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  1. I think so, though quite often the opponent flips forward on the bump thesedays.
  2. Yeah I actually remembered after posting, but fuck Sammy. To be honest if I really hate anything about Sammy, it's that fucking springboard cutter.
  3. Sammy's 'jobber' tweet was believed to be a shot at Shawn Spears, who tweet-deleted something implying he was on the way out of AEW. Seems a weird shot to take, always got the impression Spears was well liked among his peers. Reminder: he did not protect Ruby Soho He should have been APA'd for that one frankly, gwan Andrade is what I say.
  4. Jericho vs Low Ki! Jericho vs Aries! Jericho vs Elgin! Any other matches @The Natural* wouldn't want to see? (* Just joshing obviously)
  5. Probably not at all since any Flair retirement is a work, as we now know if we didn't before. He's training again.
  6. Tbh I'd actually lol if they ran Danhausen vs Bryan on Dark one time, but I suspect Meltzer might not like it.
  7. Keeping them warm for either Trustbusters or the JAS.
  8. When I heard the list was two people, I was like wtf - but clearly Keller with the 'all signs' is being given other info. Certain people here (Phil, you were more fun when you were FatSpanishWaiter) would probably suggest that is The Bucks leaking again, but at this stage I'd be surprised if Keller would just run on their word but we'll see. What might be more substantial is that the Bucks have their 'AEW x Diadora' sneaker release coming up, AEW have retweeted a Young Bucks tweet about it....but end of the day, dollars to donuts it was the Bucks who did the legwork. Not promoting them next Dynamite would be a horrible decision imo, the idea that they wouldn't to a BTE next week.....yeah, not good. So will be interesting to see what happens.
  9. Rumblings suggest Punk is getting bought out of his contract and gone.
  10. Regarding Saraya, her neck clearly has some mobility. Ultimately she doesn't necessarily have to do too much - hell why not have the women do a cinematic thing to begin with?...could be awesome/hilarious. She was almost always very over (when she was baby on her initial main roster run took a couple of months to get going), and it's cool for AEW to have a special attraction on the women's side. Yeah, I'm not sure she should take Storm's hip attack though.
  11. Okay, so another mesocycle begins. My gf is having a few more days off because it was her birthday and stuff, so I've been in on my own last couple of days. Yesterday, I went for a heavyish 3-4 on bench and yeah at 105kg it was 3. That's not a rep PR by any means, but I used to peak at that and now I can hit that pretty cold so that is progress of sorts. Did my backoff sets close-grip with good speed for a 3x12,12,15 and then I decided to actually strap up for wide-grip lat pulldowns and I think that actually worked quite well. If I'm honest, I don't exactly know what my goals are regarding upper body - but generally my approach is to keep most accessories to 2 sets and make sure I get a good range of exercises in e.g. doing a flat preacher curl AND a hammer curl for 2 sets each as opposed to one curl for 3-4 sets. I'm going to be 44 in 8 weeks and it can't all be about crazy volume. I'm also trying to keep the workouts to 75 minutes. Again I'm old, t-levels probably not what they once were and I think long workouts potentially do me more harm than good (my gf just turned 30). Today was lower-body. Now I've been neglecting heavy squats recently, but what I have been doing is getting used to narrow-squatting to box with either bodyweight or a plate - my knees didn't like this at first but they have adjusted. So today, having warmed up with 3x20 on bodysquat-to-boxes with different stances, I put on the SSB and did morally proper narrow stance ATG squats - just going up to a plate each side 3 x 10,10,12. And they were kinda tough at the bottom, not going to lie - and they also left me gasping for breath. But they felt good lol. I supersetted them with 3x 10,10,12 on the Pin SSB Good Morning with the same weight. Accessories were Seated Curl, Seated Calf, Elbow Supported Leg Raises and Plate-loaded Leg Extensions for 2 sets each. All done in 60 minutes which is very pleasing. I definitely feel worked out, but not too beaten up. Back in Wednesday, Thursday for more.
  12. Tbf the John Woo dropkick should probably be the Alexander deLarge dropkick, and Stanley Kubrick basically invented ECW:
  13. Didn't this all start with him posting stuff on Instagram?
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