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  1. Damn, y'all, were your expectations low enough? "The best possible use of Taker" if he has to be there is this, I guess, but the best possible use of Taker is sending him home and never having him work a match again. I'll go ahead and say again that the biggest problem in WWE is the amount of video packages, replays, and absurdly long intros and exits. They waste SO much of their time. Literally nothing happens quickly in WWE, and it's so fucking boring. The opportunity cost of having that much filler in every single show is very high. Also - licensing music is awesome, and it's a gr
  2. I think he's trying to turn the "push" thing into a Prichard-style running gag.
  3. Douglas James is the exact kind of wrestler that every major organization needs to stay away from at this point. LOVED the kayfabe explanation of Killer Kross's departure. Don't like MJF babyfacing in his promo, but he's on the way out so I guess it doesn't matter too much. Mancer is a star. AEW needs to pick him up before WWE starts paying him to sit at home.
  4. ...and remember folks, that's just a sneak preview of some of the horrible ideas that could come out of this.
  5. The tag titles being decided in a three-way singles ladder match literally made me start laughing at my screen.
  6. That makes more sense. Otherwise I'd have figured he would have declined the call and said "We're entertainment, pal."
  7. I think Cornette is a big reason why Dave didn't get interviewed. Not because he actually tried to prevent Dave from being on the show (you'd think if he had that pull, he'd use it on Russo first), but because a lot of the interview with Dave would have been him putting things in historical context, and all of those questions can be answered by Cornette. If they can get Corny to cover that ground, they can cut the cost of having to fly out a crew to California to interview Dave.
  8. MLW does a video for their PWI rankings that would indicate that policy is still in place.
  9. Bunkhouse and the Gigolo teaming with Boogie? Come on, y'all
  10. I meant 5 months since Dynamite's debut. The Dark Order stuff took a *while* to build. If what we get for our wait is the 2020 version of Billionaire Ted vignettes, it's kind of a weak payoff IMO.
  11. The "yawn" stuff was a thinly veiled reference to Vince's reported hatred of sneezes. Whether you're one of the ones enjoying these segments or one of its detractors, it's very clear they're lampooning Vince. Brodie will be fine when they re-tool him and drop this horrible gimmick they've been trying to force for 5 months now.
  12. The producer that did the majority of the talking was asked about the rumor by Conrad. He basically said it's true they're fans of Bruce's podcast, but their resources were finite and they could only interview so many people and didn't need Dave to give historical context to things when they already had the ground covered in other interviews. Conrad chimed in too and said there was no truth to it, though I'm not sure how he'd know. The guy put the Observer over as an invaluable resource for their research and then said he had called Dave to clear the air. Sounded sincere enough. I didn't
  13. I think it might have a lot to do with people knowing both companies are just treading water right now. We're all expecting them to do the right thing and shut it down, and we don't even know what wrestling will look like on the other side of this. Hard to get invested in storylines when we're just waiting on them to press pause.
  14. Still weird that people keep trying to shoot down any discussion of ratings.
  15. Conrad interviewed the producers and all involved shot the Meltzer rumor down, for whatever that's worth.
  16. There was a second Battle Kat played by Bob Bradley.
  17. Didn't Enos stick around after Bloom for a while solely because he could take the Steiners' asskickings?
  18. Okay, pump the brakes: Ratings are as important as they have ever been, that is to say, not at all. However, it's clear Vince makes a number of decisions based on those numbers. If Vince decides to shut down and send everyone home because these horrible shows aren't performing to expectations, then that's a good thing and also a big news story in the wrestling world. And y'all? We need distractions right now. For basically everyone on this board, wrestling is the best possible distraction. Let us talk about it. Of course it's not important when compared to a global pandemic. If you want t
  19. Spineless motherfucker. I'm surprised he even did that much.
  20. This may just be my personal preference, but if the World title is on a face, the secondary title should be on a heel, and vice versa. Just seems like an easier way to tell unique stories.
  21. If they pulled Mania from the Network, they'd hemorrhage subscribers.
  22. That Cheetah Kid isn't Rocco - it's Abbuda Dein. Not Balls Mahoney...the other Abbuda Dein. Portrayed the other Cheetah Kid. Oh...and he also wrestled under the name "Prince Iaukea." Yeah. This guy: https://www.cagematch.net/?id=2&nr=7202&gimmick=Abbuda+Dein https://prowrestling.fandom.com/wiki/Abbuda_Dein
  23. All of this was stupid. If your best defense of an angle is "but WWE did something similar," that angle sucks. No one should know that better than AEW fans, many of whom are disaffected WWE fans. WWE were #2 at the time of most of your examples. And I didn't say it was a fatal error - I just said it was bad business. WWE has a long history of bad business decisions. AEW is in no danger of going out of business, but if their shows are hyper-focused on catering to a very specific demographic of hardcore fan that will already be watching, they are ignoring everyone outside of
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