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  1. It’s really doing my head in how much Maya Hawke sounds like her mom.
  2. It'll happen eventually. But they still have 2-3 bouts left on their "Ruby Soho in title matches/tournament finals" quota.
  3. I had no idea Vince bought earned a spot on the walk of fame.
  4. Johnny Elite just sent Taya out of state just in case
  5. Come on man, it's the one month per year where corporate America pretends to care about LGBTQ people!
  6. Brody King about to catch some strays.
  7. Did the Pinnacle officially disband? I know we had a skit where FTR fired Tully, and I know there was a brief shot where FTR mentioned to MJF that they had no problem with Wardlow, but was there anything aside from that?
  8. Something I forgot to mention in the Wrestling Classic post... Does anyone use the term "scientific wrestling" anymore? Gorilla used it to describe what we'd be seeing out of Orndroff vs Tito because both were faces and, ostensibly, would wrestle a good clean match and not engage in any fisticuffs or rulebreaking. It was also used in the 80s to describe any wrestler who knew more than one suplex and possibly was good at a headlock takeover.
  9. If a hand model's face was disfigured, why couldn't he still be a hand model?
  10. Hi Craig, I have a friend whose wife was diagnosed probably 10+ years ago. They operated to remove the thyroid and did whatever cancer treatment you do for that (sorry, it's been a while since he explained it all to me) and she's on medication for the rest of her life (I guess to make up for the lost function of the removed thyroid), but everything is fine.
  11. Oh damn...I remember watching the empty arena match in the height of the pandemic, on DVR later at night, and absolutely not being able to keep my eyes open.
  12. Originally posted this a few minutes ago in the May thread like a real dumdum. Thoughts on some shit I watched recently, take it or leave it! I'm powering my way through The Wrestling Classic and it is a mother fucking SLOG, only made bearable by how short the matches are. I watched some of it last night and here we go. I mentioned the weirdness of the ring in another post, but WTF is up with these refs? We get Dave Hebner every few matches, and then in other bouts we get these weirdos wearing non WWF ref gear -- primary color blue slacks and a white shirt with what I've been able to ascertain is the shape of Illinois on the front. Are these guys assigned by the athletic commission? They're pretty shitty and one looks like Bob Dole. Not prime Bob Dole...Dob Dole NOW. The best is when one of them I guess forgets to come to the ring and JYD has to count his own pin. Gorilla covers it by saying we have a judge at ringside who okayed it. LOL Macho Man beats Steamboat with the same finish he'd use against Tito to win the IC belt not long after. Watching this whole show and seeing Macho wrestle 4 times, the "put the camera man on the apron so he can shoot down Liz's dress" technique is really really obvious. Orndorff (a face this week) and Tito have a great face vs face match. Fun psychology built around Ventura's assertion that one of them will surely lose his cool eventually. And they do! It ends up with both dudes brawling to a DCO and then kinda nonchalantly separating unassisted and staring at each other like "ah shit, we lost. welp." Piper and Hogan fight to a shitty DQ. Hey, remember that spot where a guy goes to hit another guy with a chair, but the chair hits the ropes and it comes back to hit him? AND how that spot always looks like shit? Well Orndorff chases Orton off with a chair and ends up doing that spot accidentally AS A SHOOT and that chair got him pretty good upside the head. I rewound it 10 times. Adrian Adonis was ahead of his time, using a DDT-ish thing to counter a vertical suplex AND hitting a Sharpshooter (called a "grapevine" by Monsoon). I remember watching the living shit out of this VHS tape as a kid and thinking it was good. Looking back, I didn't know shit, hadn't seen any Crockett yet, and was probably just happy seeing matches that weren't jobber squashes. Oooof this is a rough show. But hey, Savage vs Dynamite is next!
  13. EDIT: copied and pasted this to the June discussion
  14. That’s giving him too much credit. At least Shane Douglas had the wit to change Ric’s name to DICK Flair. . MJF, meanwhile, tells Pillman that his mom should have swallowed and tells Darby he looks like a school shooter. There’s no charisma or mic ability in that. Anybody can go out there and recite lame edgelord material like this.
  15. Just when you thought renaming Rick Steiner’s son was WWE digging to the depths of their stupidity, they pull out a better shovel.
  16. I didn’t even read any posts from A_K I gotta say it was a good day (no offense, couldn’t resist)
  17. If they’d done a little more to stress how Ruby was going for redemption, trying to get back after two high profile losses, it would have been a little better. As it was, she vaguely mentioned Arthur Ashe in her only promo and that was it.
  18. After “somehow, Palpatine survived,” I refuse to believe any death in the Star Wars universe. Also, how do you bring in the awesome Rupert Friend and use him for only two episodes?
  19. I fully agree with everyone who’s not buying the MJF hype. There’s nothing generational or amazing about him IMO. Most of the time he comes off as a guy whose gimmick is “pro wrestling heel” instead of actually being a heel. A guy who is actually great in the mic doesn’t have to tout on promos how good on the mic he is. Just a bunch of self conscious, fourth wall breaking bullshit. For every promo that works, there are four that are corny and cheap.
  20. What is the significance of 8 - 24?
  21. I’m watching The Wrestling Classic right now and the weirdest thing, aside from realizing Ivan Putski is still alive, is the ring. It’s the most bizarre ring I’ve ever seen on a major promotion’s show. It’s loud as fuck (even the slightest bump sounds like hitting a cookie sheet with a mallet), there are no turnbuckle pads, just tape, and two of the corners have actual turnbuckles while the other two have chains instead. WTF.
  22. Now I’m imagining Lee just taking forever to sing any song as he replaces all the lyrics with $5 words like a human thesaurus. “Upon a considerably linear, most desolate main thoroughfare, in a direction easterly of a large town in the state of Nebraska…”
  23. I think, for me at least and possibly others I dunno, is that Ruby has already been pushed to two marquee matches already. She debuted with an immediate Casino Battle Royale win and a shot at Baker at Arthur Ashe, then the was pushed to the finals of the TNT title tournament. Putting her in another championship and/or match for a major award (tm Christmas Story) is just more of the same and I don't really care to see it.
  24. Hell yeah. Mat Mania and Mania Challenge were the shit. I think the former had more wrestlers but the latter was better mechanically as it had more moves and also had counters. I recall some versions had one character misnamed as “Insane Worrier.” And I mean yeah, we’ve all been there, just insane with worry.
  25. Why did they use a current pic of Condrey but a 10 year old pic of Eddie?
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