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  1. No lie, Harper has made me more interested in this match then a good portion of the matches that will be on the actual wrestlemania card
  2. Holy shit, can this please be a network special?
  3. It would have been interesting. It's actually a good story of these poor bastards who can't buy a break finally winning the big one against the two obnoxious assholes.. Would have been nice if they could have found a way to squeeze in that minute and a half segment on their three hour show, but I guess we can't have it all.
  4. So, who exactly did Sanity piss off?
  5. That whole ending segment. So stupid. So ridiculous. So awesome. Ronda driving a car with no hands. Ronda and Becky kicking each other in the back of a car. Charlotte kneeing Ronda in the face. This is wrestling. People who hate each other wanting to kick the living crap out of each other and security being too stupid and inept to stop it. Why haven't we gotten more of this and less of everything else to build up this match? And I'm going to miss Big Dave once he's gone again.
  6. That's the real problem with Ember, and a lot of the wrestlers in WWE these days. What exactly is her character? She has a moon in her entrance and wears contacts. Why? What is she supposed to be? There's too many instances of men and women being thrown out there and we are supposed to hate them or cheer them because REASONS PAL, but I'll be damned if I could tell you what those reasons are. Shit, Lacey has the generic stuck up entitled asshole who thinks she's better then everyone aspect of her character, but at least it's something!
  7. https://411mania.com/wrestling/chris-jericho-claims-hes-been-banned-from-wwe/ Not sure if this belongs here or in a more AEW thread. While it seems petty on Vince's part if it's true, I'm not sure what Chris expected. Tells everyone and their brother he's going to AEW because he wanted to do more and he seems surprised they said no to their guys being on Talk is Jericho. We all know he's not gone for good(because no one ever is) but I don't think there's going to be any playing nice from Vince and company for a while now
  8. All I really ask is that the Usos get some kind of meaningful match. We can't have the Hardys match, that's fine. But these guys are too damn good to be left off the show. They're too good to be on the preshow. They deserve a spotlight match. Give it to them. PLEASE
  9. I didn't realize how much I wanted this until right now, and I'm sad we didn't get it
  10. Before we go any further, I am a huge fan of Becky, Charlotte, Sasha, and am a ridiculous mark for Bayley. Love watching all of them. That being said, the big hug and all of them holding up the titles is so fucking stupid and counter productive in light of all the fighting between Becky and Charlotte but it's going to happen. Its dumb, but it's happening. And what's even dumber is that they can still have that god damn moment and do exactly what the natural just said. Charlotte beats Asuka early in show. Bayley/Sasha retain. Ronda taps out to the armbar. Bayley and Sasha come out to celebrate. Charlotte comes out last. Tease a big brawl again. Then they have their god damn hug, every holds up titles, wrestlemania moment, blah, blah. But noooo. And why did it get all dusty in my living room with the Usos forfeited their spot?
  11. Didn't Flair actually come out and say he was reforming the Horsemen, only to immediately call them Fourtune? And Kazarian's hair.....wow.
  12. Baron is a perfectly cromulant wrestler, there's just nothing he excels at in any specific area. He really needed to disappear for a few months after he was scapegoated for all the woes of Raw and had his ass kicked on PPV and the following Raw by Braun and friends. Let people forget about the insane amount of TV time we were all subjected to and then try something new
  13. The five way was predictably awesome and made me excited as hell to watch Riddle vs Dream. Riddle's vibe of laid back stoner until you piss him off then SHIT IS ON is great. Cole vs Gargano should be awesome but I'm torn on who I want to win. Cole could probably afford a loss better then Johnny, but it feels like you could squeeze a few months out of Gargano chasing Cole with the rest of UE playing Arn/Tully/Windham to Cole's Flair.
  15. There's really a compelling story that could be told here about how that loss got so inside Kurt's head, that's why he disappeared there for a minute. How he was so shaken about getting his ass handed to him so bad, he had to go do soul searching about whether or not he has it anymore. And now that he's on his retirement tour, he has to know if he can beat McIntyre. He's a man, damnit and he won't let that loss stand. And then he just can't pull it off, no matter how hard he tries. But he's Kurt Angle, damnit. He goes down fighting and McIntyre still wins, but Kurt shows there is still just a shadow of the old Angle in him. Or we could just do Baron Corbin in his stupid church clothes against Kurt in a match that even Mrs Angle shits on. Whatever works, yo
  16. I will never understand why you never had "Coach" Angle with American Alpha(or at the very least Gable, what with Jordan's neck issues and all). Could have been a nice six man tag for Kurt's inevitable return match, instead of random Kurt and The Shield against 452 guys.
  17. There's a large part of me that wants this just so we can segue into a dueling shit talking between the Usos and Harlem Heat(with Heat talking into the camera, of course)
  18. this....this is going to be a thing that happens, isn't it?
  19. Man, i didn't know how much i needed a goodman vs gandolfini movie battle in my life until now. That would have been EPIC
  20. Man was scary on Rosanne too! The episode where him and Roseanne get into a fight and they are destroying the house scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. Or when he finds out Jackie's boyfriend has been hitting her, and he just calmly grabs his coat and walks out the door and YOU KNOW SHIT IS GOING DOWN. Don't fuck with John Goodman
  21. I accept responsibility for these damn things making money, as my kid loves the hell out of all of them. I thought I was free then they showed up on Netflix. DAMNIT ALL TO HELL
  22. It really is mind blowing to me that it wasn't that long ago Braun really seemed like he might be the heir apparent to the top guy throne. Now he's feuding with the hosts of weekend update. What's he going to do, bring back Nicholas to team with him against these fools at WrestleMania?
  23. You know we are truly through the looking glass when Vince Russo says that doing shoot style interviews is stupid. Think about THAT for a minute
  24. The Usos talking about Shane, half admitting he does have a decent shoe game, realizing there was still trash to be talked, and shouting "THAT AIN'T THE POINT" almost killed me
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