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  1. I'm amazed because Charlotte looks somewhat pretty in that photo. WWE makeup does her no favors. On TV, she looks like something out of GILF porn.
  2. It might have been "we love kayfabe!" but I'm not 100%. Continuing ASW 11...Unbreakable Fucking Machines vs American Wolves was not great. I've seen better from both teams so maybe it was a matter of them not clicking, or perhaps it was from Elgin & Cage not teaming in a while. Not sure, but the teams had zero chemistry and the match was blah. The impromptu Sami Callihan vs Drew Gulak match was great. Callihan is at his best as a small, manic ass kicker so this match suited him perfectly. No idea why he was never allowed to do anything close to this in NXT, but hey, their loss.
  3. Depends on who she is or isn't messin' with.
  4. Hoboken squat cobbler, full moon moon pie, Boston creme splat, or Simple Simon the ass man Also, don't sleep on Nacho's amazing line, "that thing looks like a school bus for six-year-old pimps."
  5. It was all downhill for Sami after Vince asked someone to explain ska to him. GOD DAMMIT SO IT'S LIKE REGGAE PLUS POLKA? I DON'T GET IT
  6. When the decisions on how your narrative goes are based purely on whether you'll still be able to sell merch to children, well congrats, you are making children's programming and no reasonable adult should be watching. When my decisions are based on maximizing profit and value to the shareholders, and children-aimed programming is what will do that, then yes, I will make children-based programming. Besides, Saturday Morning Slam was fucking awesome. I'm not saying they're wrong, just realizing what it is they're producing. But I'm not sure they're maximizing profit for the shareholders when ratings are going down the shitter and their core audience is 35 - 45. As someone else just posted, they're serving too many masters and going after too many different audiences and not doing a good job of any of it.
  7. When the decisions on how your narrative goes are based purely on whether you'll still be able to sell merch to children, well congrats, you are making children's programming and no reasonable adult should be watching.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ySKNzi1bLM
  9. That's one reason I stopped watching this. I made the same argument, "there's a huge new conspiracy and they're out there assing off on a monster of the week without a care in the world." Someone came back with, "well the original show did that, too." Yes, but the original show was 20-some eps per season and needed the filler. This is six episodes and it's insulting to do masturbatory bullshit like the two comedy episodes.
  10. Exactly. I was listening to Meltzer and he said they'd get Reigns over at Mania by having Rock get involved, a bunch of other crap, maybe Shawn Michaels (I think that last one was a joke). What the actual fuck, dudes? If your "top babyface" needs a parade of other guys to give him the rub every step of the way, maybe take a hint that he's not your top babyface and is never going to be. Jesus Christ this fucking company. Roman and Vince are the desperate guy and the fans are the girl that's just not into him. No matter how hard they try, she's not changing her mind. This shit is mind boggling. If Vince ran Coca Cola, we'd still have New Coke because GOD DAMMIT I'LL TELL THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT No way, man. I was there. People WANTED Luger to win the belt in 88 and were legit pissed at that screwjob at the Bash.
  11. Right, they meet Jesus first, then It looks like that first part is where we're going next week. No way they put Ezekiel in the show with the pet tiger, right?
  12. In your defense, that probably happened, too. Christ, now I'm trying to Google the infamous story where Vince caught Shane chatting with Warrior backstage and yelled something like, "GODDAMIT SHANE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO FUCK EM NOT MARRY EM"
  13. Sheik Tugboat: evil Coast Guard serviceman who has aligned himself with Iraq "THIS TUGBOAT IS GOING TO THE PERSIAN GULF. TOOT TOOOOOOOOOT"
  14. The dude knows his shit. Contrast that with Vince, who is so sad and insecure that he pretends no wrestling exists outside WWE.
  15. I'm only two matches in to ASW 11 but it's great so far. Ricochet was wearing his Prince Puma trunks and Marty Scurl stopped before the lockup and yelled, "wait a minute! I've seen you on TV somewhere! You're Prince..." before being but off by Ricochet and also by the fans chanting about respect for kayfabe.
  16. IIRC, he said that Andre replaced the usual paint with some sort of industrial paint. He said he couldn't get it off after the event and had to go back through customs wearing it. All this sounds like a bullshit tall tale
  17. Fun episode. I'm kind of "meh" on the Rick & Michonne thing but I really enjoyed the wacky hijinks with Jesus.
  18. Bray Wyatt would work better in Lucha Underground. WWE isn't over the top weird enough and this isn't the 80s, so we have a creepy swamp cult leader who doesn't really do anything you'd think a creepy swamp cult leader would do. There's no point in him being around.
  19. When did Soundcloud start making you sign up for an account to download shows? No thanks.
  20. I'm watching Mania 6 and three things stood out: Fuck Roddy Piper for his racist bullshit. Only a disgusting bigot would think painting yourself black is somehow a putdown of the other person. Was there any repercussions from Bad News? By all accounts, he didn't take that shit lightly. Of the 36 wrestlers on the card, 14 are now dead. That's over 1/3 and approaching 40%. I was shocked to go two matches in a row with no dead people, but then the following match was Dusty & Sapphire vs Savage & Sherry. Holy shit. And then Elizabeth came in as a second for the face team and made it worse. Our concept of wrestler size has changed. For example, because of the shit Vince fed us in the 80s, I remember considering Tito & Perfect to be "small" wrestlers. Watching now, those guys were jacked and it's bizarre I ever thought they were small.
  21. Welp, there goes my hopes that the event would take place at Trump Plaza.
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