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  1. Looks like Powers, Gomez, Wright, and Renegade
  2. You're...saying they're better off working for what is essentially a porn website than working for six figures? Kind of an odd position to take. Something tells me a large number of WWE talent wouldn't agree.
  3. You can repeat it all you like - WWE has a history of finding reasons to get rid of people when they want them gone. The clause that they can be released at any time is deliberately written into every single one of the talent contracts. Also, as all wrestling fans should know by now, termination is not the only form of reprisal available to WWE. They can and have irrevocably fucked up the careers of people that haven't towed the company line.
  4. What the hell is this? I have no memory of any of this.
  5. Are we back around to "Fuck Miz" again, like it isn't 100% clear that WWE's company culture is entirely to blame for that whole debacle?
  6. I still think "If you didn't accept PPV Main Eventer Balls Mahoney, you aren't a *REAL* ECW fan," posted by you, is way worse. Dial it down on the overdramatics now and then.
  7. Kind of just makes it a classic WWE dickhead babyface. Though the fans cheering for additional punishment during Drew's gimmick change can be blamed for that last bit. No big surprise that asshole fans want to cheer for an asshole.
  8. Someone must have been buying all that horrible DX merch.
  9. I can't think of a better plan for the 24/7 title than to have Gronk leave with it and never bring it back.
  10. This is the entire gimmick though, right? It was less egregious in NXT, but since day one they've really dove head first into the "being obnoxiously 'zany' is funny" Vince style of humor.
  11. I'm sure if you went back in time and started talking about how only Meltzer's Hall of Fame counts and WWE's isn't real, the person being spoken to would probably think "I'm going to walk away from this conversation and person."
  12. I'd probably wonder why I was traveling back in time to lie to someone.
  13. The titles that are meaningless because WWE passes them around the roster like a hot potato. They don't affect Miz's paycheck. Someone has to eat the pin in a given title match too. Not everyone that loses a title is being punished.
  14. No reason to assume that. Someone has to eat the pin in a given match.
  15. They just released some of them. Slater turned everything they gave him gold, the Colons happily went from aborted gimmick to aborted gimmick.
  16. Does the death toll make you feel hopeless too? Or is it just the burning economy?
  17. I didn't listen to the audio - I'm going by what y'all are saying here, which has morphed from "There will be no more main roster cuts" to "I think" to "I was told." "I was told" is exactly how he needs to phrase most things.
  18. So why doesn't Meltzer just *not* speculate if he doesn't know? I mean, fuck me for calling out Meltzer when he talks out of his ass I guess, but he could really easily solve that problem by deciding not to talk out of his ass in the first place.
  19. I would love to see fewer people pull this talking point directly out of their ass.
  20. Just got around to watching this. Note "JBL was wonderful to me and was like a big brother" vs. "Edge intentionally poured a drink on me on a plane" But we all have the full story on every wrestler because Meltzer, right?
  21. Why are half of these people in the conversation? Paul Roma? Dino Bravo? Did you guys draw these out of a hat?
  22. Re: that dumb press release, it's just marketing. They're trying to make themselves seem essential because they know people will take issue with the latest edition of "Vince McMahon endangers the lives of his non-employees." It's basically a CYA - similar to the post-9/11 faux patriotism of "Americans need their entertainment right now!" They've set it up so criticism of their decision can be argued against by the "can't someone just think about the economy" idiots.
  23. Oh my God, are we pretending every back elbow is a shot at Jericho now?
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