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  1. There was drama as to why Chavo was removed from Andrade?
  2. But at the very beginning you had Union Cane getting called a Paper Champion by the media. He was managed by Duke who only had him face jabroni's and Cane demanded that Duke put him up against Balboa who was adamant that he was retired- which is why he took Tommy Gunn under his wing to train him for Union Cane... right?
  3. I thought it was Rocky V that had the tomato can booking for Union Kane.
  4. Daddy Magic is the best thing going in AEW. I want him with the gold. FTR has been annoying to me for awhile... there came a point where I stopped carrying how good they are. Their "we love wrestling / we are here for our legacy" bit is soft and boring for my tastes. One forgets how Dragon can be totally that gross amateur wrestler who shoves his thumb up your butt... but he's totally that dude. I want to see Lethal in the TNT Title scene. He has the sentimental backing of the audience. Toni has leaned up since I last saw her. Her, Jericho, and Mox all must be on the same regimen. I'm 100% all in on Toni Storm- I think she's the business... though I wish it wasn't The Bunny being sacrificed.
  5. Speaking of FTR... with their new Living Legends moniker it wouldn't surprise me if they bring out Larry Z.
  6. Man... Deeb/Hayter would be a Moxley/Dragon type team for the women's division.
  7. Well its nice to see everyone was able to nail their pose sharing the ropes.
  8. The Whoopie Cushion might be far more convincing as a finish than a lot of the current generation flippy guys finishes.
  9. The Little Dutch Brother wins in Jeddah. Checo makes an untimely and unfortunate pit stop. Ferrari is my pick to win the Constructor's Cup. Russell might be even less likable than Verstappen. Hamilton is not having fun so far this season. What the hell is going on with McLaren? Magnussen is such a joy to see getting points.
  10. When i think of the top guys in WWF History... 1. Hogan 2. Austin 3. Rock 4. Bruno 5. Cena 6. Savage 7. Bret 8. Michaels 9. Warrior 10. HHH The funny thing is I was a big Jean Paul Levesque / Terra Ryzing fan. I loved the initial Hunter Hearst Helmsley... but then he just became so boring. I will rewatch at anytime Warrior vs Hogan or Warrior vs Savage... There might be one HHH match I will rewatch.. but its a gimmick match. HHH vs Cactus in the cage... and that was all Cactus with the psychology.
  11. Oh dude... now I want Serena Deeb with Regal & Co.
  12. Wouldn't a simple body press accomplish the same thing?
  13. Is anyone really going to care at Wrestlemania when Cody comes out? I seriously rhink he will be met with a wall of apathy.
  14. This is by far in my top 5 favorite WCW moments. I remember it like it was yesterday still. It was pure brilliance. Man, I loved Regal back then. I really shouldn't have... but he was so brilliant.
  15. I think he was the Savage of his generation.. just without the top belt. He was bulletproof. People loved him even when they were supposed to hate him.
  16. Watching a match from the early 00s or 90s is a vastly different experience. Camera was pulled back more. You didn't see the gaping holes in holds or the light touches. It made for a better product. Camera zoomed in for facial expressions at the appropriate times and that was mainly it.
  17. In all seriousness- it isn't the bland product that really turned me off the WWE... it's all the damn camera cuts. It's incredibly annoying.
  18. One can only imagine this is in reference to the £80m refrigerator. Newcastle in desperation mode with Directors looking to bleed them of every £ They could spent £5m less on their defense and picked up 3 starters between Trippier, Burn, and the Loan / Future Transfer agreement for Targett.
  19. Was that the quasi-leader of the troupe with the short hair style? She was fly.
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