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  1. Looking at your list, @The Natural, I can see I've enjoyed every Marvel show except Moon Knight. Until now, the only criticism I had was that Wandavision started too slow and goofy (they mitigated that a tiny bit by releasing the first two eps at the same time) and What If was uneven. But the revelation here is now that I'm looking over the episode list, What If had far more meh episodes than good ones. Going back to look over its episode list, the highs were high but the lows......man, some of those episodes were useless. I think What If benefits in hindsight by finishing very strong. I'm putting the Dr. Strange episode and the last two all together in my head and thinking "that's awesome!" And I'm forgetting the episode where Pym killed the Avengers, T'Challa joined the Guardians, etc.
  2. I legit LOL'd at this because it's wayyyy too close to the truth with me. This show is boring as fuck. I read that only the first four eps were screened for critics and that there's somewhat of a turnaround/interesting development in episode four. Sweet Jesus, I hope so. I didn't expect Marvel to get somewhat shitty but between Eternals and this, here we are. During the last episode, I was wondering if the voice of Konshu was someone we're supposed to know. I saw the credits and it's F. Murray Abraham, which is cool.
  3. Hell yeah it was. Isn't a logo supposed to be legible? Loving the Price is Right/GTA font on the US title.
  4. Oh absolutely. They can train guys any way they please. I'm just arguing that it's laughable how they did the same old same old "let's go back to big guys" thing and then, after the fact, painted it like it was some strategic masterstroke. They made an impulsive move based on Vince's prejudices and then created a story around it. The saddest part is making a broken down wrestler who actually loves in-ring wrestling go out there and be the point man to sell the tale of how it's bad for a wrestling company to hire wrestlers. Re: Gargano/Cole/Ciampa NXT: the point of that NXT was never to bolster the main roster. The point of that was the blockade the indies by creating their own super indy. Nobody who understands Vince's preferences is looking at those three and saying "oh yeah, that's a Mania main eventer." That's what really killed me about Vince and company blaming HHH for NXT's lack of main roster ready stars. NXT started as developmental, then they changed its purpose, then they bitched when it was no longer developmental. That's like buying a Prius, swapping its engine for one from a Ford F-950 or whatever, then complaining that it's using more gas than it was supposed to.
  5. I don't think I said any of that but let me go back and check my post just in case I maybe had some sort of break and my other personality did it. Nope. My point is they're making a big show out of saying indy guys are too hard to work with or whatever, while the indiest of the indy guys from the last generation of indy geeks, two guys that super duper traditionalist Jim Cornette said had no future in wrestling, were the ones trusted to carry a movie/TV guy and an aging veteran who hadn't wrestled in decades. NXT flopped against AEW. Vince likes big muscular dudes and that's always his fallback when things stop working. Making a showy, drastic change is easier than trying to really figure out a real solution. Everything else is just a story they're telling to justify it. Nothing else to say.
  6. WWE out here acting like the top-promoted match on their biggest show of 2022 wasn't highlighted by a guy who was THE indy standout not incredibly long ago and still wrestles in a T-shirt, while his best friend and another no talent indy geek got to carry the ball in a well-received celebrity match. But yes, let's switch to hiring the 3rd string middle llinebacker from Towson State because he's got the kind of shoulders that make Vince hard.
  7. Isn't that most clotheslines against Gresham, though?
  8. We need this version of Statlander back on the Dynamite or Rampage, maybe with a sitdown with JR explaining the change. Really cool presentation. I'd be up for her taking the TBS title off Jade. I enjoyed Wight referring to Angels as "Allen Five Angels" every single time like it was some sort of Native American name.
  9. Exactly. The kind of Indy guys who get WWE tryouts aren’t the kind of guys who are going to have terrible fundamentals. HHH’s whole argument is disingenuous but we all know he’s just towing the company line. In what world is it easier to teach a NFL washout how to be a good wrestler from square one than it is to teach an experienced, solid Indy wrestler how to get away from some aspects of their style they don’t like? They want wrestlers of a certain size and age. I’m guessing the idea that these youngsters are also naive to the wrestling business and easier to con than an experienced worker would be may also be a factor.
  10. Yep. His nickname is "The Octopus." He's been wearing that mask for a while now. Was it mentioned here that Gresham was apparently concussed on that ugly gutwrench throw where he landed on his shoulder and the side of his head?
  11. I'm not so sure I understand your logic. Hollywood isn't a writer's utopia. Every bad thing you described a writer having to contend with in wrestling has an analogue in Hollywood. For every Vince McMahon in wrestling demanding a certain amount of overdone verbiage, tits, and toilet humor, you have a coked up producer in Hollywood demanding a robot spider where it makes zero sense. I'm not sure how many wrestlers could give the average star actor a run for their money in the ego department. Raw being torn up and rewritten at 7:30pm Monday? Well shit, lots of films start shooting without a finished scrip. And every profession has carnies.
  12. Nothing broken, I hope! Damn, dude, sorry about that.
  13. Oh shit!! A million stars to anyone behind Dalton’s knockoff of Radio Ga Ga. Niiiice.
  14. Oh shit I didn’t notice that either. Nice one.
  15. Great show! First time in a while Rampage has felt on par with Dynamite in importance, right? Loved the crowd going rabid for Yuta. AEW turned him from a jobber to THIS with one match. Don’t talk shit about booking when they can do that. Looking forward to another easy hour of free good wrestling tonight! Also, while I’m still sick if fans’ signs in general, I applaud Wednesday’s “allons brandon” sign being balanced by “pro choice, pro science, pro wrestling” and “end forced motherhood” tonight, and in Texas of all places . But please, enough of the “I’m desperately trying to get on botchamania” signs.
  16. I disagree. I feel like if ROH is just the same ol same ol, then it's just AEW Lite and who cares? Do something to set it apart. All matches are Pure Rules? Maybe go completely UWFi? Go the route they were planning originally in December, booking shows with whatever indy talents are available at the moment instead of having a set roster? I have no idea. But I really feel like it needs to be something other than "AEW with different people."
  17. Can we all just agree that it kind of sucks that they're most likely going to job Jamie Hayter?
  18. Jobber, JTTS, either way, I appreciate the distinction but you're missing the "quality of opposition" part. JTTS plus "wrestling someone so far above you there's no way the finish is ever in doubt" equals "this is definitely a jobber match." 123 Kid scenarios excluded, of course Koko in a KotR qualifier against Randy Savage is a jobber match. It doesn't matter that Koko beat Steve Lombardi last week. The first word of JTTS is jobber. It's on the tin.
  19. Cool, thanks! But it hasn't worked that way in practice, as we've had plenty of top contenders come out of nowhere after farming wins on Dark. Marina Shafir being the most recent.
  20. All the qualifiers have been jobber matches so far. What I like less is calling these "qualifiers." If it was a one-night tournament, sure. But if the whole tournament is taking place match by match over time, why aren't the "qualifiers" just the considered first round? Please note I thought this before I heard Alvarez said essentially the same thing and what that says about me I really don't know. In kayfabe, how do the ratings even work? Like if you're 30-1 (so 97% of your matches are wins) and you lose your title match, you're still 30-2, which is still pretty good (94%) and there's a good chance you still have a better record than the #2 guy. Really, they should reset your rankings if you lose in a bid for a title match. Then again, if you win your first match after the reset, your winning % is 100. Honestly, Khan should have explained this at some point. Or have a weekly segment listing the top contenders and their winning percentages, hosted by Scott Steiner, naturally.
  21. Great point, BUT Vince has always been into renaming guys. Only in the 80s it was more about "nobody cares about who you were elsewhere and we need to make you a CHARACTER!" That transitioned into "we need to own your name because it's only fair that, after you leave, you can't make money off the branding~! we built for you!" I'm just fascinated that Vince still essentially does business like it's 1979 with regard to how he still treats his "independent contractors" like chattel.
  22. Lost in all the talk of awful giants and Battle of the Belts is this: Rampage is on tonight! TEXAS DEATH MATCH: Hangmin Page vs Adam Cole. I hope this is as good as Page's last Texas Death match. Is Adam Cole as good as Lance Archer at this sort of thing? I know this feud is a placeholder until Page/Punk but I really wish they'd have put somebody else in as I really dislike the "you beat me but I get a rematch for no reason" booking. Owen Hart tournament qualifier jobber match: Ruby Soho vs Robyn Renegade. Great. I typed "Robyn" and now I have "With Every Heartbeat" and "Show Me Love" stuck in my head. At least neither Renegade has Tweeted about licking ass tonight yet. Blackpool Combat Club vs The Gunn Club: Oh lordy it's club on club violence. I desperately need to see Austin Gunn, with his smug face and stupid John Wayne tattoo, bleed a lot. Regal's boys are going to be the first ones to beat Billy Gunn and His Silly Sons and that's cool.
  23. I really liked O'Shay Edwards and would like to see him get a shot. But Taylor is definitely the Marty Jannetty of the Pretty Boy Killers.
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