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  1. Just the fact that he became famous as a kid but is still working and not out robbing liquor stores, cancelling depressing Comic Con appearances due to "exhaustion," or working on his third OD, means he's winning.
  2. I finished BOLA last night (and resumed watched old WWF in order). I thought it was decent but not great. I love PWG, which I discovered in 2010 and kept my enjoyment of wrestling alive when there was really not much else good for me to watch. I've discovered that I like the idea of BOLA a lot but the actual finished product not so much. Whether it's a two-night, 16 man tournament or three nights with 24 guys, you're still seeing the finalists wrestle three times in one night and that's kind of repetitive and boring. Not that the matches are bad; just a personal preference. Daniel Gracia has IT. Great charisma, good at playing a role and showing emotion, so good in the ring. All three of his night 2 matches (Alex Shelley, Black Taurus, Mike Bailey) were so good, though the Bailey match felt a little long and somewhat excessive. I like Alex Shelley's "asshole veteran heel" character. Fun booking with Garcia/Shelley, as Shelley pulls Garcia off balance to counter the Garcia Lock. When Garcia tries it again later, he reaches over to block Shelley's attempt to do it again. Smart wrestling. I like Mike Bailey but he needs to pose less. My dude has like 3-5 moves where he does an intricate karate pose first and it's kind of awful. His standing moonsault double knee, for example. He throws his arms out, then brings his fist to his palm, then nods, then does the move. All the while, his opponent has to lay there like an idiot. It was really noticeable in the final, as it was a long match. Everything with Buddy Matthews was sorta bad. The "I'm a big name wrestler for a big company and this indy shit sucks" is so played out. His match with Lio was decent but unfortunately fucked at the finish with Lio getting hurt. So they panicked and booked a DQ because Lio needed to win, which looked awful, especially in a company that did its last DQ in 2014 (and fuck AJ Styles and New Japan for that bullshit), only for Matthews to replace Lio in the next round anyway. Ugh. Speaking of Lio, Buddy hit a V Trigger and he did a "pass out and fall out of the ring unconscious" sell and I hate that. If a dude is out cold, that should end the match. The requisite "final night goofy multiman match" was excellent! Don't put part of your name in your nickname. "The Black Beast" Black Taurus. "The Rocketwheel" Jack Cartwheel. Speaking of Cartwheel, between the hair and the red tights/red kickpads, squint and you'll think Lance Storm is in there. They need to turn down the lights or redo the white balance on the hard cam. Blake Christian looked like a ghost out there. Overall, I'd recommend the show. The good far outweighed the bad. For me, I would rather see a three night, 16 man tournament with round 1 on night 1, quarterfinals on night 2, semis and finals on night 3. But YMMV.
  3. I'm sorry you're having those thoughts, and it's great that you talked to your family. Please take care of yourself, brother, and know that everyone here values and appreciates you.
  4. They heard about it in MARCH, talked with TK about it, and it was all good. Yet yesterday we got this headline: And all it implies. 98.3% of all online "journalism" can fuck right off. Because "FTR was moved from day 1 content to DLC 5+ months ago and everybody is cool with it" doesn't get clicks.
  5. This year has been a test of Khan's ability to adapt and also to focus, and I'm not sure he's doing great at either. I'm sure he had a big plan for Punk, a guy with name recognition and back in wrestling after a long time being gone, to be the world champ and have a run through the TV renewal period. But Punk and seemingly everyone else got injured, the MJF shit blew up, everyone got hurt on the way to Forbidden Door, and now the whole deal feels a little aimless. Forbidden Door and ROH both took his eye off the ball somewhat, as well. Oh, and interim titles suck. So anyway, you have all these issues forcing a "Plan B" that Tony seemingly never had, and then NJPW and ROH taking TK's attention from the core product. It's been a little rough to say the least.
  6. Find out which DNS entry is the good one and then put it in your hosts file!
  7. Maybe Callaway should have just stayed in character for the rest of his life. When the alternative to being cheesy and keeping kayfabe is outing yourself repeatedly as a far-right nincompoop, I'll take the undead mortician every time.
  8. Sorry! I was talking about Blood Circus while you were talking about Grunt.
  9. Not yet…trying to finish it this week!
  10. The only time I saw it was in a theater in Baltimore (where it was made) when I was probably 12 and I had no clue what the fuck was going on.
  11. When the Iron Savages are turned on, are they....the randy savages?
  12. I want the main event of All Out to be a 30 minute wrestling clinic with Mox defending against Colt Cabana, where Canaba hits the GTS at the end, only for Mox to kick out and come back for the win.
  13. YES, exactly. My seven year old is the opposite. She's somehow deathly afraid of cursing even though my wife and I, not the best examples, curse like...well....like workers on Dynamite, I guess.
  14. I'm fine with it. They seemingly went from being allowed to say "shit" once per hour to saying it multiple times in every promo. I vaguely remember during Christian's heel run, there was a multi-person promo battle where Christian said "carny piece of shit" at least twice and whoever else was in the promo let loose with it a few times, too.
  15. I saw something called "Blood Circus" on Parmount and was blown away, thinking it was the obscure 1987 horror sci-fi wrestling movie. Then I realized it was some 2017 MMA bullshit.
  16. Jesus, that Sammy promo vs the Kingston Trio promo. If you need an example of bush league, hacky bullshit vs an actual promo with some wit and intensity that some smart people put thought into, there it is.
  17. Hey man Deadspin was really good like 12 years ago.
  18. HA! I remember reading that exact Apter mag as a kid. Small world.
  19. A frankfurter and the kind of firm handshake you'd only get in 1887.
  20. I never understood secondary titles that could be cashed in for world title shots after x number of defenses. Unless world title shots are booked as few and far between, why is Wrestler A fighting off challengers for 5-10 defenses while some other dude walks in and gets a shot for, what, a win or two, whatever the booker decides? Now if the secondary title were the only way to get a world title shot, yes, that would work.
  21. Right. This is the guy who, after that abysmally bad Dark Order angle a few months after the company started, switched up creative entirely and righted the ship decisively. I honestly have no doubt this backstage bullshit is getting sorted. Oh yeah, no biggie. If I came off like a dick, I didn't mean it this time.
  22. Absolutely. "Brodie did the job because he was sick" is one particular conflation of facts and timelines that I'm so tired of. He lost the title in early October and didn't start treatment until late October in what was, by all accounts, a fast-moving health issue. As the story has been told in may places, notably by his widow, the onset was fast and he was treated fairly quickly.
  23. I haven't taken the plunge and gone back to current WWE yet but did have a brief "Abe SImpson walks in the house, takes off his hat, turns around, puts hat back on, walks right back out" moment. It went like this: (Meltzer and Alvarez talking about an excellent 15 minute match between Owens and McIntyre) Me: That sounds awesome! I should go check that out!!! (Meltzer describes the match's fuck finish because they booked a match where they didn't want either guy to lose) Me: Yeah, no.
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