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  1. Nah, it's absolutely unlistenable at the moment. Cole has been really good in the past with the right partner, hell, even with JBL in 07 but now that Cole is the main announcer, they can't really revisit their old Smackdown dynamic. Also, JBL has clearly lost a step anyway, not to mention he's now Vince's mouthpiece for all the awful insults and references he wants to get out. Lawler is a waste of space and it's depressing to say that about The King but that's how it goes. NXT is showing that they actually have some decent commentators in reserve so I sincerely hope we don't have this current set-up much longer.
  2. Bryan kicking HHH in the head as he was bending down was such a great slapstick moment, topped off by HHH blowing a gasket like Popeye. Maybe not what they were going for but I enjoyed it.
  3. Motherfuckers worked everyone. Well done, WWE. Shame nobody wants to see your shitty Mania card.
  4. That is next level heeling. This + that time he was creepily flirting with that morning TV host makes Ambrose a lock for the March Madness in my heart.
  5. Punk showing up is going to get a pretty great pop so I'm excited for that at least. I love me some crowd pops. What he says after that is probably going to be less exciting.
  6. If they're rewriting promo scripts and shit then sure, I suppose they are. If they're still making decisions about what angles to run and how best to build their main programs and what matches they need to put on to do that then they're doing something wrong. Saturday Night Live isn't trying to build to ComedyMania.
  7. That actually isn't bad. He had a good guitarist.
  8. How are the 3 House of Hardcore shows? Looking at the cards and it looks like a great mix of workers on paper but are they worth buying? Same goes for Family Wrestling Entertainment too if anyone is familiar.
  9. Thomas Was Alone is a great puzzle game, don't sleep on it because of the art style because it actively plays into the mechanics themselves.
  10. What's even better is that most of the boring guys are now on Main Event so the main two shows are mostly goodness. The fact that Sami Zayn could be added to the mix and Evan Bourne could return to make things even more great is so awesome. Just a shame that we didn't have the goddamn Briscoe Brothers and Chris Hero amongst it all.
  11. I think Mayweather/Show is the clear standout from Mania 24 IMO and it marked the return of Big Show as great WWE worker. I agree though, a really fun Mania that time has been kind to. I love the pop when Matt Hardy returns to cost MVP the MITB and am sad that those two never got to take their rivalry up to World Title level. Finlay/JBL is really great too, taking the silly WWE hardcore weapons and making them look like total death. Hornswoggle fucking EATS a trashcan from JBL at one point and Finlay decides to start hitting him as hard as he possibly can in retribution. I thought they had so much fun stuff going forward in 2008 but it was such a weird year on the whole. It went from dedicating an entire Raw to putting over CM Punk to a wildly schizophrenic Autumn where Mike Adamle was GM and Vince was giving away millions of dollars and Brian Kendrick was in WWE title matches and as soon as 2009 hit, it all got a bit boring. So, I salute Mania 24 for kickstarting all that madness.
  12. The problem is they think that is a win over HHH whereas the majority of people want to see him have a run with the belt that he's been screwed out of 4 times. They might not think too much of their belt but it's clear that everyone else sees it as a signifier of their faith in someone and that they're the top guy and people want to see Bryan in that position ahead of everyone else. At this point, I agree with whoever said Bryan's inevitable title win has to be a crazy stipulation where nobody can interfere or he deals with all the interference, wins clean and closes out the following Raw with his music playing, Yessing with the belt or else nobody will actually believe it's going to stick.
  13. That Chamber match is comfortably the best one ever and an easy front runner for best WWE match of the 2010s so far. Even with the last 5 minute's overbooking and undesirable finish, fucking what a match.
  14. First time I've listened to a game soundtrack in its entirety before it's even released. ah man, fucking yes. Thank you for this. It's midnight in the UK and this is perfect.
  15. That's me. Got in on the tag really early on, switched to another but decided to come back with the intention of joining some crew matches since finding a good group of randoms is pretty impossible.
  16. This is kinda why I didn't like Guacamelee as much as everyone else did. The gameplay is just bad at times IMO. I generally like it but the times it really sucks is when there's multiple enemies on screen, all with different colours around them. Trying to land a decent combo and take them out one by one is frustrating. The jumping isn't really precise enough for the trickier jumps you need to make at the end too but there's definitely scope for a sequel if they can tighten it up. But I can't understate just how much the difficulty spiked after that boss. It's like they slapped a Mario rom hack onto the end at times.
  17. Jesus christ, the Jaguar boss in Guacamelee is kind of ridiculous. There's no real pattern to his actions; the moves are easily telegraphed but he'll follow it up with a different one every time and there seems to be no knowing when your power move will stun him so you can get a combo in. For a game that's been super easy so far, it comes out of nowhere and beats your testicles in. To attempt something 5 times in this game seems really strange. The entire last hour of this game is fucking crazy, man, what a ridiculous difficulty spike. I wouldn't mind but it's hardly the tightest control scheme in the world and fuck me, it's 5 times as hard as the rest of the game up to this point.
  18. I think Dan (Novacain in the crew) just built one in the last day or so that - in theory - has the more popular stuff that we play Cool, thanks. Found it on the Social Club
  19. Deciding to rep the DVDVR green for a time now that I'm getting back into this. Is there any custom playlists you guys have put together?
  20. Currently playing through Assassin's Creed Black Flag and while I'm generally enjoying the change of location much more than 3, something about it isn't grabbing me as much. I love the ship combat, in theory (though I'm pretty terrible at it when there's more than one ship attacking me) but it's not been enough to make me pile some real hours into it. Also, I've been playing for 5 hours or so and it feels like I'm still in a quasi-tutorial. I should be able to tell the game that I've already played Assassin's Creeds 1-400 and it can just leave me to my own devices until I need to know how to plunder a brig. Swinging from my ship onto an enemy one with a giant rope and leaping off to assassinate a guy from above is fucking great though. EDIT - I can't believe they brought back the missions that auto-fail you when spotted, god fucking damn it, Ubisoft. Those "snipers" could spot a fart from five miles away.
  21. Remember Me has some interesting mechanics and some enemy designs that keep you on your toes and I remember thinking it was nowhere near as mediocre as made out. It certainly isn't a world changer but for free, it's worth a weekend's playthrough.
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