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  1. On that note, I'd like to see Raquel Gonzalez use that lariat she hit Io with as another finish. It's pretty damn solid and there aren't many women using it, if any, besides her.
  2. I ain't got takes, I got feelings: I'm tired of great matches and Dave Meltzer's idea of our great sport can go piss up a rope.
  3. To hell with the record. The Pistons have been a lot of fun to watch this season. They're young and inconsistent shooters, but they're tough and they play their asses off. They've gotten wins over some top teams and even in defeat, they don't make it easy for anyone. What Troy Weaver has done with this team in less than a year is pretty damn remarkable. Getting free of Blake is enough, but the dude nailed the draft on top of it. Saddiq Bey should've gone in the top ten, and there's an argument for Isiah Stewart doing the same, too. What was a puzzling free agency makes a lot more sense n
  4. ...so let me talk about everyone's Back Leg Round Kick. FTFY. Say it one more time, Bischoff.
  5. That Partridge Family as hell theme song and Daydream Believer made my day. I love this show and can't wait to see how 80s the next episode is gonna be.
  6. I grew up watching all kinds of Nick at Nite, The Munsters, Addams Family, Bewitched, Leave It to Beaver, Batman, Brady Bunch, etc., so I loved the crap out of the first two episodes. It especially helps that you can tell Bettany and Olson are having an absolute blast.
  7. I've watched every game. You ain't wrong. Blake is shot. Flat out. They're a better team without him on the floor. There are some positives. Josh Jackson and Saddiq Bey are total steals, and Jerami Grant betting on himself is paying off. Svi is playing good defense and is rounding out offensively. When the young and new guys are on the court, they're actually fun to watch. They're still going to lose a lot, but they don't make it easy. As for D-Rose, when he's on, it's what you expect out of him, but when he's not...ehhh. When he's not holding onto the ball too long, he's tu
  8. I'm over here watching the Mavs vs the Nuggets, rooting for the great sport of basketball.
  9. Lookin' like Killian Hayes is gonna be done for the season. Torn hip labrum. Startin' to feel like there's a goddamn curse on this team.
  10. Eddie is smiling upon that Tornado DDT, y'all.
  11. All I know is that I was super relieved to see Durant take it to the rack and throw it down on the first play of the game last night.
  12. That Gonzalez vs Moon match ROCKED. Gonzalez has quickly become someone I go out of my way to watch. She's fantastic and it hasn't taken long. She and Ember have good chemistry, too. I gotta drive the Pete Dunne Hulkster Skin Care routine thing into the ground because dude's hands are burnt sienna.
  13. Man, I've been thinking recently that this was bound to happen at some point. God, that had to hurt. I love her look, but the piercings should go.
  14. This feels a little better without the Plumlee signing. I dig Jerami Grant, but I think it's a bit of an overpay and putting another stretch on the books when we just got off the Josh Smith bs is just exasperating. Something tells me a lot of this is riding on somehow getting off of Blake's contract and that just ain't gonna happen.
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