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  1. Remember it’s Piper talking so take it with a grain of salt. They never planned for Snuka to win the IC Belt since he was so over he didn’t need it and Muraco was drawing great houses as heel IC champ. I grew up in Pittsburgh and Muraco did a six month run in 83 with Rocky Johnson then Superfly that drew near sell-outs while Backlund was either in tags or hooked up with the likes of George Steele. The run with Johnson ended with Rocky drop kicking Muraco out of the cage then coming back in and busting open the Magnificent One to keep his heat. Snuka was cooling off for the kids my age in the fall of 83, even though he was still a heel we were cheering for Sgt. Slaughter way more than Superfly.
  2. I think these late 60’s tours of Japan are pretty much it.
  3. They should have stuck with the modern adaptations of Fleming’s novels after Casino Royale. I’ve hated Skyfall since I heard about them passing on the Old Bond’s Home ending, that would have been brilliant.
  4. Anyone watch the 10+ hour final 2 at World Series of Poker? Fell asleep watching around 2am and woke up at 7:30am and they were still playing! Great moves by both guys including a 7 High all in bluff by the eventual runner up.
  5. It was but Watts spent a ton of money for the national tv syndication network and was never able to make it back when he toured those towns, once he saw that he called up Jim Crockett Jr. and sold the syndication network and offices in Dallas to him. Business dropped off in Louisiana and Oklahoma but how much of that was the economy and how much of it was caused by Watts stars jumping to Vince, stars having Japan tours be a priority over the UWF, years of hotshoting angles and so on. By the time Watts made the move into Dallas the town was totally burned out thanks to the Von Erichs and he basically pissed money away with the offices they leased.
  6. The oil crisis excuse is pure BS from Watts, the syndication network they had cost them a ton of money and they were never able to make it up at the box office. They also burned out their home area with all of the hot shoting and having stars on Japan tours 16 weeks a year hurt too.
  7. The first six episodes of the final Kimmy Schmidt season are on Netflix, the first episode is ok but after that it's great. The "Party Monster" episode was amazing, one of the funniest 30 minutes of tv I've seen in awhile. Also, Amazon Prime has every season of "CHiPs" in HD!
  8. Really? He seemed like Dennis Quaid with a touch of Christian Slater to me.
  9. I really enjoyed it and so did the theater I saw it in.
  10. I think Moore get's unfairly knocked since he had to be the one in Moonraker and View to a Kill, none of the Bond actors could have saved those. If he had more Spy Who Loved Me and For Your Eyes Only style flicks he'd be ranked way higher.
  11. Is it on any streaming service?
  12. For as great as the Lupus catch is the Bad New Bears really nails what it's like to lose the big game and have to deal with the half assed sportsmanship of the other team.
  13. I don't think I'll ever watch it but if the show gets a proper final episode it should end with Selleck as Magnum ghostwriting this version of Magnum under the Robin Masters name. There was a Magnum sequel with his daughter as the main focus being shopped to ABC, seems like a better concept than this CBS reboot. http://deadline.com/2016/09/magnum-p-i-sequel-daughter-abc-eva-longoria-1201824437/
  14. I loved Cobra Kai but if it comes back for a second season they really need to disguise that they're shooting the show somewhere that isn't the San Fernando Valley, the leaves on the ground, no palm trees, everyone wearing jackets and hoodies in the Valley during summer was pretty bad.
  15. Watched the first four episodes last night and agree that it's really good.
  16. Wow, didn't realize he was in ill health. I met him at wrestling events and just randomly in Pittsburgh a few times, he was one of the nicest guys ever to walk this planet.
  17. Call me a cynic but Vince was totally "working" that moment.
  18. That belt looks like one you’d see at a low level boxing card somewhere in Nevada not named Las Vegas.
  19. The Black Stallion is on in 15 minutes!
  20. Ha, I’m assuming the guy in the Finkle jersey lost his bet.
  21. Where can I get a "Lineal National Championship" t-shirt!!!!
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