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  1. Wow. Helpful post. And necessary.
  2. I tried looking for this but the way people post shit on Youtube where it's just some horrible graphics for 2 hours and a link to their blog made it impossible. Is this still available? I'm not asking for a link, but I just need to know if it's possible to find it or if they've all been taken down by now.
  3. Just gonna leave these here
  4. Ishii vs. Naito, February 11th - YES Just barely a YES. This was so frustrating. Take almost anyone else on the roster besides Naito and plug him into this match and it'd be much more satisfying. That said, you could replace Ishii with someone else and it would literally come off as Every Other Match On The Card. My biggest problem with New Japan these days is the lack of any sort of creativity when it comes to structuring individual matches. There's like three story templates for New Japan singles matches (four if you count whatever Bullet Club does as matches) and they never tend to go outside those designated lines. This one is no different, as it opens with the most typical strike exchange you've ever seen, which builds to.. more strike exchanges. Limb selling leads nowhere and gets brushed off for.. more strike exchanges. I've been watching a lot of early 2000s stuff for the Ditch project and this shit just comes off as lazy to me. Whatever. It gets a pass from me (just barely) based on headbutts, mostly the headbutts, and also for Ishii being so charismatic. Osaka being white hot didn't hurt either. Ishii vs. Naito, April 6th - YES Well at least they didn't go out and work that same bullshit structure of their first match. This one is much more logical overall, with well-placed momentum shifts, creative callbacks to the previous match and just a better pace in general for this kind of match. Ishii give another rock solid performance. His headbutt is FUTENesque. His selling is so convincing that he can even make you believe in Naito's pillowy offense. Loved the DDT counter to the uranage. The apron lariat was also pretty mean. Sumo Hall isn't quite as loud as Osaka was but they also don't work the kind of pandering first half they did in the first match, which might have something to do with it. Another close one. I'll give it a YES but neither of these are MOTYCs.
  5. What the hell. Is Ohtani doing the running bootscrape into a fucking explosion not flair enough for you? I watched Nishimura vs. Kento Miyahara from the 4/27 CC show and it was shaping up to be a really good, unique bout until a really abrupt and unexpected finish kind of puts a damper on it. Nish takes the kid back to pre-school stretching him with his classic 70s style submissions. He has the best headlock in the world, Nish does. And he murders the little KO bastard with European uppercuts until Miyahara's cheek is split open hardway. It isn't great, mainly because of the weird finish and the fact that it never got into that next gear before it ended, but Nish fans should definitely check this out. I looked for his match with Akebono but I guess it wasn't taped?
  6. IMPORTANT PART In case you guys didn't know, Ditch extended the deadline on ballots to December 31st. LESS IMPORTANT PART The deadline extension will be great for me as I've been trying to really dig deep and watch lots of unlisted stuff and making a full-on top 500 or something. I'm a freak though, I know that. I started watching just over a month ago and I'm in November 2001 now. I've probably watched something like 150-200 matches total (I know.. I know..) and I've been enjoying the hell out of it. I can't help but notice though, especially for 2001, that I've been ranking quite a few unlisted matches higher than a lot of the matches on the spreadsheet. I know the rules and everything, and I'm not complaining, but I was wondering if anyone else felt like the 2001 voters were pretty far off here? I've got Misawa/Takayama, Mutoh/Tenryu and Honda/Ikeda as a top 3 for the year and then there is a massive dropoff in quality, at least as far as the list goes. Again, not complaining, this is an incredible thing that Ditch is doing for us, but has anyone else felt this way about 2001, or any other years for that matter?
  7. That Vader match actually is pretty good. It's sloppy and short but it's definitely worth watching.
  8. Shinobu hasn't been in many deathmatches. I definitely don't remember him being opposite MASADA in any setting. This is the best deathmatch I've seen him in. This is also one of the only times I've seen Okabayashi in a deathmatch setting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8tF4kaIAio
  9. Wait, there's new DVDVRs coming? EDIT: Excuse me, I'm blind
  10. Are they ever going to run Dorada vs. Ishii or Dorada vs. Ibushi or something? What's the point of having him over there if it's only in throwaway multi-man tags? I remember Negro Casas coming over for one of the Dontaku shows and tearing the house down for 7 minutes with Liger. I mean, Dorada isn't a great wrestler but he's a first-rate highspot machine and I'd definitely watch him against Ibushi or Kushida. Is he staying over for BOSJ or something?
  11. I honestly haven't seen enough of his 90s work, but the team with Kawada always was a favorite. He's an excellent seller. vs. Nakano & Takano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU-iwbqqV6E vs. Kroffat & Furnas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syw1ku5orus EDIT: WHoa man, that clip you posted is amazing. I totally forgot about that spot. What a nut.
  12. This might sound weird, but I used to download videos of Trevor Lee when he was a backyarder and he would do the most ridiculous running shooting star press where he'd get this insane height and distance. It's stuck with me for the last 11 years, it was like an olympic long jumper doing an SSP. Co-sign this. On the old BYWL dudes know who MindBender(I think?) TL, Trevor Lee...with that fucking nasty yet beautiful and poetic running shooting star press. I've brought him up with a few of the other guys I still talk to from that time, but none of them mentioned still being in contact. That running shoot star though...ugh. Awesome, someone else knows what I'm talking about. I always wonder what happened to those guys. I know a lot of the Rhode Island guys went on to create Beyond Wrestling and some of the Vancouver guys went pro. I know Scott Henson still posts here, at least in the puro folder.
  13. YES to that HARASHIMA vs. Takanashi match. I'm not huge on HARASHIMA but he was fine here playing bully champion and was a good base for Takahashi's unconventional offense. Takahashi was excellent in this, really making this work with his weird limbwork and schtick. I don't remember him doing this character a few years ago (I remember a match vs. Sekimoto where he was a much more traditional underdog) but it's really unique and he plays it very well. He won't get a lot of opportunities to lay out long singles matches like this so this was definitely a treat.
  14. Haven't read through the thread. Haven't even finished the show yet. Just popped in to mention that when Big E does that missed shoulder block spot that everyone uses, he's actually too short to reach the post.
  15. New Japan is so bad and stupid. Was Honma vs. Ishii good at least?
  16. This might sound weird, but I used to download videos of Trevor Lee when he was a backyarder and he would do the most ridiculous running shooting star press where he'd get this insane height and distance. It's stuck with me for the last 11 years, it was like an olympic long jumper doing an SSP.
  17. This picture of two pissed off dead guys is a good example of why I'm participating in Ditch's Best of 2000-2009 Japan poll
  18. Hey guys here is a pic of someone you do not want to fuck with
  19. So besides Zeus getting work in AJ and Kotoge (and maybe Harada too?) becoming a regular in NOAH, are any of the Osaka guys getting a chance as freelancers? What ever happened to guys like Billy Ken Kid, Tsubasa and Black Buffalo? I liked Tadasuke as well. Oh well checking the results and apparently they're still running as of a week ago. When exactly are they shutting it down?
  20. You never know what WNC will turn up. We had two big Nishimura singles from '13 pop up in just the last couple months when it looked like they'd never surface. I'm still holding out hope for those SMASH shows with Ray Mendoza Jr v. Finlay and Tajiri to magically appear one day.
  21. Oh nice. I have a big Youtube playlist titled "The Sweet Hamada U.W.F." and that was not in there.
  22. Oh man, I just watched Hechicero vs. Barbaro Cavernario earlier today and it was insane. Hechicero in the last 12 months has taken two of the most ridiculous bumps I've ever seen in the history of wrestling. I can't wait to see what else he does in the tournament. Seriously, if you haven't seen Hechicero work, you absolutely must. I don't care if you don't like lucha. Watch this shit http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1mxf7e_hechicero-vs-cavernario-in-a-en-busca-de-un-idolo-match_sport
  23. Should've gone with Angel Blanco Jr. probably. I believe Ohara was the sixth best guy in a six man with Finlay and Fujiwara in SMASH a few years ago. Ahh yes. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xnqznz_06-fujiwara-tajiri-ohara-vs-finlay-bosporus-big-boy-smash-12-30-11_sport The Finnish guys are awesomely green in this. Fujiwara, Tajiri and Finlay are absolute masters. Hajime Ohara. Is in the match also.
  24. They should make it a reality game show type of thing, like Survivor. Force Mean Gene Okerlund to eat nothing but rice for 36 days and then make him run through an obstacle course. We will watch this.
  25. I've seen that in a bunch of Lucha matches I've watched this year, it's a thing now I guess. Just a tip you should skip the matches with La Mascara in them.
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