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  1. Watching ROH 2005 since I have only seen bits and pieces and while I know the whole thing was marketed to people who like to believe that their fake sport filled with murderers and drug addicts has inherent values besides fleecing people out of money, this Code of Honour business is nonsense. Gabe on commentary clearly believes it too and thus comes off like a total nerd on commentary. James Gibson vs. Spanky has some of the worst commentary I've ever heard with Gabe/Bower talking about there's no agents telling them how to build a match, no veterans telling them to slow it down so they don't steal their heat, they have FREEDOM, damn it and I get that their fanbase would eat that shit up at the time but it's so dorky. The match wasn't even good either and Gibson has never been better than when he was getting punched in the face off Chuck Palumbo and teaming with Nidia but I am enjoying it in general. Nigel McGuinness' story of being a football hooligan would be believable if he didn't have that hair. WWE signing Colt Cabana and not letting him be Colt Cabana on Smackdown and ECW is testament to just how shitty they handled the "New Talent Initiative" because his stuff is just constantly entertaining. Julius Smokes is, and will always be, awesome. Homicide and Bryan Danielson stabbing each other with forks and brawling into the crowd is, and will always be, awesome. Man, did Prince Nana ever get handed a bland bunch of dudes in Walters, Rave and Fast Eddie. I remember Rave becoming a great heel though so I guess that's coming up soon. Matt Sydal is in and around the card now and this is half a roster of guys who I think are great and guys who I'd be tempted to fast forward through if they weren't in with the former. I guess my point is, that I switch off when they're talking about guys not respecting each other and am on board when Homicide tells Danielson he's going to rip his throat out.
  2. Popped in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I am still not good at Splinter Cell.
  3. Just lost my character and have no motivation to get those 15 levels back at all. Was good fun while it lasted.
  4. Will you people be quiet and reflect on the sheer pro wrestling majesty of Dustin in full Goldust make-up whilst wearing a suit? Cody as "pissed off Rhodes family member" is easily the most enjoyable he has ever, and will ever be.
  5. That episode of Raw was so great. Things going slightly more and more out of control until a mystery man in the clouds dropped the stage on Vince's head was a neat little running bit.
  6. I don't know how to embed Dailymotion videos but http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5pt3d_one-night-stand-2008-singapore-cane_shortfilms Singapore Cane Match at One Night Stand 2008. This is a few months into Big Show's return and this is when you knew his run was going to be awesome. The match is largely people running into Show who drops them with spot after spot. Morrison is running around throwing kicks and cane shots around like a mad-man, Chavo bumps really well, Punk and Dreamer are OK but this is all about Show. He ends up getting cut when he hits his head off the stairs and goes thermonuclear, picking up a garbage can full of Canes, bringing them into the ring and breaking them all over everyone's head. I need to go and watch a ton of Big Show in 2008 now.
  7. I love how for around 6 months of WWE television, the theme has been "Yo, don't fuck with Daniel Bryan"
  8. Jackass 2 also had some of the most sustained laughter I've ever heard when Knoxville theatrically kicks Wee-Man in the balls. That one moment alone had, at least, my entire aisle in tears/
  9. Joined the DVDVR crew, on 360 here. I'm in the UK and don't have a working headset but I'm really good at driving quad bikes down mountains so I'll be fine.
  10. This is so great. "Now, I know you ladies all hate me being hidden away under this suit so this is just for you. Someone play me some Motorhead!"
  11. That reminds me of when I played so much Oblivion one day, I had a dream that night where, when I would talk to people, it zoomed into their face and a dialog box popped up.
  12. You gotta let that jawline breathe, brother.
  13. The greatest striker to ever play the game, Shola Ameobi scored his first goal for Nigeria last night. He's coming, Brazil. Rio will never be the same again.
  14. Couldn't disagree more. Seth and Bryan just play off against each other really really well. What are you expecting from Ambrose? Top rope shit? He has a decent heel moveset that works with his gimmick. And what makes Seth's offense so great? The dude can bump, but he is awful on the mic.Anyway, on a related note and it's been said a hundred times before: it's fucking insane that "our" guys like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are main-eventing episodes of Raw.PS: The break out star will be Roman Reigns by the way. That glorious hair. One day, Reigns is gonna shave that head, turn babyface by spearing cult leader Ambrose through a table and he will be made. It's pretty obvious that guy is gonna develop into a main event guy and I thought he was really good at ringside for the main event.
  15. I really like XCOM ENEMY UNKNOWN as I appreciate any game in this day and age that relishes the thought of beating my testicles repeatedly when I do something stupid. I've been coddled too long and XCOM is the tough army general who I can't help but respect.
  16. Man, that one dude wouldn't give up on that Goldberg chant during the Ryback/RVD match, would he?
  17. Repeating the Saints Row love. I just finished last night and it's striking me as the best one. I like the way they handle the sidequests but it still struggles to alleviate some of the tedium with them, especially toward the end but, the main story missions are absolutely hilarious and really give you a lot of toys to have fun with. I'd recommend playing through it with Nolan North voicing The Boss as his Sterling Archer-inspired line readings are excellent. The reason all the lunacy works is that they treat their own backstory and universe completely seriously and it means you get hooked into it, despite all their admissions of shaky storytelling. Favourite mission is probably Saints of Rage.
  18. I don't know what black magic chemistry results in Orton and RVD always having good matches but WWE in 2013 is the perfect place for it to take place plenty.
  19. Why did he not just hit Earl Hebner with a sledgehammer when he kept fighting back? It might have turned him face but that's a risk he should have taken.
  20. If you didn't read that Chikara PDF and get completely excited about the professional wrestling as a true high-concept art form then I have no time for you, sir.
  21. Shit, man, I've just turned 23. I better come back in 15 years.
  22. Triple H as a corrupted by power dickhead trying to wave away his actions with terrible justification is maybe the most perfect development of a wrestling character I've ever seen as it hits the nail so perfectly on public perception of him. Losing the silly hair makes him look even more like an untrustworthy asshole too as it really looks like he'd tell you one thing in a business meeting and the next thing you know, your shop is on fire and you have two broken knees.
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