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    NFL 2013: WEEK 10

    The thing is, yes all those are winnable games but at the same time you know the Giants and their roster. Do you see them winning seven in a row? I don't. I wouldn't be surprised at them winning any of those games to be honest but I would be surprised at their ability to go five more in a row. As I said - it was my moment of insanity. In reality I see them winning 2 or 3 of those games going into Seattle. At this point all I want them to do is beat the Redskins
  2. I haven't decided what would be sadder Ziggler getting less votes than the Miz in a rigged vote or Ziggler getting less votes than the Miz in a legit vote
  3. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 10

    Okay - everyone excuse my moment of insanity but the Aaron Rodgers injury caused this Giants have won two straight - sit at 2-6 vs. Oakland vs. Rodgers less GB vs. Dallas at Washington at San Diego I am suddenly seeing them at 7-6 AND then Seattle flies TO NY Katie Bar the Fucking Door
  4. I hate every single person on the top of the ballot but the wife and I both are still voting because of the local bond issues - since we actually want things like schools and roads
  5. Yeah you would think in VA - one of the few places with "important" things on the ballot, there might be at least 3 people there but my wife just voted in less than 2 minutes. Of course - I am taking my 8 year old with me around 9 and I am sure that will be when all the old folks get bused over and then I will curse.
  6. Why is that one cameraman trying to take an upskirt of Dory? Is there some sort of market for that? Wait... nevermind... don't answer that
  7. So Nnamdi Asomugha is done in San Fran I would feel bad for him but he is with Kerry Washington so no
  8. Hey - I barely watch FOX's coverage so it would mean less Harold on MLB Network Of course - it would still mean Mitch and Billy would be there. Grr...
  9. I finally finished the books so I can safely start paying attention to these movies. I had no idea they were splitting Mockingjay into Two movies. Which is especially amusing since I kept reading it thinking "How the hell are they going to film half of this?" As far as Cusack - my knee jerk reaction was that he is Boggs. I mean him playing a soldier is weird but Boggs was in his 40s and that is the biggest male character I can think of that I don't see cast
  10. Oh yeah - that is quite the Meltzian level typo right there
  11. Wednesday should work for me - though I am starting to think I am having connection problems again. But that is more a case of I think my 360 isn't getting happy with how much I am longing after a PS3 I now I have the rest of today and tomorrow off to try and finish ME2
  12. Here we go - since the original post didn't make it clear So in theory - based on that wording, Yes, they can consider the surgery.
  13. I amused by this I mean the correct team is even in the link yet Dave still manages to whiff
  14. Remember the Vet Committee considers all factors of their career - So Torre (and the other guys) but Torre specifically is being considered for both his playing and managing combined. And that is why - like as Tabe hinted on - I think you could make the argument for Tommy John I think Miller is a lock since he was only a vote short last time and since he has passed - you would assume that would put him over the top. I am thinking he and Torre get in. I could see a few of those voters really not being very found of La Russa
  15. And because he is returning - Matt Flynn is out of work again. The Bills cut him
  16. Basically it is a stacked fucking deck. It's like they were going out of their way to make sure Miller's death doesn't get him in
  17. So far today I have learned that my Mom's apparent NFL QB F list consists of Tom Brady, Colin Kapernick, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers
  18. And this is happening in Seattle too
  19. Raiders might want to cover Riley Cooper sometime today
  20. Yeah and the fact that the Skins play Minnesota on Thursday makes it even worse. They were a foot from losing instead I get two weeks of DIVISION TITLE HERE WE COME!!!!
  21. Hey what did I do? I am just building a bed and praying the Skins lose
  23. Boy the Bills offense is doing their defense no favors
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