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  1. I only hope Terry Fink wears striped khakis.
  2. Dre makes a cameo in the intro mission for the Cayo Perrico heist. So, I'm assuming it's the PS5 version of V in "March".
  3. @Robert CIt may have ended sooner had the shooter not been Mary Louing back and forth. Kidding aside, I'm glad you guys are safe.
  4. So yesterday, I was successfully discharged from rehab after 111 days. I went for alcohol and mental gymnastics. To say I feel like a new man is a metric fuckton of an understatement. It feels great and I feel great to be out.
  5. That's pretty cool. Do you still have the belt too?
  6. I like trolling them in the Nightshark. That thing takes 27 missles to blow it up, and the Opressor MKII only has like, 12 or something. So I slow down as they keep firing at me and I Hail Mary a sticky at them and go on my way. I'm like John Elway with a Vortex football with those things.
  7. On first glance, I thought those were cigs on the table.
  8. Nothing about his femur or knee? Because the angle I saw looked like it was more than the lower leg. This is pretty graphic, so, click if you want... https://streamable.com/rqei0b
  9. Fucking hell, that Josh Naylor injury was something else. Poor guy. That's gonna be a long road for him.
  10. Yeah. D-Von used to do the seizure sell as well.
  11. The Ted DiBiase back bump, where he'd do a semi-head stand while rolling backwards. Which, I'm sure didn't help him in the long run.
  12. Kurt had a pretty cool "getting clotheslined out of the ring" bump.
  13. It was a chest bump off the guardrail from the apron, via Dino Bravo. That's why he had him excellently executed years later.
  14. Pretty sure he was trolling. ...pretty sure.
  15. What's more impressive is footage of Cornette doing a sit up.
  16. Well, they didn't call him the Excellence of Sexecution for nothing.
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