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  1. I think there's more to it than that. Sting was an above average wrestler who was great against great opponents (Flair and Vader stand out) and just kind of there against guys not at that level. He drew horribly as world champ, so much so that they had to take the belt off him early. Is that all his fault? No, the booking was shit, too. Arguably, he was a big part of WCW's boom period but I'd say the NWO was the real draw. Really, it comes down to asking why Sting should be in and I have no answer for that. A lot of people just argue that it's a "Hall of fame" and that, well, he is a really famous wrestler so he should be in.
  2. So you're saying it's going to come out that Killshot lied about/exaggerated the whole story? Spoiler that shit bro.
  3. Seriously. "If wrestler x is so good, why couldn't he drag a shitty company to national prominence?" is ridiculous. TNA was #2 by default, not because they were a strong company in contention with WWE.
  4. I prefer "The Famous Four plus One Beneficiary of Nepotism and the Booker's Markishness" but that doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well, I admit.
  5. I knew a guy where it was the other way around. His girlfriend (now wife) was a lesbian when they met. I always joked about his magic dick. I don't think he appreciated it but I didn't really care.
  6. Nakamura looks like he's trying to hold back a particularly nasty shart.
  7. I'm of the opinion the NWO wouldn't have been nearly as big or mainstream if Hogan hadn't been there. But at the end of the day, it bankrupted the company, so was it worth it? I always laugh when Hogan or Bischoff call attention to the fact that Sting didn't show up in shape that night as if that was some sort of contributing factor to how flat and awful the whole thing was. Like they would have changed their shit booking if Sting showed up looking like Luger.
  8. We can hope but the problem is the company will still be run by people who don't watch sports or popular TV. HHH & Steph are just as far in the old time wrestling bubble as Vince is. Maybe their kids will be able to expand their interests a bit.
  9. That's awesome. Like BB season 2's titles contained "737 Down Over ABQ."
  10. Exactly. One of the big ideas behind this show is, "let's show how the zombie apocalypse starts and how society breaks down." Thing is, nobody ever asked for that and we don't need that. There's a reason zombie movies (and even the original Waling Dead) skip past that or pay quick lip service to it and move on. As an audience, we're already educated to what zombies are and what they do. Showing us a world where they've never heard of zombies and have to figure this shit out, S-L-O-W-L-Y, is just frustrating to watch. "Tales from The Walking Dead" would have been amazing. That's a great idea. Cliff Curtis is the most amusing part of this show for me. I'm looking at him saying, "is he supposed to be Latino? Because he looks Indian." The I look him up on IMDB and he's actually Maori. Hollywood: yeah, just call all the brown people we can find and we'll figure it out.
  11. Seriously?!? LOL holy shit. "I want you to buy controlling interest but not really, you know, have control." Now I'm thinking about the time a while back where it looked like she would have been able to hire Heyman to run the whole show, but decided not to because Paul wanted complete control, including over hires and fires. That would have turned the company around, but nope. Some people just will not accept a life preserver no matter what.
  12. Wow, what an episode. First, you think it's so heartbreaking that Kim is defending Jimmy and being played for a fool, then there's the total reversal in that she absolutely knew Chuck was right. That's some great shit right there. I read a feature story on Vince Gilligan a while back and one point he made was how his Southern Catholic upbringing and the ideas of "biblical atonement" and "justice" inform his storytelling. Nobody "breaks bad" and gets away without damage to their soul. And it doesn't just hurt the wrongdoer; there's collateral damage as well. We see it twice in this episode alone. Jimmy pulls off a con job to get Mesa Verde back and Chuck ends up paying the price for it (so Jimmy does, too). Mike robs the Salamancas in an attempt to get back at them and an innocent bystander dies in the process. Look at Mike's face at the end and you can see it sinking in. The overarching theme of both Breaking Bad and BCS is that you can't stray from good without doing irreparable damage and losing part of yourself. You'll live the high life for a while, but you'll eventually end up in a Cinnebon in Omaha.
  13. I was at that show (Starrcade) and I remember leaving the arena and everybody just felt deflated. Like you said, anything outside of Sting getting absolute revenge and decisively destroying Hogan would have been an failure and, because of power plays and political bullshit, that's what we got. WCW everybody.
  14. God damn @ both of these. Best of luck to both of you and yours.
  15. Remember when TNA was close to being sold and the sticking point that sunk the deal was that Dixie still needed to be a figurehead on TV and IRL, and the new owners wouldn't be allowed to mention that she wasn't running things? Now they're probably going to sell the company for far less with no strings at all. Sometimes clowns like the Carters do get what's coming to them.
  16. This only because Vince is a little senile. He was thinking, "God DAMN, Fuji, you look good."
  17. Is Kincaid the guy from Appalachia? That's an interesting dude and I wish he'd won the Top Prospect Tournament instead of another 5'3" 130lb tiny tiny flippy guy. There is literally nothing interesting or new about they guy who won, who is so ho-hum that I honestly can't remember his name right now despite having asked about him in the ROH thread yesterday.
  18. God damn. Maybe the proximity of Cornette's pic caused a casual racist humor bleedthrough.
  19. Yeah, that's what happens when you pull a desperation angle out of your ass, pile on nonsensical stips in a sad attempt to heat it up more, then run it in a vacuum. You end up just pretending it didn't happen once it's done. I'm still trying to understand the following: Why did Shane agree to a match in the first place? He already had blackmail material on Vince so what leverage did Vince have on him to make him work the match? That makes zero sense. There was some sort of intimation in Shane's return promo that he was still in power and was above Triple H and Steph, but that was quickly forgotten about. WTF? Why did Undertaker fight for Vince? Why, if the company was on the line, did everybody else in the company treat this storyline like it wasn't happening? Why did the match not have 8-12 run-ins like everybody thought it would?
  20. It was both. It was a double tables match and Terminator X was teaming with Chuck, filling in for Flavor Flav who was in jail again. Things were looking pretty grim for our boys until the S1Ws did a run-in. Bill Goldberg defeated Professor Griff in a grudge match on the undercard.
  21. Nothing at all. They just needed another big match for Mania. Vince is lazy, unimaginative and has no faith in anybody from this generation so that was they best they could come up with. We should have known, when HHH and Steph were nowhere to be seen -- in an angle where their jobs were supposedly on the line -- that nothing was going to come of this. I mean come the fuck on. It was an angle where the entire future of the company was at stake and nobody outside the principles involved with it even talked about it. Damn. It was a hotshot angle that existed in a parallel universe and had nothing to do with the existing storylines.
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