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  1. Can't remember, but they showed the supermarket brawl and seemingly every clip was him getting beat up.
  2. Booker said in something I'd read earlier today regarding that. Along the lines that he didn't think it was a big enough or an important thing to showcase in his life and career.
  3. What happened to Humberto Carillo? I just saw the clip and that looked pretty serious.
  4. That hair probably took half the impact.
  5. "How does John Zandig find the time to write and book an entire CZW show every month?"
  6. Of course Jarrett went with it. If he didn't, he wouldn't have been invited over for some chili afterwards.
  7. Great, so now he's gonna drag this out with a recount. Thanks, Ax.
  8. CarShield will have to get Ashley Schaeffer after that Dark Side "Plane Ride From Hell" episode airs.
  9. Did you think you got a Playgirl by accident?
  10. Make sure you DVR it manually again. Booker T is next, followed by HBK. Here's a write-up A&E did for it... https://www.biography.com/news/shawn-michaels-addiction
  11. That's a bit much to get out the tangles. Onita should switch to Prell.
  12. "Remember Taz!? He's back, in robot form!" - I wanna hear Cornette's breakdown on this.
  13. Part of me thinks she wanted to be obscured, because they'd originally brought up Savage asking George to have a threesome with the younger sister, but it was cut.
  14. You saying that with the next shirt under it is even funnier. Maybe it's just me.
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