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  1. Asking Ric if he misses his parents is just harsh.
  2. Enzo pretty much is a FIP whenever he's tagged in.
  3. I like Nattie. She sold like a champ. It was odd to see Flair so inanimated. Charlotte's moonsault was just gorgeous. Bret... amazing to see him. But could have at least cheered or clapped or work the crowd a little for Nattie?
  4. I think AJ really proved that he could go with a bigger guy and make it believable.
  5. That would be an incredibly hot angle to have Cass come out tomorrow night and run them down.
  6. who's to say they won't? This is a new era! Maybe the new era will learn from their past and how to catch lightning in a bottle.
  7. That was such an awkward spot. Was he trying to baseball slide out of the ring or did Gotch try to throw him out? It just didn't make sense.
  8. Here's a question that popped in my head during my morning workout. Which wrestlers from yesteryear would be over enough today to carry a company? I absolutely think Billy Graham and Dusty would be huge draws in any era... Bruno and Race I'm not too sure about.
  9. Thank you so much! I haven't seen Garvin at the Von Erich Ranch in almost 20 years and I forgot how golden it was. Jimmy was just fantsstic... And man, those Von Erich's were dicks.
  10. I think there's an element of truth... but I also think the injuries also comes from the fact that few in the current product don't know how to tell a story anymore, go 100 mph in a match and using high risk spots to get over, spend all their time in the gym getting the sexy body which leads to over training injuries.
  11. I don't know much of anything about Karl Joseph. Could anyone fill me in? Is Bob Sanders a good comparison?
  12. Actually- what's so wrong with that song? Bayley is The Girl Next Door.
  13. I think they really missed the boat in not calling themselves Team Murder Death Kill. That just sounds so Japanese-y.
  14. I doubt Nakamura is in NXT long enough to get a title run. Though I'm sure we are all hoping Itami can get back into the ring before Nak goes to NY. I would think that in an ideal scenario they build up to Nak vs Joe at their August Summerslam Takeover, with Joe going over. In the meantime they build someone like Gargano who has a good size following already in NXT and could realistically defeat by the Royal Rumble Takeover before Joe gets called up.
  15. I would think that eventually they'll have a Womens Tag division.
  16. Nattie is still the best in ring worker that they have not named Asuka. She's been an after thought because she's been around so long but is easily the best person to help build up Charlottesville ring and character wise
  17. All I know is one has greasy hair while the other has Alexa braid his. Names on the tights or not I can't remember which is which to save my life.
  18. He'd be fantastic in a Horsemen type situation as he's smooth as hell.
  19. That's the problem with a few guys - they really don't have a persona. Cesaro should be a main eventEric. He's got the size and he can go in the ring - but he's absolutely vanilla character wise.
  20. I think every champ tries to become the first 2x champ. But it's a nice segue for them to get to the main roster. Murphy & Blake are hosed at this point. On another note- I still can't tell which one is Blake and which one is Murphy
  21. Corbin's curve is astronomical to where he was a year ago both ring wise and character wise.
  22. Sami is Underdog. Lose lose lose then finally win to make the people cry.
  23. Has there ever been a 2x NXT title holder? Putting the title back on Bayley in June would be counterproductive as she's as ready as she'll ever be and clearly over with the main audience without even stepping foot in a WWE event. Hotshotting the title to Bayley for a month before she gets called up goes against the grain.
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