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  1. Dont forget the person still bitter about Inflategate
  2. Well Snyder is officially getting subpoenad
  3. Speaking of Elder Scrolls - Bethesda dropped the gameplay trailer for the upcoming expansion
  4. Jesus H Christ - it never stops (This is also the least shocking strategy ever)
  5. As a reminder of what a shit show today is going to be
  6. I really don’t have the energy to explain again what a piece of shit Dan Snyder is (especially in lieu of the details of the settlement) But let’s not forget how much of a piece of shit Rodger Goodell is who will be defending Snyder in front of the committee today
  7. Yes I should put this in the documentary thread but I know folks here are gonna wanna watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers Director: Antoine Fuqua Basically consider this Hulu's answer to The Last Dance as this will be 10 parts and based on the trailer they talked to everyone (will be interesting to see if they use archival interviews with Kobe)
  8. From what I remember... Watson (and his attorney) loudly declared that he was innocent and all the charges were false and he wouldn't be settling any of them Then their side tried to leak that none of the women would settle because they were big meanies and Tony Buzbee was like "Umm... you haven't even made an offer yet"
  9. The Japan game will reportedly be somewhere in Germany
  10. Brooks Koepka is the latest to jump Well so did Abraham Ancer but no one cares about him
  11. I love that his agent flat out said "Yeah - Tom Brady will probably call him midseason and Gronk will change his mind"
  12. How have I never realized how fucked up the moon landing zone has gotten? Or is that new this weeK?
  13. I love Eris but I am always terrified when she is in charge of something
  14. Was not expecting to see what I saw on The Helm
  15. This is certainly... a take
  16. Because Rusty Hardin is a terrible attorney?
  17. Ironically enough - folks started spotting Wakanda Forever stuff in movie theaters this past weekend (This apparently was in California)
  18. For those that are interested - today is the day that Fall Guys moves to Free to Play and is available on XBOX and Switch (joining the folks who could always play via PS or the Epic Game Store) As expected - the servers aren't having their finest moment
  19. Nicolas Batum is declining his option which was barely $3.3 million which I didn't realize NBA deals went that low anymore. Reportedly Batum and the Clippers are working on a new deal as LA holds his Early Bird Rights so they can offer him around $11 million a season without using the midlevel exception
  20. I just moved two posts that I think were meant for the Ms Marvel thread but I can't check because I am behind and don't want spoilers
  21. Oh and of course The first Legend Lost Sector I do this morning and I get No Backup Plans I will never ever use them but they are nice to have
  22. A lot of folks want Shiro to come back in some way shape or form since they are one of the few (only???) "major" characters to not return from the original Destiny
  23. Just because the thread got bumped - I will mention this regarding MLB The Show 22 AI Brian Cashman is fucking insane
  24. The Rays would also like to forget that game as they lost two outfielders as both Manuel Margot and Kevin Kiermaier to injury Now Kiermaier being out probably helps the lineup but with Margot - who hurt his knee crashing into the OF wall - the Rays expect him to miss "significant time"
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