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  1. Don't sleep on the "entertainment" either him getting Big Show to casket surf behind the BluesMobile was great stuff!
  2. I can't speak for everyone but TNA always seemed to want to APE WWE despite having a working agreement with ROH. Comparing AEW to PWG isn't as much about production values as using that template as a house style and just leaning into the product being different . Personally I felt SPIKE TV run TNA had decent production if a little heavy on the lasters
  3. how I rank the varsity blondes Julie>Griff>>>>>>>Pillman Jr
  4. People say AEW looks like PWG with money which reminds me of how people would say TNA should try to be ROH with money instead of poor mans WWE
  5. TNA/Impact feels like a pyramid scheme for how long its been around without being profitable
  6. Disappointed in Riho not wearing her Black Hart gear. Great match, does Ruby and Switchbade have the same finisher? Bryce Remsberg is turning into Red Shoes. Bleh Smart Mark is quickly becoming a high light of these shows. Totally dig Billy Ass being a mentor to these four dolts in the Ass-claimed Kaz has been so underrated great main event
  7. I would worry that much like the TNA guys who ended up un NXT Vince would have no Idea of what made them work in the first place and try to hard to change the recipe
  8. Oh I so agree. According to Corney TNA was just Russo's sense of humor. Imagine if they had gone with IMPACT WRESTLING from the beginning. Such a good name for a wrestling company, a huge blunder along with bringing back Russo after Spike told them not too and not selling to spike when they had the chance
  9. I always look back at early SpikeTV TNA as a real missed opportunity. Just couldn't get out of their own way
  10. I actually think a trio's title could be good. It would be a way to put gold on guys like John Silver or OC who are super over
  11. interesting to think of what Bruno would thing of AEW. Obviously he was okay with being honored by ROH so there is probably some stuff he would like (BCC)
  12. When I think back over Raven's career he's more of a guy understood its more valuable to take one big spot at a big show (like the chair shot heard around the world) than do a bunch of dangerous spots on small shows. For a 'HARDCORE GUY he sure seemed to understand picking his moments. I think him and Jake are more beat up from heavy drug use than anything else
  13. what him go to WWE and have Vince give him a gimmick of Borst Belt Comedian "Do we have any Jews in the house?"
  14. Didn't Eddie Kingston say in a promo prior to fighting MOX he was gonna give the title to his mother and say "this is why you don't have a daughter in-law"? now he's got a wife of 20 years? is this Schrödinger's wife whom both simultaneously exists and doesn't exist? Anyway I hope this all cullminates in Eddie Kingston's mother on a pole
  15. A woman not to be triffled with for damn sure!
  16. 2000 Royale Rumble as well with HHH and Foley brawling in aisle way. Love the visual of the wresters seemingly coming through the audience on all those shows
  17. Could be interesting if the used an expanded freebird rule for the trios title. Any three members of The Elite, DO, Best Friends ect
  18. I want Jericho and the rest of the sports entertainers to "blind" eddie with hair removal cream leading to a cameo by Eddie's wife and mother leading him to the ring with a blindfold on. I was waiting for Riho to grab the ropes or hook the tights on that last role up This Dan Lambert, Sky, Tay Conto, Sammi storyline feels like a mess
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