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  1. The one Batroc Brigadier pulling a full Wile Coyote with a cliff splat and slide was both over the top hilarious and super shitty.
  2. To the f(l)ight scene - between that and Wonder Woman vaporizing a terrorist, there was a lot of heroes killing cannon fodder scenes released this week.
  3. This was a good first ep. I had read Natural's spoilers and still got hit with the Bucky neighbor reveal. Sign of excellent writing.
  4. Where's Niners? Did they ascend to Heaven upon finally viewing? ETA: People always think of 4:3 as being cropped somehow, but if you shoot something full gate it is... 4:3. (Unless using anamorphic lenses). Check out the Fullscreen vs Widescreen versions of The Blues Brothers for the best example.
  5. What's the post credit teaser for those who can't/won't watch?
  6. I'm really digging S&L now. I like how they subverted the Smallville freak-of-the-week expectations by it never really getting past the "kid in trouble" stage. It's more subplots and characterization than action, and I appreciate that nowadays.
  7. Fun Fact: Splash Mountain is named for SPLASH (1984) because Michael Eisner wanted some synergy, dammit
  8. It's regressive in that it's leaning away from the comic book goofiness that has slowly been making its way into adaptations as they (Berlanti especially) get more comfortable ensconced. Stargirl had 5 characters in outfits straight from the comics fighting almost Batman '66 level villains. The rest of the CW shows did Crisis last year, and now we have Superman on a farm running around at the military's beck and call. The third episode was much better, but still had the weird scene where Clark implied he was in 9th grade 20 years ago, which would mean that he and Lois met, got married, and had kids by the time he was 19.
  9. It's at 46% among the "Top Critics." The Rogerebert.com critic really liked it, which surprised me.
  10. Decade was my first Rider (well, some odd Ryuki episodes back in the newsgroup days) and holds a dear place in my heart. I liked Zi-O well enough, but the .5 episodes were generally better than the actual series.
  11. I'm sorry, I had to share this. One of the Google ads for this folder is for the BMW X3. I guess the algorithm doesn't work with context.
  12. I think Scarlett Johansson thinks she's too big a star to get that treatment, and likely unwilling to renegotiate a streaming premiere payment.
  13. Zi-O isn't really made to be liked. It's an anniversary thing and the best part is the producer telling people to go fuck themselves and making the big bad literally "Another Decade" after everyone complained it "would just be another Decade, boring."
  14. REALXEYEZ is the first Rider theme I've caught myself singing since Anything Goes!
  15. Twitter discussion about how Monica just basically disappeared after being the co-lead of an episode led me to realize that Monica's episode was a backdoor pilot, further expanding the television vocabulary of the series.
  16. Sony finally starting the streaming service they've been missing this entire time?
  17. I would prefer far less street level stuff myself.
  18. S&L is really showing the seams of the Berlantiverse wearing thin. It's an amalgamation of Stargirl, The Flash, Supergirl and a hint of Legends thrown in, but brings nothing new to the table. It seems regressive from a comic adaptation standpoint and suffers greatly from Supergirl's centrist politics, and we're only two episodes in.
  19. Unfortunately Mojo wouldn't work for a sequel series, because it'd just be a rehash of the first season. Unless Mojo I'd the Big Bad behind the entire slate of D+MCU serieses to be revealed at the end of 2022, leading into the X-Men coming in because he's bored with the shows/mcu movies now.
  20. Haha, it's funny because Melissa Mccarthy is fat!
  21. White Vision is like Yellowjacket without the shrinking powers.
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