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  1. "What do you do when you opponent is so big as to be immoble?"
  2. I kinda wanna see Danhausen try (and fail) to join the BCC
  3. Apparently it was supposed to be Jericho having to leave WCW but Terry Taylor who was agenting didn't know this so they got the finish changed
  4. yhea I don't have any interest in him coming as "Johnny Workrate" when in recent months they've brought in Jay Lethal, Jake Atlas, Fish, O'Reilly, Neese ect
  5. I don't know if you saw him in NXT where he and Candice where sort of surrogate parents to those two dolt Indie and Austin. But he could be and excellent comedy heel leading a faction
  6. Bring back Homicide and Bring in Savio Vega as the OG Boriqua
  7. what we need is a new Mean Gene Oakerlund who can conduct a three person interview. Bit of a lost art that. I no longer believe pro wresting is real however I firmly believe that William Regal is real. Main was fun, happy to see them get that slot but seemed to suffer from going out cold infront of the audience
  8. Stu Grayson might really benefit of a change in scenery. Either in the ROH relaunce or NWA, probably better to be a big fish in a smaller pond than to be the DO version of Scott Norton
  9. I wonder what main events? History shows us a title match goes on last but will that hold true for the ROH womens belt
  10. They really need to air this on Dynamite
  11. I want a random shot of Hookhausen at a maypole celebration in the opening rampage credits
  12. Anytime Skye Blue wears those shorts I turn into Bumble Bee Man O DIOS MIO LOS PANTALONES DE AZUL!!!!
  13. I just love the idea of Jade having this huge entourage, Red Velvet, Keira Hogan, two managers, maybe a movement coach or an athletic trainer the rest of the baddies. Like she's Mayweather or a 90's rapper
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