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  1. By the rules of pro wrestling, if you meet Tony Shalhoub in real life, you should refer to him as "Monk" because knowing his real name is frowned upon.
  2. This Demott thing is indicative of the larger problem in wrestling today where the people in charge of the business just refuse to acknowledge that times have changed. They're in love with the in the romantic notions of the territory/kayfabe era and all the weird attitudes wrestlers carried around then. Treating trainees like shit, to the point of physical abuse, is fine because of the old school mentality that this is what you're supposed to do. Vince McMahon came up in the kayfabe era and Triple H longs for those days where it was all a big con on the dumb marks, so things aren't going to change. Shit, even younger guys who are supposed to be "different" still cling to the stupid old rules. Look at CM Punk, who famously gets pissed at fans calling him "Phil" of even "Mr. Brooks." That's some stuck in kayfabe shit right there. Because "marks" with "insider knowledge" are presumptuous assholes, right? Never mind that kayfabe is long dead. In short, this shit's not going to improve because the people in the business treat it like it's 1974. Everything is different now but somehow, in wrestling, it's still okay to call somebody a "faggot" and try to injure them because, fuck, man, Hiro Matsuda did it back in the day so why not?
  3. Since AJ regained the NJPW belt, is he once again forbidden from doing jobs in ROH and other non-NJPW companies? Because I gotta tell you, nothing makes a match more enjoyable to watch than knowing the outcome ahead of time because of petty bullshit politics.
  4. What about shows you try to watch and just give up? My latest was Orphan Black. The main character was just unlikable and it was just not well-executed. I watched 2-3 episodes and just pegged it as a good idea in search of a better show.
  5. I finally got around to watching John Wick last night. Just a really well-made, simple revenge movie. Hey, Kevin Nash had a bit part. How did I not hear about that?
  6. I assume they will. It's been all over the place, timing-wise, since 2011. Maybe the April show?
  7. The one where Joe power bombs a guy, then transitions into a Boston Crab, then into an STF.
  8. Yeah, blame Gigli. I'm sure most saw it as self-indulgent to star in a movie with your famous girlfirend, and it was a terribly-received film, to boot. Focusing on writing/directing serious films saved his ass.
  9. It's also pretty amazing how our concept of what a "big guy" and a "small guy" is has changed. Growing up in the 80s, guys like Hennig, Hart & Michaels were considered "small" wrestlers. But I watch them now and those dudes were pretty fucking big. Hennig was a beast.
  10. He generated that mass during his stint in Dragon Gate. I remember him showing up to wrestle Steen in PWG and fans were chanting "you got huge" and "PAC Lesnar." It's also a match I specifically recall for "THIS IS WRESTLING, YOU FUCKFACE!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdWEpbBjJ4g
  11. Anybody listen the the newest one yet? The guest is Vader but he wasn't great on Austin's podcast so I'm hesitant.
  12. Please. Most of the guys in that list got roided up in order to qualify for a world title push. One of them was so roided up he died. Get out of here with this disingenuous bullshit. There's a difference between using steroids and having a roid frame. That's what I meant. None of them looked like The Ultimate Warrior or Hogan or Diesel or Taker or Kane. There are plenty of smaller framed guys/shorter guys who had big runs. Your point was Benoit, Eddie, Rey, blah blah "prove" that Vince likes more than just muscle guys. My point is that Vince wouldn't have pushed any of them if they hadn't become muscle guys. Fuuuuuuck. You are the most willfully obtuse person here.
  13. Please. Most of the guys in that list got roided up in order to qualify for a world title push. One of them was so roided up he died. Get out of here with this disingenuous bullshit.
  14. Don't sleep on Finkel's White Guy Lip Bite. The dude is seriously into this shit.
  15. That was the second best part of that podcast. The first: Dave has a friend who knows Putin. That friend can vouch for the fact that Putin is really smart. AND REALLY EVIL. I fucking died.
  16. Well, big 4 TV execs don't know shit, creatively-speaking. They are extremely risk-averse and just go for what's proven, what's safe, and what appeals to the lowest common denominator. Why push the envelope when every iteration of CSI/NCIS/L&O draws eyeballs? And they wonder why we flock to AMC, HBO, Showtime, etc.
  17. LOL @ taker turning into every crossfit and pseudo crossfit bro you see at the gym with his beanie hat and tights/knee socks strategically covering his deer legs. I wonder if he did kipping pullups or perhaps moved a big tire later.
  18. The best villains think they are doing what's right. (Doom, Ra's al Ghul,...) Why did it take this long for someone in this thread to say this?
  19. From what I recall, Baltimore's Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate -- the flagship station of their company -- was (still is?) the only non-union station in the area. Not because of their political leanings -- though I'm sure that helps -- but because being non-union means they can have salaried employees work 60 hour weeks with impunity and allow interns to do technical work that paid staff should be doing. Is it any wonder that ROH was turned down when they asked execs for more money? I'm surprised Sinclair doesn't just ask Delirious to train their interns to wrestle.
  20. Sinclair is awful and I don't really see much of a future for ROH. Everyone I've known who has worked for them (I used to work in broadcasting in Maryland) has told me nothing but bad things, especially regarding how cheap they are. I'm seriously surprised they shelled out the cash to switch to HD. They probably got a barter deal. I just Googled "sinclair broadcasting cheap" and found this awesome thread.
  21. When he wore the brown tights and the not-short-but-not-long ("shlong?") hair, that was the worst. End thread.
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