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  1. Is anyone else annoyed by the lack of AFC and NFC logos on the field? Also the Panthers end zone looks sloopy with all that space between the logo and word mark. Nice brain-fart by the Panthers special teams.
  2. I watched parts of Grease Live last night and Hudgens performance was the only thing that stood out to me. The rest of the Pink Ladies were way to over the top and the guy who played Danny came off to "Broadway" to me. At least they had a Rizzo and Kinicki who were not pushing 40 like the movie. Eve Plum played the auto shop teach and she totally had a Ann B. Davis vibe going on, maybe she can take over the Alice role in the eventual Brady Bunch reboot. I work in tv\video production and I'm always super impressed at the quality of these live muscials, they're so much harder to do than live sports or something like SNL.
  3. At my house the Rebellion won WWII for us by defeating the Planet of the Apes guys at the great Battle of the Hot Wheels Carwash. Disney needs Pixar to make something Toy Story style with all of the late 70's action figures Disney own's the rights to or can get the rights to. Come on Star Wars good guys, Marvel good guys, The Black Hole good guys, The Six Million Dollar Man and Evel Knievel with his stunt cycle vs. Star Wars bad guys, Star Wars knock off action figures, Marvel bad guys and various girls toys would be amazing.
  4. The NFL has a two year process for logo and/or color changes so they can't change officially until 2018. I bet they hold off changing until 2019 when the new stadium opens or they can do what the Penguins do and wear the throwbacks 50% of the time.
  5. Apparently the first round of voting happened and Rams/TBD in Inglewood got more votes than Chargers/Raiders in Carson, but not the 24 needed.
  6. The Rams aren't really hosed yet, the Charger/Raiders Carson stadium plan still needs 24 owners to vote for them to relocate and Kroenke has enough no votes on his side to block the move. Also the 6 owner committee was stacked with pro-Spanos guys and the chair Jerry Richardson has some sorta beef with Kroenke so the vote shouldn't be that surprising. I really want chaos to happen, Chargers and Raiders get their move approved and Kroenke doesn't so he pulls an Al Davis and moves anyway since he technically can and already has a deal with USC to play in the Coliseum until his stadium is finished.
  7. Ohio State sends alumni all over the country too, it's one of the biggest school enrollment wise in the country and most of them want to get the hell out of the state of Ohio once they graduate. Michigan is a safety school for northeast kids who can't get into one of the lower end Ivies or places like Cal-Berkley, rich kids from the state who get in because of linage and the smart kids from the state who can't get into one of the better Ivies or Cal-Berkley. 75% of their in state fans never went to the school they're either Walmart Wolverines or went to a directional Michigan school, nationally they have fans because they've had great teams going back to the 1900's and have cool helmets.
  8. That's disappointing, a copy of the CBS broadcast of SB1 was found about ten years ago and the NFL only offered the guy $30,000 for it since he can't sell it to anyone else. What they'll show is all of the NFL Films footage edited together to simulate a broadcast, they did this for the famous Colts-Giants NFL Championship Game a few years ago.
  9. Looks like Burfict's sack on Ben wasn't totally legal, guys like him are why they still allow fighting in hockey. https://vine.co/v/iMuO9BaxgQT
  10. Mabye he wanted a word with the ref;) Porter did nothing illegal if he checked in woth the side judge that he was going to check on a injured player. Porter totally did a little shit stirring but smirking at the opposing team isn't a penalty. Looking at it again, I think Pacmans penalty was more for the running over after things were somewhat calmed down and the contact with the ref who threw the flag. If the Bengals stopped the Steelers on 4th down the play before they wouldn't have been in that situation.
  11. Why should he be fined and suspended? What he did wasn't against the rules, coaches can go onto the field to check on a injured player which is what he did, Burfict was talking shit and gave one of the Steelers med staff a slight shove that's what caused Porter to hang back, Pacman then came running over and pushed him. Lewis should have pulled the Bengal defense to the sideline and read them the riot act for all the shit they were doing, instead he was jabbering with the side judge. Maybe if Cincy showed up in the first 3 quarters of the game they wouldn't have been in that situation.
  12. And the Comissioner wants to play 18 regular season games!
  13. The Bengals deserved all of those penalties and actually some more at the end. Besides Pac Man's nonsense Burflict pushed the Steeler trainer and multiple Bengals pushed Joey Porter. The NFL needs to flag any contact to the ball carriers head and get some guys under 70 reffing these games. The game is way to fast and the complexity of the rules are to much for the part time geezers they have out there.
  14. So the guy who threw a punch on the previous play makes a pick.
  15. Tomlin going for 2 earlier might cost them the game.
  16. That hit was legal under the rules.Also how's it home cooking when the refs blew the fumble call, it should have been a TD.
  17. Except the stuff from Kurosawa, Riefenstahl, Joseph Campbell, ... Don't forget Edgar Rice Burroughs and the John Carter of Mars books.
  18. After looking it up Memorial Stadium is a football stadium owned by the city that holds 21,000, the Charlotte Hornets of the WFL played there in the 70's. The minor league baseball stadium the Crockett's owned held only 5,000. Had there been more stadiums that size in JCP's Carolina/Virginia hot towns the Bash tour could have been a success.
  19. As someone born and raised in the Steel City but hasn't lived their for 20some years, I say it's a punishment. A reward would have been fried fish sandwiches from Wholey's those things should be the famous Pittsburgh sandwich.
  20. How is it a success? Their venue in Philly held around 12,000 and they were averging around 10,000 for shows there. They spent way more money on rent at the Vet and drew what they always draw in the city.
  21. If I remember the story right Dusty sold Crockett on the idea that they'd do big houses at all of them which really didn't happen. They sold out at traditional JCP venues like the Scope in Norfolk or the Greensboro Coliseum but drew small crowds to the stadium shows. From histroryofwwe.com Philadelphia, PA - Veterans Stadium - July 1, 1986 (10,900) - Featured a concert by Joe Ely and Delbert McClinton - that's around what they drew at the Civic Center. Washington DC - RFK Stadium - July 3, 1986 (6,300) Featured a concert by Joe Ely and Delbert McClinton Memphis, TN - Liberty Bowl - July 4, 1986 (1,900) Featured a concert by Waylon Jennings - I think this was the show that had the Jerry Lawler and Friends free softball game running in opposition. Charlotte, NC - Memorial Stadium - July 5, 1986 (23,000) Featured a concert by Waylon Jennings - I think this was a sell out since it was a Minor League stadium. Cincinnati, OH - Riverfront Stadium - July 9, 1986 (3,900 paid) Featured a concert by George Jones - Their normal venue held over 10,000. Jacksonville, FL - Gator Bowl - July 12, 1986 (10,000) Included a concert from Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter - 82,000 seat venue. Atlanta, GA - Fulton County Stadium - August 2, 1986 (12,000) The end of the Great American Bash tour - all kids tickets bought that day were $5; the Road Warriors, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson signed autographs before the show; included a concert by Joe Ely, Delbert McClinton, and Ricky Morton - The Omni held 16,000.
  22. Expand it to 8 teams and take the bowls out of the mix.
  23. Can someone explain why Iowa is even playing in this game? Sure they won their division but that side of the Big 10 sucked and they got a easy draw on the crossover games against the East. Their biggest wins this year were what Pitt and Northwestern?
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