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  1. Do you follow me from thread to thread to post snarky gifs? That's twice in two days and I'm starting to get worried. I don't like you that way, man. I know DLC bitching is passe but come on. Look at something like GTA4, where the DLC packs were $20 each, 1/3 the cost of the game, and each was a completely new story with new characters and maybe half as long as the original game. Look at the expansion for Red Dead Redemption, which was only $10 and completely changed the game. Charging $25 for a bunch of characters (some just reskins) and moves that could have easily been put in the game is a shameful cash grab.
  2. He doesn't really live in her basement, does he? (what's sad is that it's entirely plausible)
  3. Yeah, they should treat it like a part time job. We've all had a shitty part time job that makes demands as if it's full time.
  4. Nah, your indignance is still pretty justified. Roughly half the price of a game on top of what you've already paid is fucking insane for DLC unless that DLC radically changes the game itself. $25 for season pass would be fine if there were new storylines or modes, but here, all you get is a bunch of characters they intentionally leave out of the game so they can charge you later. Nice racket.
  5. Hmm. I know it takes a long ass time to download and I've accidentally closed Firefox while downloading in, causing a truncated show. Aside from that, I haven't had that problem.
  6. They even ratcheted the unlikability up a notch with these episodes, with Carrie not giving two fucks about killing civilians, considering drowning her baby and actively searching out jobs in warzones she can just to get as far away from the kid as possible. Proof of her remorselessness: no Clair Danes Cryface in two straight episodes. Might have to retire this if it goes on much longer:
  7. Is it controversial to say, as far as the Larry David/Jerry Seinfeld crew goes, that Curb Your Enthusiasm is a far, far better show than Seinfeld?
  8. I finally got around to it last night. Aside from the fact that Carrie is horrible, it's been pretty uneventful. Also, I hope "Dad's not helping out with the baby as much as you thought he would" isn't how they write James Rebhorn out of the series for good. I did like the Quinn as PTSD Zaftig Romeo subplot, though.
  9. I wonder how many of us just keep up with Raw via other means like this? I DVR it and then read an online summary the next morning. Later, I'll hear it reviewed on Observer podcasts and I'll try to check out anything that got a positive review, but mostly I just delete it.
  10. He's a 55 year old man working in a corporate environment but still dressing like he needs to work a gimmick. You can look at this photo and play the "which one does not belong" game. It's pathetic in an "old guy at the club" kind of way. Much like Ric Flair, whose life is a mess because he could never grow up and let go of the character, his stupid persona is all he has. It's sad. I don't see Heyman wearing a Don Johnson suit and toting a huge cordless phone in that pic. Why isn't Terry Taylor wearing his Red Rooster getup? Does HHH show up to board meetings spitting water and carrying a sledgehammer? It's ridiculous and pathetic. He's not Michael Seitz, WWE ofice employee, he's still Freebird Michael PS Hayes and that's a fucking joke. The only eyerolling going on is when this guy walks into a room full of professionals and he's wearing his clown suit.
  11. So the Redskins have another fake Native American speaking up for their cause. Not a good look, dudes. http://deadspin.com/is-the-redskins-vip-indian-defender-a-fake-indian-1642991295
  12. Ah, so that explains the gap from 1991 to 2004 on his Wikipedia page.
  13. It seems like they (the writers and showrunners) already put a bow on The Bridge. What would they do next? Break Fausto out and spend a whole season on that? When they put him in jail on the finale last week, it felt very underwhelming and a little contrived. Oh yeah, the season finale was definitely underwhelming. I got the impression it was written like that specifically because they thought it might no be coming back.
  14. I watched about half of Wrestle War 89 last night. Some random thoughts: One big thing that stood out to me was how I'd watch this stuff as a kid (I was 14 when this show aired) and I automatically assumed all these wrestlers were consummate professionals and super competent. Like, of course they are highly skilled...you couldn't make it to the big time if you weren't, right? Watching today, holy shit. Ranger Ross, for example, was so fucking green in retrospect. Butch Reed carried that dude to something damn near watchable but god damn, it was a struggle. Whatever happened to Ross anyway? Why did Dick Murdoch and Bob Orton do a bullrope match? I don't recall Murdoch as a babyface feuding with Gary Hart's stable of misfit toys. And then they finished the match with a pretty heavy angle, with Orton hanging Murdoch. Strange for a match so low on the card. Did anything ever come of it? I skipped over the SST vs Dynamic Dudes, as any sane and rational human should. The last match I watched was Luger vs Hayes. WCW had some weird stables happening in early 89. I think it was the fallout of Windham, Blanchard, Anderson and Dillon leaving, but this was around the time where the aforementioned strange Hart stable, and then out comes Michael Hayes as a single with Hiro Matsuda. Damn, just a bizarre pairing. I seem to recall Matsuda managing Flair for a little while around this time as well. This was an okay match. What really stood out to me was how underrated Luger was as a worker and how much charisma he had. Also, and it goes without saying, how important secondary titles were back then. Luger was seen as a main event guy, ready to challenge the World champ whenever, and here he was with the secondary belt and nobody thought any less of him. Crazy, I know. Decent by the numbers match...shine, heat, comeback, heel cheats to win and Nick Patrick takes the worst phantom bump you will see if you live to be 130. Also, fuck, Michael Hayes was bad at wrestling. I know he was the mouth behind the Freebirds and had the charisma but it's amazing he couldn't even pick up a thing watching from the apron all those years.
  15. Wouldn't have turned heel or wouldn't have lowered himself to do a program with Bret? NOTE: "Both" is an acceptable answer.
  16. Good call. They also look like cables instead of the actual ropes they use. Maybe back then they used whatever rings were available in the town for house shows.
  17. The Walking Dead has been renewed for another season. No word yet on The Bridge.
  18. I never listen to critics when it comes to reviews of sci-fi or horror. There's no use. Most are afraid to risk their reputations by admitting to enjoying a "genre picture." It reminds me of why Roger Ebert is probably the last great reviewer. He judged every film relative to its genre and what it set out to accomplish, not relative to all cinema ever made. He gave The Devil's Rejects 3 out of 4 stars, for fuck's sake.
  19. Well, the man did drown a bag of puppies once.
  20. Awesome photos, man. Thanks! Were the Flair/Nikita and Bunkhouse Stampede shots from the same show? I ask because I remember going to a Bunkhouse Stampede tour stop in Baltimore and Flair/Nikita was on it, so I figured that was the main for more than one show on that tour.
  21. Perfect outcome. Skins lose but keep it close enough to keep their fans cocksure for when RG3 returns. Is that where Skins fans are now regarding the QB situation? I haven't heard a peep from all the typical fair weather Skins fans at my company here in suburban DC in quite a while so I'm not sure. I guess the bloom is off the Kirk Cousins rose?
  22. Don't take "Mania 3" literally. You could say Mania 2 or 5, Summerslam 88, whatever. I mean to illustrate how Vince used to actually get guys over and then rely on them to draw. As opposed to today where nobody is booked strong enough to draw and then he just calls the stars of yesterday when he needs them.
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