most games to make up, they will be playing a lot. 7 games for the Islanders. 10 for the Senators
  5. More fun with the Lakers Frank Vogel benched Russell Westbrook down the stretch of yesterday's game since... well... Russ sucks Vogel was given the okay prior from management to do so. So Russ did what clearly any mature individual would do and stormed off the court with 9 seconds left and then left the arena without speaking to reporters
  6. It was mentioned in the other thread but I will mention it here since it is specific to Moon Knight Gaspard Ulliel passed away at the age of 37 after a ski accident. He is playing Anton Mogart/Midnight Man in Moon Knight
  7. Because it was mid season when everyone was already at max level (relatively speaking) and have no champion mods Normally at the start of a season - everyone is in the same boat so match making isn't so bad. (Obviously assuming you are doing it within the first few days of starting a season). Plus since you normally unlock the artifact after the first activity, there aren't Champions (at least your first time) Here - everyone was so far beyond the recommended light level of Dares that New Lights were being matched basically only with other New Lights. So when everyone is 50 LL under the mission recommendation AND have no Champion mods - poor poor New Lights And it was clear not a single person at Bungie thought about New Lights when making the decision
  8. I found my plastic guitar in my son's closet over Winter Break I think - THINK - I still own Rock Band 4 I am such a rube
  9. WeCrashed Yup - this looks as infuriating as I imagined it would
  10. I am okay with this if it means I get another Guitar Hero game
  11. Nothing entertains me more than all the doom and gloom from the comments on those sites JT mentioned about how it is the end of the world and no video game will ever be produced ever again and then like 20 seconds later they are all HERE ARE THE 20 GAMES I CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS YEAR!!!!
  12. They clearly have done something to up rates of getting villagers photos I now have 7 of my current villagers photos. The only ones I don't have are basically folks who arrived in the last month. Also means I have no attachment to anyone - Sprocket is leaving today for possibly the funniest reason I have heard so far. His house is too messy and he thinks it is easier to move than clean. I already had his photo, he was a duplicate personality type and his birthday was just in Nov so he can definitely go to green pastures
  13. Just realized that I never started a new thread Death's Door and the Hitman Trilogy hit Game Pass tomorrow (Jan 20)
  14. I really need to find a LFG to get Gally but I want to get a mic first. I keep forgetting that I didn't buy one the moment I got my Series X
  15. Jamaica has qualified for the 4 man bobsled for the first time since 1988 (aka the Cool Runnings team) They have qualified for 3 events total and are an alternate for a 4th event
  16. Speaking of the Texans - GM Nick Caserio said in a radio interview that Deshaun Watson "more than likely" will not play for the team again
  17. Reportedly Pep Hamilton has turned down the opportunity to interview for the Panthers OC position. Word is the reason is because there is a strong chance the Texans will promote him to OC
  18. Carlos Correa has hired Scott Boras as his agent. He declined to give a reason why he switched agents now in the middle of the lockout (He was previously represented by William Morris Endeavor who, at least, MLBPA isn't the biggest fan of at the moment)
  19. While I agree it shouldn't give you blues at a certain point - I am assuming that is something that will never happen until Destiny 3 (as I doubt it is something that could be fixed in now) Auto dismantling blues is the next best thing (And yes - I am sure it will be an option you can turn on and off) The apparent elimination of gunsmith materials would seem to lean in that direction too
  20. Which is 99.9% of the player base Only New Lights want blues and only till they get purple
  21. It looks like Aztec is safe as in that same tease I just mentioned DMG said, and I quote, "spend your gunsmith mats"
  22. DMG tweeted a tease for the TWIB and one of the things he said which has people the most excited is changes to blue drops (everyone is hoping is it mean auto dismantle)
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