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  1. She is heads above almost everyone in that division. Everything she does looks really believable.
  2. Powerhouse Hobbs is a fucking STAR! I am so excited for the future of AEW.
  3. Wow, that was an all time bad segment with MJF. Getting no reaction for his childish insults, then Pillman stumbling over his words... Did I miss it here in the thread, or did they really cut Minoru Suzukis theme short? I don't know, maybe I am the only one who noticed.
  4. Funny thing is, that Hayter clearly gestures to the referees that Riho isn't eliminated, but the announcer already said she was. And then they silently let it slide. Riho was in there for seconds. Clearly they should know who stays in for how long?
  5. It wasn't ignored. It just wasn't very well delivered. Also: Understanding Andrade without subtitles is really hard.
  6. At first glance I thought Retribution invaded.
  7. And Tony Khan will be like: "Damn you, Europe!" = PPV only on Sundays from now on.
  8. Riho clearly wasn't eliminated. She went under the bottom rope. Horrible refereeing!
  9. Holy shit, that Cage Match. That has to be the best Tag Match ever in AEW. HANDS DOWN.
  10. Best PPV since.... I don't know. It was just awesome!
  11. The Power Hour. Great TV again.
  12. Unreal bad refereeing. Yokozuma is clearly in the rope.
  13. As if there aren't enough Cages in AEW already...
  14. Cody having to go through Family Gunn before facing Malakai Black again. Book it! (Of course Cody loses again.)
  15. If Jay White ever comes to AEW, he goes straight to the top. It's unreal how fast he transformed from Young Lion to main eventer.
  16. They are so bad. I just don't get the appeal at all. Didn't like them in NJPW, WWE, Impact, AEW or their unfunny PPVs.
  17. Taz getting revenge for jobbing as ECW champion on Smackdown by unleashing HOOK to AEW and in turn having him destroy the company that destroyed his father.
  18. Seeing Powerhouse Hobbs having all the charisma and we are supposed to cheer Brian Cage? Nope! Also: HOOK!
  19. You could see the turn coming when one of those idiots gave stupid sounds from him in the ring. Finally we can boo these fools!
  20. It doesn't get any more douche than coming out to the BTE theme... BILLY GUNN arriving late to the rescue with his stupid sons and then turning heel. Comedy Gold! PAC vs Andrade getting canceled for ALL OUT. I wanted to see that! =(
  21. Jim Ross doing an Interview in the ring, but getting canceled after one question and never talk again for the whole segment was some funny shit!
  22. Danielson debuts by trashing DVDVR for not giving him Wrestler of the Year over a bald Swiss.
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