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  1. Awww! That's a good boi. Me and Boris, who's a boxer, watch a lot of wrasslin' and basketball together.
  2. Jamie Hayter rules. That is all.
  3. Just watched. Umm...The Bunny is The Blade now. Old boy's gonna hafta find a new name.
  4. I love that he calls him Billy Ass. Great episode.
  5. I've had an absolutely shitty year, especially the last couple months. CM Punk, Darby, and especially Sting made my goddamn day tonight. It's been really damn hard to smile lately, but you couldn't kick the grin off my face when they all came out. I laughed out loud and punched the air. I needed that, big time. Sting was my favorite when I was 9 and 10. It is so, soooo cool to see him getting this run and knocking it out of the damn park. I hope I'm that much of a maniac at 62.
  6. I dig Ten. He's got a great look and it'd look even cooler if he ever does a heel run.
  7. Cade Cunningham is in the protocol. That he's the first Pistons player to enter is a testament to how well the team has handled Covid, but still, this really sucks. It's time for the leagues to just shut down for a while.
  8. This year has absolutely sucked, so I got this last week. I needed something cute and light and funny, not Ghost of Tsushima NG+. I am addicted.
  9. Bro. PIZZA DOG. Bro. Loved Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run, and I'm lovin' this.
  10. I wish he hadn't reacted like that, but Isiah Stewart is a made man in Detroit now. The forthcoming suspension hurts, though. Bad.
  11. Dan Lambert reminds me of middle-aged dudes that come in to the bar and take the phrase "No, we don't have Coors Light" like a bat to the skull. If Kingston ever gets ahold of him, I hope I bought a ticket.
  12. Same here. Thing is, it might be the best thing for Sekou. His time here has basically been kneecapped by a complete front office overhaul and Covid. He's buried on the depth chart. A full G League season would've been great for him. Im guessing the open roster spot is gonna go to either Luka Garza or Jamorko Pickett.
  13. That's the first thing I thought and I'm totally okay with that.
  14. The last few weeks of the Arn podcast have been pretty awesome. I can't get Arn's Iron Sheik impression out of my head. "You are 'seestant booker? Does Ole know I am former Olympic champion, stretch everyone? I stretch you, Meestar Roop."
  15. The Hawks are for real, and if they aren't, they think they are. Regardless, they aren't scared of anyone. I'm really, really hoping for a Hawks/Suns final.
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