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  1. I'm sure guys in the 90's cribbed spots from the 70's we just didn't know it cause everything wasn't on the internet. And Remember if you havn't seen it its new to you. So all these Brett spots and finishes are new to the kids who have never seen them before
  2. v. Harley Race SNME, v. Luger Nitro, v. Iron Sheik
  3. Tons of people. Him and Smart Mark co managing Jade ala Heenan and Perfect w/ Flair. The Acclaimed would work, Being the COO of the AFO. I don't want to sound like I only want him stuck with African Americans but AEW hasn't had a main event african american talent yet and I could see Stokley being the peice that gets Hobbs or Keith Lee there.
  4. I don't disagree with you, but I would still be more interested in finding something to do with the talent that they do have instead of TK greedily rubbing his hands together at thought of raiding Impact
  5. That three way is one of my all time favorite matches. Plus Benoit & Malenko where super over as faces despite being booked as total heels in 99
  6. Honestly there's a number of people who pretty much only make tv to job. Private Party you mentioned but you have The Acclaimed, Bear Country, Angelico, Colt Cobana is a vet that they could be using, Preston Vance , Penelope Ford, Butcher and Blade, and I feel like people are high on JD Drake. I'd like to see any of those people get a run in a serious program before adding in more pieces. Plus you have the "young Lions" like Brock, Lee, other Lee, Top Flight and The Blondes
  7. Lil sumptin for all the middle aged men who love Bret Hart on this board https://www.rsvlts.com/products/wwe-bret-the-hitman-hart-kunuflex-short-sleeve-shirt link to full collection https://www.rsvlts.com/collections/wwe?fbclid=IwAR2iNFTypq4CSkjd0uw2vo6L3ucEeTPhcDmEFuatQbn0_Pze0HeykA-M-Es
  8. The counter question is who would you pull off AEW to make room. (I'm no fan of Adam Cole and The Bucks but won't deny how over they are)
  9. Its worth it. Lots of very interesting inside baseball stuff about what was going on at Turner at the time. As for the USA v. Canada stuff just look at how the audience was reacting to it. Look at the reaction to Austin attacking The Hart Foundation during the Canadian National Anthem
  10. No one other than bringing in people for a one shot (MJF throwing Jonah at Wardlow would be fun). AEW is trying to over stuff their shows as it is. If TK wants to sign someone else he should have a rock solid plan for them
  11. Another Dynamite where the main event went on first. Loved the Philly street fight, I love hoe AEW seems to make these sort of matches hate filled and violent seeming. Bonus points for Shida wearing jeans. Minus them running short on time in the ladder match I felt this show was paced much better than recently. Decent amount of time given to backstage/promo segments no matches going way to long. Show didn't feel rushed over all. Also the commentary has been much better in recent weeks
  12. Punk v. Hangman is interesting do you have Hangman go over Punk to solidify him as the Ace or do you run with the hot hand
  13. @John from Cincinnati https://6abc.com/cody-rhodes-wwe-aew-dynamite-philadelphia-forbidden-door-trenton/11793423/
  14. Jade doesn't need to be going this long yet
  15. The one that hasn't been mentioned is Paramount. Probably a step down but they have Bellator which is where Jake Hager fights
  16. Never thought I'd say this but less wrestling on the wrestling shows please. Tony K stop trying to over stuff ever hour of television
  17. I do not for one second accept that a couple of shit-kicking redneck cousins is a bad gimmick. Also the Hog Pen match is a lot like the chamber of horrors match in that if you look past the silliness its a very entertaining brawl
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