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  1. I'd been waiting to see a War Games match live since 1987. I'm glad that was the one. I was damn near up in the nosebleeds, so I missed a lot of stuff, but I dl'd the show as soon as I got home. FTRHausen was SUCH a cool surprise. Dax and Cash's lockups are a goddamn marvel when you see 'em live. I could go on, but I gotta work in the morning. Professional wrestling is the fucking coolest.
  2. Troy Weaver smoked this draft.
  3. Dear Lord, Craig. That's awful. I hope she gets better soon.
  4. TBH, that's a solid card if Jay White faces Hangman or Danielson. It'd be cooler if the tag title match was just FTR vs United Empire.
  5. It's a confluence of things: Punk and Bryan being injured. MJF not being on the shows. Two back to back tournaments, one of which is for a belt that AEW really doesn't need and the other being won by people who didn't need to. The biggest narrative hook, Eddie vs Jericho, has been muddied. NJPW is cold in the states and we're not getting Okada or Naito, and possibly not Bryan vs. Sabre, Jr. The Ring of Honor purchase. Frankly, the booking really hasn't been that great since the Punk vs MJF blowoff. Tony has taken on too much and is also booking things that really just aren't working.
  6. I'd watch two hours of Eddie running down his list.
  7. That was a fantastic hour of our great sport. Eddie Kingston is #1. Jamie Hayter didn't do the DMD sign, so that means Britt's gettin' brainbustered into the necrosphere. Statlander looked like a million goddamn dollars. Uncle Dax rules. So does Cash. That's how you work the apron, folks. ...it's also why Will Ospreay can grab his jacket and fuck off back to Zoobilee Zoo.
  8. I loved Kyle O'Reilly back in the "Coming down the aisle playing air guitar on the belt" period of the Undisputed Era. I still like him. I'm just sick to death of the Undisputed Era/Elite. It's been, what, four years? It's time to move on. It's definitely a guilt by association thing. When Adam Cole has been at the forefront for this long and wins the Owen when he really didn't need it, and the Undisputed crew has had SO much screen time over the last four years, it's just too damn much. Get them away from each other and don't run back the Kyle/Cole feud. Just let it be done.
  9. Okay, that Shafir vs Skye Blue match fucking ROCKED.
  11. Yeah, that looks dope. And it brings us one step closer to a Battle Angel Alita: Motorball video game.
  12. So Walt's still the only one who gives a shit about the rules. Just watched the main event. Yeah. We're watching that again. And again. Also. ALSO. I just found out about Blood and Guts in Detroit. I have tickets and I can't wait to tell my friends that we get to see it live. Wrestling is so goddamn awesome.
  13. I think Eddie's gonna pick up the gas can again.
  14. Because rich white dudes ALWAYS think they're salt of the Earth.
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