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  1. I don't mind Sempervive at all but Todd Martin is another story. He's so condescending and has the personality of a pet rock. I work in IT so I've had the displeasure of being around so many guys like him; massive uber-nerds whose intelligence is all they have going for them in life so they play it up to the point where they're just repulsive to be around. An expert in everything and he'll make sure you know it. He's the Comic Book Guy of the F4W crew.
  2. The Briscoes in overalls as the newest iteration of Vince's "scufflin' hillbilly" fetish would make me sad.
  3. When I told my wife they might sign, her main concern was who would run the chicken farm should they move to Florida. Glad I can tell her to stop worrying.
  4. I was said at some point that the movie takes place in 3 time periods (the future, the 80s and something else) and the third time period is being kept secret. Maybe the Terminators go back to the 1800s to eliminate Caleb O'Connor before he can anglicize his name and have offspring.
  5. Please don't tell WWE that they have some of the most edited Wikipedia pages...it'll end up as a "did you know" on Raw.
  6. Are these juiced-up bodybuilders Vince's last sad attempt to keep things the way he likes them? Seriously, what is the upside to these wellness violations/torn quads waiting to happen? Obligatory:
  7. I have never given a shit about Ant Man. Can somebody explain why I should? As a kid, in my comic reading days, I just did not care about any hero whose power was that he could get tiny. What's the big deal about that? To be fair, I think that Saturday Night Live sketch where Garrett Morris played Ant Man and everybody called him out for being lame soured me on him, much like Super Friends destroyed any hopes of ever taking Aqua Man seriously.
  8. LOL who is the guy who shows up to the performance center in a hood? That is Jerry Lawler wearing a crown and cape to an empty arena levels of goofy.
  9. The season premiere of Louie was really good. It was a nice return to form after a lot of unfunny weirdness last season. I hope it stays this way.
  10. I have to back Swann, he's from my hometown. He also gets points for teaming with Ricochet in PWG as The Inner City Machine Guns. Once, they took the parody names a but further by insisting the announcer also refer to them as The (Martin Luther) Kings of Wrestling and D-Generation Malcolm X. They had a pretty good match with ACH & AR Fox (The African American Wolves), sticking with the wrestling trend that all black guys in a company must team, feud, or both.
  11. 1) I believe AR Fox's side of the story and I absolutely believe Gabe got butthurt over a booking thing 2) All four shows being promoted as "upcoming" on the scrolling banner on Evolve's site are in the past which is pretty LOL for a company whose primary business is online
  12. You could find any number of art school badasses who could realistically portray Tupac.
  13. How is Raw or Smackdown "DVR proof?" I haven't watched Raw without the benefit of the FFWD button since maybe 1998.
  14. Well keep in mind that DDP is the guy who said diet soda has more calories than regular soda and its zero calorie claims are the result of some sort of government conspiracy. I wouldn't go all in on his nutrition advice. We all know what we should and shouldn't be eating. Just do your best.
  15. Well that was my interpretation. Always ask why something is written the way it is. In this case, why did the new firm have to be in a different city? The Cicero montage was little long but it was great; a metaphor for an addict who has fallen off the wagon.
  16. LOL I haven't seen that but he did it to the Monster Mafia guys during the last PWG show and it was amazing.
  17. He neither had the world for the taking with that job offer nor was anyone doing him a solid. How many law firms are in ABQ? Yet the only job offer that HHM could wrangle for Jimmy was in a different city (Santa Fe)? The entire thing was a setup. They even had Kim mention that Hamlin was the one who managed to pull off the deal. The entire job offer was just a way for Hamlin to get Jimmy out of his town and out of his hair.
  18. It was a fun show that was made better because it was put on by a company that has been shitting the bed for a very long time. Lowered expectations helped and I don't think we need to keep analyzing this. Please for the love of God. It's like that time I won free passes to see Thirteen Ghosts from the video store. I knew the movie was going to be shit but, fuck it, it's free. Then the movie turned out to be shockingly slightly above average. Because my expectations were so horribly low, I have fond memories of that movie. It's like that. I don't think anyone in their right mind expected this Mania to be even half decent and it turned out to be a pretty fun show. It overachieved.
  19. Scott Steiner was Christian Bale's voice coach for the batman movies
  20. Jerry Springer in 2015, everybody. Vince's sensibilities.
  21. I wonder if he had horrible flashbacks whenever Lawler yelled "puppies!" all those years.
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