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  1. There was a really fun Ryback/Dolph match on Superstars last night with Ryback looking better than I'd seen him in a while. I still think he rushes too much from spot to spot but everything he did looked really good and Dolph was there to bump like a crazy person. Axel was good at ringside too, covering his ears when the crowd was chanting for him. A fun little C-show match.
  2. Has anyone made a gif of Brock mouthing "We told you so" with a great shit-eating look on his face?
  3. Totally. The look of pride in her eyes every time she watched Bryan was really sweet. I liked how Cena came off as this crazy, stoic "Love your family, brother" dude was hilarious. I'd have liked to think that he and Bryan huddle around a BBQ at Cena's house and talk about sport.
  4. As long as they understand what makes Bo great on NXT (which is a total crap shoot, it seems), he'll get over just fine. His shtick will get a ton of heat.
  5. He can be the guy who flips the coin to see who has the man advantage. Then run in and start swinging for the fences when the Outlaws try to stooge their way in.
  6. Nah, man. You do the HHH/Bryan gimmick match at ER, the Shield/Randy, Tista and Kane NO DQ 6 man, everything falls apart and then you do the War Games. I'd stretch it out even further but I know that BROCK LESNAR AND CESARO ARE GOING TO COME AND FUCK EVERYONE'S SHIT UP. YES.
  7. Give me War Games in June or give me death
  8. As a 23 year old man, I was going wild when The Shield and Bryan started cleaning house. I cannot imagine how every 11-year old feels out there, those lucky little bastards.
  9. The reactions in that Cesaro gif are incredible. Just good old fashioned marking out.
  10. Sadly it's still real to them dammit! Some guys on my Facebook went totally crazy when it happened so I, of course, had to reply that Taker deserved to lose for 25 years of disrespecting the WWE microphones.
  11. It's kind of amazing that Lesnar has to go over Taker to make people think he has a chance of beating Daniel Bryan in the summer.
  12. You know, the immediate reaction to Taker losing is a legit top 2 WWE moment for me. Just the absolute shock, disbelief and anger is truly what pro wrestling aspires to achieve. The reason it's number 2 is because the pop when Batista tapped out is my favourite moment ever. That place fucking ERUPTED and the main event was brilliant. HHH and Steph's involvement kicked everything into over time, Orton worked his ass off, the table spot was great and Bryan struggling off the stretcher had every man, woman and child in that place on their feet. The wait was totally worth it.
  13. it always makes me laugh when X-Pac mentions that DX were the coolest guys in the world right around 1998. Fuck right around 1998
  14. Hold on, it's been five (5) years since Mania 25?! Where has my youth went? I remember freaking out when Shelton Benjamin flipped off that ladder like it was yesterday and now Bryan Danielson is about to become World Champion in the biggest company in the world. Wrestling is so fucking great,
  15. Your gimmick of telling people what to not talk about still really sucks. Most people in WWE would agree there's been a failure to create new stars and an over-reliance on a handful of guys. Sure there are guys who are always supposed to be mid-card; guys like Eddy and Rey right? Lest we forget that basically WWE have been more or less *forced* to treat Daniel Bryan as a main eventer when they clearly were not keen at all. It's not like anyone (who counts, BigFresh ;-)) is arguing for a Brodus Clay main-event push - people talk about Kofi as a possible missed opportunity that was worth rolling the dice on, Wade Barrett as a guy who very solid heel heat - even against Cena - and could cut a good promo even when green, and Dolph, who is very over with a lot of crowds despite being jobbed out all over the place. It's pretty reasonable stuff. Barrett is definitely a big one, especially during his run as leader of the Nexus. I remember Raw opening once with them all in the ring and the boos were deafening and that was before the dude stoked the flames even more with his promo.
  16. MVP could have been something great but they gave him the shitty losing streak gimmick and he completely lost direction once Matt Hardy beat him for the US Title.
  17. Shit, that completely passed me by. I take it back.
  18. I genuinely can't remember that. He should have at least had a live mic in the South.
  19. John Cena is awesome and people know this. The guy gets crazy face reactions on the house shows so it leads me to believe that people boo him on TV because they're real fucking dumb and WWE have perpetuated this equally dumb "LIKE HIM OR NOT, HE GETS A REACTION" response because they were too lazy to think of anything else.
  20. Man, if Waltman lost that gut, he'd probably have a great 6 month run in him.
  21. It's a disgrace that Jimmy Wang Yang never once cut a promo. Talk about half-assing a gimmick.
  22. SO what is the cost on the new TEW and where are some good mod sites ? I would research more but i'm presently at work. I had the old EWR and the early TEW and I'm looking to start up again. It's still $35. Adam still patches the game even two years after its release, so that's pretty cool. I'd imagine his new game for this year would be the next TEW, but that's just my guess/hope. I'm starting to feel like he's pushed the current coding/style of the game to its limits and to really get a whole lot more out of a new release would mean moving away from Visual Basic to something a bit more complex. I don't know if Adam's up for that and I'd imagine we'd lose a tonne of features if that were the case to but maybe that's what is needed for the series to evolve. Many of the desired features for old territory-based mods can't really be that accurate without traveling champions and other features. The Greydog Software forums are where you can find the majority of mods and latest releases, but there's this place for archiving of older mods: http://www.ewwarehouse.info/. If you're looking to play a modern day mod, the Real World Chronicles is the most balanced by far, but Cpt. Charisma's mods have way more depth and are probably pretty easy to play. For my money, the two best mods are the '91 and '94 ones. The '04 mod that is in the beta stages and is about to have its first finalized version released shortly is looking pretty damn good too. I find most of the other real world mods imbalanced one way or another (too generous with ratings or the reactionary too harsh with ratings). The default C-Verse is a great way of learning the game's mechanics, though. The 91 mod is the best mod, yeah. Real detail into each promotion, the stats are nice and realistic across the board and most importantly, things actually happen in the game world. By that, I mean there's title changes, roster upheavals and guys getting pushes in promotions that aren't your own. There must be some way to actually make that happen when creating the mod because so many of them fail at it.
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