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  1. Do not get me started on the shittyness of Alpha Protocol. Yeah, the good thing for the two of you is that on the Internet, you're allowed to be wrong. Completely, utterly and totally wrong in fact. I'd genuinely like to know what people love about it. Is it just the conversation system? Maybe coming at it 4 years removed was a mistake.
  2. I agree with what's been said about AP so will only mention that I also just don't like the way the shooting feels, even with plenty of points poured into pistols. But, I started a new TEW13 game with a 2001 scenario with everyone's potential turned to random. I added a created British touring fed in which I've added a ton of the popular early 2000s indy guys, the better British workers and some ECW cast-offs. And the ECW influence is rubbing off since some dude pleased the locker room by bringing in a shit ton of alcohol. I hope it effects the show tbh.
  3. That Cena/Harper match was so great and they need to get 15 minutes on Raw. I can imagine them both being really psyched to work with each other and then being really sad when they were told they were only getting 5 minutes.
  4. Is there a heel in the professional wrestling today that can get this kind of reaction? In fact,what does one need to do to work the smarter than thou indy crowd and stir up some real distaste?
  5. Man, Bray wishes he was half as unsettling as Bo. That dude has definitely disposed of a corpse in the Gulf of Mexico.
  6. Perfect tag guy. Team with some other guy with a beard and make them Evil Lumberjacks. They can finish with the Doomsday Device and shout "TIMBERRRRRRRR" as it's happening.
  7. So, is the internet being ironic with its love for Alpha Protocol or what? This is not a very good game.
  8. If they took the shackles off Cole, he'd probably be a lot better. He still can't muster up convincing shock or disgust though.
  9. I have great nostalgia for Fighting Force. Part of it is because I used to play it with my cousin all the time and another part is that the running attack animations look great. I don't remember Die Hard Vendetta being a particularly good FPS but for some reason, the levels and the shooting were tremendous fun to me.
  10. Yeah, I'm with this. The booking since August has been about as lazy and shitty as you can possibly imagine, they've just had a great run of matches that have made everyone gloss over it but they've finally got their heads screwed right and are building to the right payoff. I can't say I was blown over by this Raw like everyone else but the end segment was good, if a bit long (to be expected with HHH) and the Fandango/Goldust match was scary. That 8 man tag match was super depressing though since all 8 guys in that have absolutely no direction and they have absolutely no idea what to do with any of them. One of them is the Intercontinental Champion. The Andre Battle Royal is helpful for them since it gives off the illusion that they actually had a plan for 30 guys and not that they just couldn't be bothered to stop eating chinese food in booking meetings and come up with some for them.
  11. After Punk has this all out of his system, he'll return in 2015 to turn on super face Daniel Bryan and it'll be great.
  12. Watch Cena/Khali from Judgment Day for a truly amazing Cena performance. He was channeling something divine during his main events that year until he injured himself.
  13. The part where plays in Alan Wake is excellent. I know I'm four years late to the party on this but I'm enjoying it well enough but it seems a bit basic and linear so far. Hope it opens up.
  14. I have the same problem but it's with imagining the stupid fucking face he pulls when he's not talking. Like Droopy trying to solve a magic eye puzzle.
  15. Hardys vs MNM from the 2007 Rumble is an awesome southern tag match given a lot of time. Also from the Rumble, Christian vs. Ezekial Jackson is great and, in retrospect, proof positive of how incredibly consistent Christian's ECW run really was. I bet there's a ton of good openers post-2009 in WWE but the problem is that I don't think anyone can really remember anything about what they were putting out in those years since it was so unremarkable or bad.
  16. I had this stuck in my brain for about 3 months thinking it was The Coral. all this world seems bent upon contemplating babylon fate is sealed inside a bomb where has all the freedom gone there's a place for everyone live and die our kingdom come but until the web is spun everybody must have fun i'm not scared to die - god help me we went to the same schools and we all learned the same rules of lament the knot will never come undone accidents show mercy none there isn't anywhere to run the masterpiece is done the war has won
  17. I'd like to see Adam Cole in NXT as I think he'd be a good fit but man, nobody on earth has been better than Cesaro in the last 12 months. In fact, you could head to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, find the best wrestler on the planet Zog and he wouldn't be better than Cesaro.
  18. Guys like Edge and Michaels retiring helped a lot as they weren't up to much for the last few years of their careers. Guys like Punk, Henry and Bryan are just better workers and Sheamus and Del Rio, despite their shitty gimmicks are up to the task of hanging with them and putting in better performances in their own right. A nice constant is superman John Cena who has been keeping it real since 2007 and somehow seems to be up to the task of keeping up despite his injuries. If you could transplant the Rey Mysterio of 2009 into this current roster, you'd be seeing even crazier main event matches too. So, yeah, I agree and I think it's fresh guys bringing their game to the main events and the others being given a chance to change it up a bit and work differently.
  19. I'm looking forward to the next 12 months when the pro wres crosses into the mainstream and blows up for a decent amount of time.
  20. Cody deserves credit for having the best springboard spot in WWE. That thing looks smooth as hell every single time.
  21. JTG and Xavier Woods as Cryme Tyme II would be the quintessential WWE move when they need some tags post-Mania.
  22. The one dude marking out for that is great.
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